READERS’ MAIL: Yvonne Nelson Says Her Father Is From Brazil (Lineage) & That Is Why She Is Light…SHUT UP GIRL, IT IS BLEACHING!


Hello Chris-Vincent,

I just came across the below video interview of Yvonne Nelson held somewhere last month and I am flabbergasted by her justification of change in complexion…WTH is this girl talking about?

According to Yvonne Nelson, she has a Brazilian blood in her (her father is some how got a Brazilian lineage) and as such,  that explains her complexion…

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I think Yvonne Nelson is missing the issue surrounding her complexion…We are shocked by the CHANGE of her colour from dark to light and for her to say because her Dad is got Brazilian lineage, that should explain why she is light is absolute CRAP.

Why was she not light from those days…I mean from day one? Did the Brazilian lineage of her Dad just appeared from somewhere and all of sudden mysteriously changed her skin colour?

We are tired of these Ghanaian celebrities with very low self esteem to the extent that they have to resort to bleaching and all sort of unthinkable activities to maintain some deluded image they feel they need.

I am ashamed for Yvonne Nelson…I thought skin bleaching was a disease affecting illiterates…I guess I was wrong…In fact, I am wrong.

Lydia  Gyasi/ Germany

Before Bleaching Rumour And NOW-See The Difference?

Before Bleaching Rumour And NOW-See The Difference?

Watch the video interview below….(Pay attention from 4:25 upwards)

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent is a Law Graduate, a Human Rights Advocate and a Professional Truth Sayer. He is a Film Critic, the author of the popular eBook 'Success Is A Right, Not A Privilege', a Freelance Blogger/Writer and the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com.

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  • Dr. Miyagi

    Lydia  Gyasi you schweinhund wo ye konkonsa lapol number one paa if her father got someone Brazilian blood is that your wahala and why can’t that be possible Arschloch what did you eventually gain out of this, your calling someone illiterate than what are you Schweinebacke, “Mögest Du ewig in der Hölle schmoren!”

    • Charles

      @Dr. Miyagi,Heheheheheeee yvonne fool waa. Liar like her.

      • Dr. Miyagi

        @Charles,and what are you laughing for, what’s so funny to you?  As for Yvonne nelson dont worry
        many will judge you without ever meeting you. That’s their loss not yours keep rocking it and do you 

    • rose

      @Dr. Miyagi, some pple are jux too rude…if yvonne is bleaching is it ur problem…everybody change..after all she wasnt tooo dark….nw she travel alot n de weather there n here are nt de same…moreover she has money to buy a gud cream for her body,,,so jux shut de f*ck up n stop those crap…

      • Dr. Miyagi

        @rose,thank you some much I co-sign to that  

        • @Dr. Miyagi, you know the sad thing about ghanaians?? fact that she plays a bad side in the movie makes ppl thinks she’s rude, a liar, ashawo and all which is totally wrong… Some needs to know is called acting and any role given should be played accordingly… Can you imagine ppl calling john gay just because he acted in a couple of gay movies..smh ghanaians we should all learn and as for you lydia or whatever your name is, next time send chris articles with facts or something educative rather than hating on others who dont even give a shyt about you nonsence.

          • Dr. Miyagi

            Thank you for your feedback I like that@nanaama943,

      • Akata

        @rose,There is no weather in America that can make you light skin…please get it straight either she was born like that, or just using skin tone…

        • Dr. Miyagi

          @Akata,where did you see her writing America are you blind or what? 

    • maame afia

      @Dr. Miyagi,ouch daz ws deep. 

      • Dr. Miyagi

        @maame afia,she deserve it for sending that stupidity 

    • eaglebabe

      @Dr. Miyagi, hmmmmmmm some people are just making me very  sad…haven’t they seen someone just looking ververy beautiful and having a good skin colour because she is de limelight and should look good always??? Everything Yvonne does is an issue, some people even insult her bcz she still lives with her family…some insult her bcz she produces movies now…and now her skin colour too???  some peopl will never ggrow 

      • Dr.Miyagi

        I have too agree with you 1000%i mean what’s wrong living with your parents if she is feeling comfortable about it than who are they too judge I blame some websites for bringing her name down etc take this topic for an example would this girl be so stupid to come on television and tell everybody that’s she got brazilian blood in her? @eaglebabe,

        • jeff

          @Dr.Miyagi, I totally agree with u, I think its the money and success, thts why shes glowing like tht bcos when u come to the lime light and starts being successful, erythn will change and tht includes ur skin color. So if YN is bleaching then we wld also conclude tht some Gospel musicians such as Kwaku Gyasi, Christiana love, etc has also bn bleaching, if u compare the 1st video of Christiana Love to her recent ones, u can totally spot the difference but y don’t we conclude to the fact that, she also bleached. Its crazy how ppl can talk. SMDH

          • Dr.Miyagi

            Thank you for breaking it down@jeff,

  • maame

    eish so now yvonne n. is partially brazillian so dont we have any fully ghanaian actors in ghana? all of dem seem to be mixed. anyways she looks really fair in this video but she is not lightskinned

    • Ball so hard miss dior

      @maame, This too known girl always parading around town with her fake chanel n china made louboutins.

  • B.B

    hmmmmm, i know people wont leave this case alone. To Lydia whatever, have you ever heard of “mind your business”? Yvonne N. has said on numerous occasions that she is not bleaching and here you are saying that she is lying. Which is your biggest problem now? That she said her dad has a Brazilian lineage or  you refusing to understand that she said she’s not bleaching?  

    • Dr. Miyagi

      @B.B,ask again that Lydia can forever braise in hell

    • @B.B, i personally dont think she’s bleaching tho is the damn make up is so sad how we aint learning on how to apply the right ones base on our complexion…Some just use lighter colors to brighten up their face which is so wrong.

  • RocklynLove

    hmmmm good for her…………… most ghanian women bleach includin gurls of now  adays so it aint a big deal……. which tribe does she comes from? she looks prettier than be4… Bleachin b wat

    • maame

      @RocklynLove, she is fanti

  • Yvonne Nelson is a big fat liar she used to be fat n black till she started taking capital 02 products to loose weight in other to contest in Miss Ghana.She is pure fanti celebrities like her needs to be slapped so she should go to Brazil n go and act movies then.Most of us know her history so she should shut up

    • B.B

      @Adkins, was she buying those capital 02 products from you?or were you the one buying them for her? i hope u are not making that up. And as for calling her a “big fat liar”, haven’t you ever lied in your life before?

    • Dr. Miyagi

      @Adkins,I guess your describing your own mother right stupid Nigerian 

    • @Adkins,eishhh diwofi3asem damn if she’s bleaching wey tin bi your own now??

  • Adjoa Nbaaso)

    HMMM..Someday the truth will come out, until then I will enjoy watching her movies.

    • Dr. Miyagi

      @Adjoa Nbaaso),good answer 

  • vince

    Is every Ghanaian dark-skinned? Youre just jealous of her beauty. Leave her aalone. She’s not bleaching.

  • naa asheley

    I think I remember my dad saying something about my great grandmother being French looool…. Pressure! I honestly don’t think she’s bleaching…. Mostly, the camera & lightening  makes people appear lighter than they actually are….

    • BeautiBee

      @naa asheley, she is definitely BLEACHING. Look at the first photo and the two gentlemen look dark so it is not camera or lightening because if it is so, then all of them will look fair since they standing together

      • naa asheley

        @BeautiBee, Hmmmmm You never know tho… but I could care less if she’s really bleaching or not.

      • @BeautiBee, well even if she’s bleaching thats her own skin and body… She’s not the first to bleach in the industry anyways even lumba being a male started his way back in the 90’s so let her be for now.

  • She does look alot lighter than before, but if she is saying that she is not bleaching herself,who are we to question? After all “Michael Jackon” always denied ever using bleaching creams but in the end he became alot lighter than most white people.

    • dericka

      @Didi, hmmmn time will tell lets wait patiently…wont be surprised if she embarks on a skin cancer awareness journey, at least she’ll be the best example. the problem however is dat she’s a celeb and her life definitely affects some young ones who see her as role model buh she aint doin the rite thin although its her life. she was soo pretty way back in aggrey memorial sch buh nw….hmmm

    • dericka

      and eddy watson too ever since he said yn is his kind of gurl, i hav seen them together for some time nw at least 4 occasions so is he nw dating yn n will be marrying her soon or wat?? hmmm time will tell, i heard him saying yn will be his bride’s made of honor hehehehe hmmm

  • SynDeytish (dats not my real email biatch)

    Eeiii de eyelashes and shadow r scary paaaoooo. Yvonne u look scary next time u should flip over de eye lashes. I think she is toning her skin. There’s a big difference

  • Ayekie

    I still dont get any of these. Normally i jx read comments, lol to miyagi n bb’s comments den close d page but de fin i dnt get, is y YN is linkn her colour to her brazillian lineage cos i’ve seen a lot of black brazilians far darker dan her n if u ask me, i dnt fink she’s bleachn cos her face looks lighter (as a result of tooooooo much make up) dan d rest of her body.

  • gosh

    comon guys bleaching or not it worked for her. compare the two and see, she looks better than before

    • BeautiBee

      @gosh, you must be sick to be saying that so the fact that she looks better according to your like for light skinned, it means it is okay for someone to bleach? In this morning world who says or does that? 

      bleaching is a diseases. 

  • Spacal

    Girl u rock.ppl r hatn bcos ey r not u.

  • Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. WHO THE CUP FITS, LET HIM/HER WEAR IT. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH

  • lydia gyasi or whatever your name is, Lisa the one above me has told you that you have SMALL MIND. oooh very sorry. i pity you big time. in this day and age you have a small mind. how will you survive. sorry okay. all you have to do now is to go wash that stinking smelly watery hole of yours and hey dont forget to buy new panties and brazziers like the superstar the great and leggy actress Yvonne Nelson owes. and hey dont forget to tell that stupppidd vincent febiri to brush his teeth and whilst at it get a doctor to increase the size of his jellylike d*ck. stuppid and brainless iddioots. people are doing great things and you sit there and talk about an individual who has achieved so much for herself and family. by this time go and see Yvonne, she is somewhere chilling and instead of using your brain that is the size of the full stop at the end of my sentence to do something better for yourselves to help your pathetic selves and your family, you sit behind that old colonial computer of yours and talk balderdash. idddiots. nkwasiafo ne nkwasiafo bi mma.

    • Cecelia enima

      @sharon, that’s not very nice of you at all  .  You could have said what you said in a more polite and decent way.  You are a pathetic bigot.  Why don’t you go and do great things for your self as you claim people are doing . Mind you people come here just to read and have fun. No body actually care about miss Nelson. You idiot.

      • Dr.Miyagi

        Thank you @Cecelia enima,

        • @Dr.Miyagi,
          hahahhhaaaaaaahhhhhhhaaa, e pain you waaaa. me idiiot and pathetic????hahhaaaaaaaaaa,aaaaaaaahheeeeeeehhhhaaaaaaaaa

          Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. WHO THE CUP FITS, LET HIM/HER WEAR IT.

          vincent febiri, the writer of this story, miyagi and all those who discuss people, let me educate you since with little minds like yours you will never ever get to know. the one who wrote this very wise saying goes by the name Eleanor Roosevelt . got it? repeat after me -- Eleanor Roosevelt . i pity you all. sorry guys. dont have more time to waste on your imbeciles. great minds like ours got business to do. hahahahahahahahha

          • Dr. Miyagi

            @sharon,its hard to talk shit n munch on cock at the same time, but i think u mastered the art of multi tasking good to know your not a complete failure!

      • @Cecelia enima,

        haa heeee, haaa hahahhhaaaaaaahhhhhhhaaa, e pain you waaaa. me idiiot and pathetic????hahhaaaaaaaaaa,aaaaaaaahheeeeeeehhhhaaaaaaaaa

        Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. WHO THE CUP FITS, LET HIM/HER WEAR IT.

        vincent febiri, the writer of this story, miyagi and all those who discuss people, let me educate you since with little minds like yours you will never ever get to know. the one who wrote this very wise saying goes by the name Eleanor Roosevelt . got it? repeat after me -- Eleanor Roosevelt . i pity you all. sorry guys. dont have more time to waste on your imbeciles. great minds like ours got business to do. hahahahahahahahhahoooo

        • Cecelia enima

          @sharon,   You Silly girl.  Imbecile  your self with your small mind . You are no different
          From any of us here expressing our views on  miss nelson. What ever your beef is? , you haven’t got a great mind either as you claim. 

  • AB

    She’s bleaching and so what?some people got time pa pa!u are in Germany cleaning corpse and u think u have a right to talk about somebody?f*cking retard!go get a proper job!even Nicki Minaj,Rihanna and the likes are toning their color,and u sit there and forming ignorance,even Beyonce too!
    So u expect her to look the same spanning over a period of 8yrs?u must be a proper village girl who the uncle picked from the village square to ur current location because I bet u still look the same,kurasini girl.
    Change is the only permanent thing in life,go get an education!

    • Dr. Miyagi

      @AB,loooool go easy on her 

    • aaliyah

      ghanaians diss yvonne. Including ma sister. She also had a bad impression until she saw her…she is not a saint, we all got our individual flaws but trust me she is a very shy and good girl. Ghanaians should ask why nufin good has been posted about yvonne on this page. We all jum into things we don’t know. God save ghana cos we need to work a lot about our understanding… @AB,

      • aaliyah

        @AB she is not as fair a they even claim she has bcome  and all these people insulting her only know her in movie……who can say she knows yvonne personally nd she has bleached? Ghana,  @ ma wedding 500quest gt surprise . half of them had no choice than approach her……she is down to earth, those who knw her will never say shit…..and iam not ashame to say

  • jsexy

    Too much of brazilian weave now makes people think they re from brazil, THIS IS SERIOUS!! Is there a town called brazil in ghana? or is there a tribe called brazilians in Ghana???? eeeeiiiii!!!! awurade hu y3n mmobo!!lol

    • abena

      @js*xy, loooooooool you very funny

    • @js*xy,lol

  • agyeeeeeeeiiiiiiiii, agyeeeiiiiiiii, agyeiiiiiiii, my stomach, hahahahahahaha, i cant help laughing. oh my god, well done. i wish i knew you sharon, i would have bought you a a brand new ranger rover. Thanks very much for giving it proper to these animals for me. their names being vincent febiri, miyagi and a woman oo a woman who goes insulting her fellow woman by name cecilla. in this day and age, somebody’s name is cecilia. aaaaaah. Sharon well done. ayikoooooooo. did you say their minds are small like the full stop at the end of your sentence? hahahahahha agyeeeeei agyeeeiii my stomach ooooo. thumbs up to you. email me and lets be friends. i am just loving your guts girl/

    • Dr. Miyagi

      @cherise,It’s a good thing you got those funbags to make up for your stupidity.cause If your trying to be a smartass, first try to be smart. Otherwise you’re just an ass. Pathetic ass licker 

      • @Dr. Miyagi,

        hhaahahaaaaa, oh i got a reply from this idddiooot by name miyagi. that is nice. anyway how come you aint attacking Lisa. this is what she posted.

        Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. WHO THE CUP FITS, LET HIM/HER WEAR IT. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH

  • Asem piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

  • Mr Dont Suro

    this girl was my junior in Aggrey memorial is sad she has made herself this way, is a shame Ghanaian popular people always yawa themselves, popular because there are hardly any celecrities in Ghana showbiz

  • jeff

    Oh and again even if she was and is bleacing, there will be some unusual dark/black spots around her knee, elbow fingers, etc. It will be a mix of come on ppl. The girl isn’t bleaching.

    • Dr. Miyagi

      @jeff,your very intelligent thumps up 

      • @Dr. Miyagi,
        yes Jeff is very intelligent. more thumbs up from moi. unlike you. so sorry man.

        • Dr.Miyagi

          Come again@dionne,

  • maameserwaah brobbey

    mtchewwww …..fake skin, fake attitude ,fake smile….y is she soo …………reserved comments yet shes gat all de f’s

  • she z bleaching an so what??? do u give her chop money, or u are her producer??twwww

  • Pepper

    I think is stupid to ask someone they have terminal disease. I mean Ghanaians should stop being stupid and acts professional,we have come ahead of time to act maturely and professionally. Have any of you listen to toolz interviewing celebrities. Yvonne should stop laugh and reject that stupid question because this are the thing the devil stand on. The bible has said we should not be ignorance of the devices of the wicked!