READERS’ MAIL: I Had A Fling With A Girl I Met On The First Day & Now She’s Telling Me, She’s Pregnant After 5 Months. Should I Accept The Pregnancy?

Hello Chris-Vincent,

I’m writing to you so you can post it for GhanaCelebrities.Com readers to help me decide on what best I need to do. Let me make it brief for readers understanding.

I’m in a serious dilemma now and I urgently need help on the decision I am about to make. I recently had a fling with one lady I met in town. It was not actually love at first sight; it was rather lust at first sight.

Things started going on well and fast in the same day, I managed to convince her to follow me to a hotel and we had several rounds of s*x without protection.

We parted ways shortly after but then recently she called me and what she told me has been a dilemma since. She said she was pregnant for 5 months and I’m responsible.

I didn’t doubt her because we didn’t use a condom so I might be responsible. However the problem is that, why didn’t she tell me when she realized she was pregnant immediately and now telling me after 5 months?

I tried to speak to couple of my male friends. Some made fun of me saying she’s giving it to me because other guys have refused to take responsibility of it.

I’m thinking of accepting it but I’m confused now. Even if I will accept it, I will give her conditions like if she gives birth, we will do a DNA test to ascertain if am responsible and if it comes out that I’m not the one, I will sue the hell out of her.

Please advise me now.

From a confused and anonymous man in Accra/Ghana


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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

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