Sarkodie’s Controversial BET Cypher…What Ghanaians Are Saying…


We all know Sarkodie always makes us proud when he represents the motherland.

And his BET cypher with other talented emcees like Talib Kweli, Jean Grace  and  Ab-Soul and as part of the 2012 BET’s Hip-Hop Awards cypher was no exception as he did the whole continent proud with his Twi rap.

But by the time the video had made enough rounds in Ghana, people had a lot to say.

First of all, we all loved the and understood the Twi rap but Sarkodie threw in some English lyrics that confused listeners and some of his fans descended so heavily on him he had to come out and explain himself on twitter.

The controversial line all started when he said ‘’Many rappers in Africa making a perfect meal but I am the missing ingredient, call me the Irish Cream…’’!!! Ok, that is the line that sparked all the uproar.

Were fans wrong to have questioned Sarkodie concerning this line? Do you understand what he was trying to say? Does his explanation make it any clearer?

You can have a look at Sarkodie’s explanations below and some hilarious jokes Ghanaians made out of it.

Which is your favourite? As my friend said, most of these rappers do not know make any sense when you listen to their lines…LOL











Watch The Cypher Below Again….

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Ekene, says:

And he is an Illiterate too. Small, small English to turn myself around. Nonsense!

Ekene, says:

This annoying Illuminati brainwashed guy is filled with unnecessary STUPID EGO. Gash, I can’t stand him!  

Festus opoku says:

Irish cream as an ingredient in cooking? Oops! Wany3 ade3

maameserwaah brobbey says:

natualy okordie’s raps makes no sense, he starts frm a woman nd ends wit azonto or smfin else…buh de fact dat hes making gh proud doesnt mean hes tooo gud.. Personaly i luved his style buh its seems to be gettin on way now ,cant he do a lil change c’mon gh let de truth prevail fr ONCE AH!

efe says:

ooh come on people this is purely hatred towards the guy .Does every rap lyrics have to make sense, sometimes rappers says things just to make a rhyme. Sarkodie has been raping for a long time how come nobody has ever made any brouhaha about his lyrics. Is it because it was on a B E T hh awards cypher? its just haters of the guy who can’t stand his progress who are making all this noise. Please pple lets support our own when they are making it cos at the end its Ghana that’s going boast with his success story. Sarkodie needs all the love, support and encouragement not this pull him down attitude. We are always envious of the success of the Nigerian musicians, do u think they act like we do concerning their artistes? If we don’t stop this attitude, the Nigerians will always be ahead n we will always lag behind.

nat bongo says:


esi says:

ok haters r lame! rapping is just like literature, the real meaning is hidden in the lines and words of the story. Most of these haters are fickle minded,they want evrythin laid out on their level of understanding. How come no one mentiond their lack of understanding from the rest of the other rappers. Is it everything lil’ wayne; jay-z, kanye eminem and rest of the rappers out there say tht make sense to u? C’mon! give the dude a break.

@esi, dis shows hau highly matured nd educated u’re, dnt really get de point de haters are trying 2 make. Its sheer enviness n childishness. So does it mean nobody shld make it in gh here? Enemies of progress, d mor u hate d mor he progresses so jux mnd ur miserable selves

Dr miyagi says:

Seems like none of them really understood what he meant by that 

GC Staff says:

@Dr miyagi, Dr, Did you personally understand that line? 

Dr miyagi says:

@GC Staff,Well he is the rap supreme and rap in different flavors, so many africans making a perfect meal but he is the missing ingredient in other words so many people came and did what they did but he is the only one that has made it to the top so people should respect his grind “too much alcohol makes him rapperholic”  and he is right he is rappers and always hungry for more he could have sad it in a rude way but decided to keep it nice, I could be wrong as well but I don’t think so

GC Staff says:

@Dr miyagi, Yes, I understand his explanation as the missing ingredient. But Charley, ”Call me the Irish Cream”?
How does that fit as an ingredient? Or he really likes Irish Cream? LoL!

Dr miyagi says:

@GC Staff,lol remember Irish cream is a liqueur, specifically an emulsion liquor that mixes a number of ingredients to create a lower-proof liqueur with a taste that is primarily creamy with a hint of alcohol and other natural flavorings, so give him any beat any featuring and he will mixed up the medicine and still come out with a hit 

GC STAFF says:

@Dr miyagi, Eish, Doctor you know paa. I think he should have used your explanation instead.

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