PHOTOS: Miss Malaika @10 Delegates ‘Chill’ With UT Boss


The CEO of UT Bank Mr Prince Kofi Amoabeng hosted the delegates of Miss Malaika@10 to a buffet lunch at his house. He took time out of his busy schedule to have lunch with the delegates and share with them his life experiences and also encourage them to aim high in life.

Mr. Amoabeng told the delegates that UT bank as we all know today started with a friend asking him for a loan but could not give any collateral to support the loan facility. He therefore decided to ask friends for help because he saw an opportunity there and knew he could make profits from loaning money and adding interest.

After some years, he saw how big that small dream was becoming and wanted to extend a helping hand not to only friends and family but also Ghanaians as well and that was how Unique Trust Financial Services started though the initial name was The Best Financial Services, the name has undergone some changes over the years but decided to go for UT Bank when the company went international and a name that resonates trust and uniqueness in the banking industry.

Mr. Amoabeng told the delegates that employer employee relationship is very important for a successful business. He cherishes every employee of his company but however those closest to him that is his driver, chef and security man he holds dear to his heart because his life is in their hands so he makes it a point to treat them well so if one day he is no more; they would extend the same services to his children.

Mr. Amoabeng shared with the delegates that he did not for a second think of having a lot of companies but one thing led to another and now there is UT Properties, UT Logistics, UT Insurance, UT Private Security and UT International.

Talking about the Johnnie Walker advert, he first declined to advert but after discovering international faces that have been associated with the Johnnie Walker brand, he decided to ahead with the advert and now the Johnnie Walker whiskey is referred to as Kofi Amoabeng drink.

Mr. Amaobeng said for relaxation he likes to be around pretty ladies and how fortunate he was to have been surrounded by ten beautiful ladies. Another he does to relax is playing golf which he tries to play every weekend. Who would have thought that at his age he would be abreast with the current dance trends in Ghana.  After lunch in a way to shake off some fat and stress as he was going back to his office, he challenged the delegates to an azonto dance competition in his private mini club. He won the challenge hands down although the delegates gave him a stiff competition.

He wished the delegates good luck as the grand finale is barely two weeks away and said they are all winners but may the best person win. Log on to for more pictures of the delegates lunch with Mr. Amoabeng.

Viewers are to power their favorites to victory by texting her name to 1757 across all networks. The delegate with the highest votes gets an automatic top 5 spot at the grand finale and one step away from winning the 3C’s that’s the crown, car and the cash on October 27TH.


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kweku says:

cheap pervet,infact i hv lost respect for him after hearing how he’s sleeping arnd

naa says:

asem b3 ba dabi………….hmmmmmm

pat says:

hope this pervert old man who likes small small girls doesnt propose to one of these small girls ooo,cos the way he’s looking at the girls is pervertous…hahahahahahahahaha

gosh says:

see the way he is looking at the girl. hmmm

KA NE WU says:

I love his “MINI PRIVATE CLUB”, not to talk of that “POLE” à lot must go on there.

B.B says:

Well, I hope he hosted them for hosting sake but not to pry them for his next…………………..

KA NE WU says:

@B.B, hihihihihihihihihihihiii.

lola says:

Oh yes I saw it on TV and PKA did some serious azonto moves. Love this man to bits. He is such a humble man I think all CEOs should take a cue from him. Haters eat your heart out.

pat says:

@lola, he’s nothing but a pervert old man who like small small girls,fire burn dem all mtchewwwwww

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