Miss Malaika @ 10 Delegates Leaves Ghana To Namibia And South Africa

Over the years, Miss Malaika delegates visit a country outside Ghana, this year the delegates will visit two African countries instead of one. They are expected to visit Namibia and South Africa.

The delegates left the country on Friday and are expected back next week Friday. Their trip is sponsored by Air Namibia.

Whiles in Namibia and South Africa the delegates will visit popular tourist sites in a bid to learn more about their culture and also share that of Ghanaian culture also. The delegates will be in the dessert of Namibia for a survival challenge.


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  • cristalblack

    ok so i know some ppl will agree with me but i am wondering why these girls all have fake her.  i thought this pageant is to represent Africa so for that matter i would have loved to see these ladies in hair styles that suits the pageant and the purpose of it.  if you are going to represent Africa, represent in full not half European and half african

    • Adjoa Nbaaso)

      @cristalblack, Hmm , U are right but adowa dancers are evil rocking weave these days.

  • they also kind of pritty than the girls in the miss ghana pagent

    • B.B

      @maame, thats what i was thinking. they look more prettier than the miss ghana contestants 

  • Good for these ladies. It’s great touring Africa. Remember to check out the Safari.