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Are You One Of These Women? Women Prefer Facebook To Sex Says A Study…

Where does this leave the men? I guess this is also contributing to the rise in Gayism among men right?

If women are saying they would forgo s*x to stay online for all sort of virtual activities, then we are heading for disaster.

Is it not worrying that 57 percent of women (out of the 1,020 women questioned) say they prefer sitting behind the computer than staying in bed or sofa for some good time?

It even gets worse as 2 percent of these same women say they have broken off from having s*x with their partner to tweet or to check Facebook…

Gosh, the only time I have broken off is when the pizza man knocks at the door…

Are you one of these women? This is why women would not be allowed to use the internet when I establish my own country…LOL.

Where can we find women who will rather shut everything down for good quality time? Has s*x become that boring and useless to this current generation of women? Maybe the men are not working things hard so it is better for the women to stay online than waste their time with 1 minute men.


Women have become so addicted to their virtual reality that a staggering 57 per cent say they would rather give up s*x than stop using the internet for a fortnight.

The findings, taken from Cosmopolitan magazine’s Sex and Social Media survey reveals that women are spending so long online chatting to friends or flirting in chatrooms their real relationships are suffering.

VIA DailyMail

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent is a Human Rights Advocate, holds a Masters degree in Law (LLM; International Human Rights Law), and a degree in Law (LLB) from two UK Universities. He is a Film Critic, the author of the popular eBook 'Success Is A Right, Not A Privilege', a Freelance Blogger/Writer and the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com.

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  • cristalblack

    well sorry guys i guess facebook is becoming more interesting than men these day lol

  • She-Meyor

    Wow!! Who in their right minds will forgo s*x and be on facebook? Well, they certainly dont know what they are missing. In my POV, SEX is something that is needed and demands 100% concentration and attention to reach the height desired by the parties involved. I think its BULL for some women to choose social media over s*x…In that case, they shd let facebook or twitter SCREW them when they are HORNY!! Nkwasiasemkwa!!

    • Dr. Miyagi

      @She-Meyor,loooooool Hahahhahaha your cracking me up

      • She-Meyor

        @Dr. Miyagi, lol…How am I cracking u up? Is it what I wrote? Well, I’m being honest..I wont choose facebook over SEX..No WAy!!! Or if u were a woman, would you?

        • Dr. Miyagi

          @She-Meyor,hahahahah that’s reason why I am laughing I think they probably don’t no what good s*x is than 
          This is really insane he’ll no I wouldn’t choose social network over s*x what am I going to do their see how people 
          Are changing their status etc No way 

          • She-Meyor

            @Dr. Miyagi, lol…Now u understand my plight….

            • Dr. Miyagi


    • nanaama943

      @She-Meyor, shi33333 some girls they like the thingooo lol

      • She-Meyor

        @nanaama943, lol at ur comment…But its true…Y3 gye ade3 a, wo se Facebook….lol

        • Dr.Miyagi

          Loool don’t understand why they would choose facebook over Kuto na woso ma me, I’m sure madam She-Meyor se Opɛ Kraman style paa @She-Meyor,

          • She-Meyor

            @Dr.Miyagi, lol..U are funny…I am just expressing my self…Cant deny the fact that I enjoy s*x…I’m only Human… 🙂

  • Dr. Miyagi

    Lol folks are taking Facebook way too serious nowadays Well they say it’s easy for women to have s*x. You think women have to go through the same ordeal that men have to go through in order to get laid? That’s probably why it isn’t top priority for them on their hierarchy of needs, because they can get it anytime they want. Not saying that I agree, but the idea isn’t that difficult to grasp. I hope some people comment I would like to know why they choose a social network over s*x but I’m sure this study was done in white girls from the age of 16 till 25 or is it because they use Facebook to haunt their man and use that as a coverup 

    • Adjoa Nbaaso)

      @Dr. Miyagi, You are right.Maybe the study is trying to say these girls rather would spend more time looking for more men than they having s*x.Anyway, just asking, would u choose s*x over chatting with a sick friend?LOL

      • Dr.Miyagi

        Looool no comment what kind of evil question is that hahahah@Adjoa Nbaaso),

        • Adjoa Nbaaso)


          • Dr.Miyagi

            Hahhahahaha you don’t worry I will get you back@Adjoa Nbaaso),

  • B.B

    Are such women for real? Who prefers facebook  or being on the internet to s*x? Am glad to say i will choose s*x over facebooking………

    • Adjoa Nbaaso)

      @B.B, Its so funny.Maybe certain part of their bodies contain wood so they barely respond to s*x.

      • Dr.Miyagi

        And that’s coming from you., lol you, BB should be banned from having s*x for one year and by the way do you prefer GC over s*x? Lol@Adjoa Nbaaso),

        • B.B

          @Dr.Miyagi, hahahahaha………. i love both facebook & GC but these two cant give me that special feeling, that sensational………… u know what am talking about.

          • Dr.Miyagi

            I do sis,Hahahahhahaa looooool@B.B,

        • Adjoa Nbaaso)

          @Dr.Miyagi, GC?eHHH, Bro, w3i paa..

      • B.B

        @Adjoa Nbaaso), exactly! 

  • Ananse

    Shall we call this “The Facebook Disaster” for men?

  • Daisy, London

    “I guess this is also contributing to the rise in Gayism among men right?’. Seriously? Which idiot spewed this? So people can just decide to be gays because women will rather facebook? I just read the first line and decided to spend the time I’ll waste reading further to comment rather. Stupid piece! Totally!

  • Sir Nart

    Maybe cos they conduct the research not here in Ghana Lol. 80% of our Ghanaian ladies will go for s*x for sure.