As 6 Top Ghanaian Female Celebrities Hide Their Children…Nana Aba Anamoah Brings Her Son On Stage At RTP Awards…She Dedicates Award To Him

Nana Aba Anamoah And Son

Nana Aba Anamoah And Son

If I did not admire Nana Aba Anamoah, this would have been enough reason for me to give her the love she deserves in my heart…

With over 6 top Ghanaian female celebrities hiding/denying ever having a child or simply keeping them out of their public/celebrity life, Nana Ama Anamoah has decided to show that, you can proudly let people know about your child as a celebrity in Ghana…

Surely it is difficult to come to terms with issues like divorce when a child is involved, losing custody of your child to the father and also having a child when you were a teenage (these are the situations for some of these celebrities)…

However, Nana Aba Anamoah has decided to embrace her mistake and turn it into a great positive influence.

What are the other celebrities waiting for? Tell your stories and you never know how much it could change someone’s life…

Read below for more…

Via Pecefmonline.Com

Affable host of the “Divas Show” and eloquent TV3 news anchor Nana Aba Anamoah touched some emotional nerves last Saturday October 13, 2012 at the Dome during the second edition of the Globa RTP Awards.

The cute Television Presenter who won the award for “Television Newscaster Of The Year (Female Category)”, did something very few celebrities will do publicly. After she was announced winner of the category, she walked on stage with a young boy to receive her award, which made everybody wonder who he was and why Nana Aba even decided to come on stage with him.

After she received her award, Nana Aba who looked very emotional introduced the boy to the crowd as her son and explained how she went through difficult times, at the time she gave birth to him and how the boy has being a blessing to her life. She then presented the award to her son live on stage and told him, he has been an inspiration to her.

Nana Aba used the opportunity to advise young ladies not to give up in life when they come across challenges like teenage pregnancy and other problems and the neglects, stigmatization and insults those challenges come with, in their youthful days.

She said they shouldn’t give up but rather see the challenge as a blessing in disguise. She said if you are able to endure and overcome you will definitely make it in life.

Nana Aba said she is not endorsing teenage pregnancy but if it happens abortion should not be an option. Even though Nana Aba didn’t really give details of what she went through it was obvious her son means the world to her.

She said she owes all her happiness and success to her son. Her son JY Paa Kow Anamoah is eleven years old and according his mother he bears her surname because she is a single mother.

This unexpected and emotional gesture by Nana Aba touched everybody’s heart and some people in the crowd were seen shedding tears of joy for how proud she is of his son and the fact that she went against all odds to do this publicly. Her son will definitely never forget this magic moment.

Congratulations to Nana Aba Anamoah and her unconditional love for her son.

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nanaama943 says:

Proud of you nana… You still my favorite.

Dashing Danisha says:

Soo touching.God bless u n ur son.

Sweet Mother says:

awww God bless her

Abigail says:

both look alike papa. your funs are proud of you.keep your good works going

nana aba says:

I am very proud of U, Nana Aba Anamoah, Congrats on ur award

nana aba says:

I am very proud of u Nana Aba Anamoah

Adjoa Nbaaso) says:

Nice..I hope other celebrities will be inspired. The boy looks so humble ,Bless his heart.

s3m3nhyia says:

aaawww! I got tears in my eyes reading this.

B.B says:

I love what she did. God bless her and her son. But whatever she choose to do is her own business, if the other celebs don’t want to put their kids in the public’s eyes, that’s their own business as well and i respect that. 

fausti says:

lovely your son looks like you papa

Dr. Miyagi says:

Nonsense if they don’t want to show it than they don’t how are you guys going to blog this each time someone comes out with his or her child 

B.B says:

 hmmm Doc, i wonder why this issue keeps on coming up. 

Dr.Miyagi says:

Tell me about it@B.B,

lu says:

@kwame thx darling.

Kwame says:

I know you guys are always harping on celebrities hiding their kids but did it ever occur to anyone it is because the society  stigmatizes single parenthood and that is why some of these ‘female” celebrities do not want to bring their children out. In Ghana,having a child without a daddy is a big stigma but what everybody forgets is it takes two to get preggers. It is always the woman who takes the blame.  Not to encourage teen pregnancy or support  it but in other countries,developed ones people who have children without “daddies” or not being married are not afraid to  show them to the public because no one will judge or stigmatize them. I am not saying it is accepted for you to have children without being married but society needs to advance to realize that  people make genuine mistakes and deserve chances like everyone else without being judged! Enough said!

nat says:

@Kwame, you are right. some friends i have here in london are just looking for  ‘sperm donors’ because they don’t want hassle from marriages. i see teenage gals in town proudly showing off their babies because nobody is prejudging them. 

nat says:


gosh says:

they resemble papa

gaga says:

i was with u until embrace her mistake,although i get the point u r trying to make, no child no matter the circumstance starts out as a mistake.
Also, to deny is one thing,but to shield or protect them for the prying media or unwanted public attention is another.The former is just disgusting and the latter is perfectly fine.

honey says:

moore than touching….almost in tears rhi now. congrats mama and great job done,God keep u and ur lil chap.

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