Weekly Discussion, Let’s Get Talking…What Secrets Should You Keep From Your Partner?

Be it a wife, girlfriend, husband or boyfriend,there are certain things you may be keeping away from that special one…If you are not keeping anything away and have told your partner everything, I am sure there are things you now regret telling him or her…

My relationship with the man of my dreams ended last year because I told him about an abortion I had some years back before he even met me. How was I supposed to know that my past (before I met him) would bring an end to the loving relationship we were enjoying?

I was always against my friends hiding things from their partners and calling it white lies…I kept telling them that, there was nothing like a white lie and no secret must be kept from the person you love…

However, after how my willingness to be opened and hide nothing from my partner fetched me resentment, insults, disrespect and finally a break up, I have come to realize that certain things are better kept untold in relationships.

My sister is currently having an issue with her boyfriend and the family simply because she told the boyfriend how much our mother does not like him. Though it is true and my  mother prefers another guy, the troubles and tension she has brought upon herself  have surely thought her a lesson…

What secrets would you never tell your partner? Are you keeping certain secrets from your man or woman? Are you the kind that tell it all to your partner? What has your experience been? Let’s get talking….

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