Deborah Vanessa’s Uncle Obama: Great Exposure or Bad Publicity?

When preparedness meets opportunity, the results can be mind blowing.

Now is there any such thing as bad publicity? Yes and no. Can great exposure go along with bad publicity?

Well…it depends on how you look at it. Deborah Vanessa’s video may be pushing us to look at several angles of exposure and publicity. She saw an opportunity, she prepared, took aim and shot!

Now from Ghana to London, from local TV stations to CNN, yes Deborah’s ‘Uncle Obama’ was on CNN yesterday.  Sister Deborah’s ‘Uncle Obama’ has got the world talking.

The response and attention has been phenomenal and still growing. With just one music video, one single, a first timer has gotten more publicity than many musicians have gotten in 10 years and with many albums.

Although not all the attention has been positive, it’s still attention anyway. And her face and song lyrics are everywhere.

People have argued on the immense s*xual innuendos in the song but in my opinion, there have been worse songs released and played in Ghana. Why didn’t anybody descend heavily on those artistes as they are doing with Deborah Vanessa? Perhaps what started as a joke has taken people by surprise and gone too viral to ignore. People who hate the song are sitting up and giving it attention.

The world is taking note of Ghana musically. With Sarkodie ridding high and ‘Uncle Obama’ on CNN, surely the dynamism and creativity of artistes in Ghana has been solidly emphasized.

Maybe we can learn a thing or two from Deborah Vanessa. If for nothing, she at least displayed artistic creativity. She knew exactly what she was doing. And it has paid off exactly how she intended it to.

We can only hope Obama will listen and have a good chuckle and not feel vulgarly propositioned.

We also hope Romney won’t be laughing too hard when he listens to Uncle Obama’s Banana because we don’t know what Sister Deborah will be singing about next.

So over to you! Have you followed the Banana Zonto song? Have you seen the grave and bright reviews? Are you on the side of great exposure or bad publicity?


Uncle Obama On CNN


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