LIFESTYLE: The Barbaric System Of Mob or Jungle Justice Gaining Strong Roots In Africa, Especially Ghana…What Is Your Take?

Growing up in Ghana, I was told about instances where people are burnt to death for stealing, killing, or accidentally hitting someone with a vehicle.  I have read some articles online recently which confirm that, sadly, the system of mob justice still continues in modern day Ghana.

I also recently watched a movie directed by Koby Rina titled “2bad” in which a mob descended on a repented armed robber years after he quit crime. The mob hunted and killed him for their version of justice on his way to an all-night service in church.

A few days ago, I read and watched a video clip on a Nigerian website where four university students were severely beaten and burnt with tires to death for stealing mobile phones and laptops.

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When we were in slavery, we cried, fought and pleaded for justice and equality. Is there any justice in this?  I don’t think so! I do understand that it is very frustrating to work hard and buy something only to have another person come steal it, but that still doesn’t justify this type of barbaric punishment.

As a passenger on a VIP bus, I witnessed an accident on the Accra-Kumasi road last year when I was in Ghana for a visit.  A taxi driver had accidentally hit a little boy, and from all indication things didn’t look good for the little boy.  I watched as the driver sped away instead of stopping to assist the victim.   The driver of the VIP bus followed the taxi driver only to see him report himself to the police.

Out of curiosity, I asked why he did that.  In my opinion, the boy had a better chance of survival had the driver stopped to take him to the hospital, rather than having to report to the police station first.

To my surprise, almost all the passengers on the bus said he was a smart driver for doing that because if he had stopped, the town people would have definitely killed him.

OMG, I was blown away by.  Apparently, the mob or jungle justice is slowly becoming a norm in Ghana and it even applies to drivers who accidentally hit someone.

In this 21t century, are we still relying on mob justice as an effective societal remedy?  As a Ghanaian and an African, I believe that some of us are very backwards and uncivilized.  What is the justice in a group of people taking the law into their own hands and killing another?

This is why I prefer to call it…MOB INJUSTICE!

This time of punishment is barbaric and outmoded.  We shouldn’t sit back and allow a few unscrupulous and wicked people turn our society upside down by their way of seeking justice on alleged criminal.

What is your take on Mob Justice? I wish we call it Mob Injustice!

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GC Staff

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@Dr. Miyagi,
Where in this world is crime not committed?
There will always be criminals,but it rests on the shoulders of any progressive nation to ensure that no criminal goes unpunished.
So stop talking nonsense,and shoke your ‘respect’ where the sun dosen’t shine.
The fact that i come here,dosen’t mean the website is of high quality.
I only come here to get informed on some issues outside Nigeria.
I can list a thousand and one things wrong with this website,and i am sure you would see it, if you were not biased.

@Solomon,I agree with u. Crime happens everywhere. It’s stupid when stupid people make dumb comments

@SynDeytish (dats not my real email biatch),To Chris of GC get this stupid girl of my back with her insults since she never have something to contribute other wise I will start a riot here and would t mind if you block me or not how is her comments full of insults passing your website and not going on moderation 

@Dr. Miyagi,r u s.ucking Chris’ d.ick? Y would anyone listen to mootia like u? U need to blocked for being short, ugly and stupid. 

@SynDeytish (dats not my real email ****),To C-hris of GC  or GC staff get this stupid girl of my back with her insults since she never have something to contribute otherwise I will start a riot here and wouldn’t mind if you block me or whatever how is her comments full of insults passing your website and mine goes on moderation 

Are we getting technical here? Again where did you leave your brains your trying to sound intelligent but your sounding to dumb for it I’m going to ask you again can’t you comment without insulting or is this the so called way of nigerians having an debate please let me know (you should be happy I’m using the word “please”) and why are you changing the subject try and stick to the topic go and sit in a corner calm down than come back without insult and answering me I will be waiting and I’m also keen to know what’s wrong with this website boy@Solomon,

@Solomon, my dear am waiting patiently for your list. I want to know why you think this site is of poor quality. 

@GC Staff,
And who told you Nigeria needs your respect?
You flatter yourself too much.
You are probably dumb,not to realize that those are actions of savages,and are no way indicative of the entire general Nigerian population.
What is the difference between what happened in Nigeria,and what happened in south-africa,when Police were shooting Miners,or what happened in the US,when a guy went and shoot people in the cinemas.
Have you lost respect for those countries as well?
And to think that you are a member of GC STAFF, it is not suprising why the quality of this website is very poor.
Incase you don’t know,the people responsible for that dastardly act,have been arrested and charged to court for conspiracy and murder.

Dude did you really have to insult her did she say anything wrong do you know what she meant by. Loosing respect for nigerian incase you don’t no than ask she is right to make that statement and I totally agree with her if for boys where serounded by so many people and nobody stood up to do something including some corrupted police officers joining by beating them and burning them for a crime they didn’t commit does that sound respectful to you huh? All four boys are now dead even if they have been arrested and charge is that going to bring them back alive? You tell me your here jumping into conclusion and insulting her now tell me who is the dumb one over here? And if the quality of this website is so poor what are you doing here than?this @Solomon,

@Dr. Miyagi,
Where in this world is crime not committed?
There will always be criminals,but it rests on the shoulders of any progressive nation to ensure that no criminal goes unpunished.
So stop talking nonsense,and shoke your ‘respect’ where the sun dosen’t shine.

@Dr. Miyagi, U know, criminal acts goes on in this world…But the fact that those boys were publicly humliated, stripped of their pride and beaten, bludgeoned and burned alive is wrong…How can u be at peace with yourself when u have someone’s blood on ur hands? Can u even sleep…The guy is talking abt other incidents in the states and SA. the problem is its not what they did, because alot of crimes happen..ITS HOW THEY COMMITTED THIS CRIME THAT MAKES IT WRONG…My heart was broken, I cried, I have never seen anything like this before…And I just cant believe it. Im not Nigerian but I hurt for those souls, and Im still hurting….Its very sad….

@She-Meyor,I agree with you and understand how traumatised you are,I watch the video as well and it was shocking what made me more angry is That YouTube allowed the video to be posted on their website for the whole world to see it is really shocking  

@Dr. Miyagi, And the sad part is that..People took out their phones to video but they cldnt move to a diff place to call authorities and let them know abt what was going on…People can be very wicked…Why kill over stupid things such as phones and laptops…Its crazy..I saw their pics on fb..Those boys travel to the states and all over to have a good time…To shop and all..So do u think people that have the means to do all these will steal things that they probably have or cld even afford ten times over? Like I said its not what they they did, but how they did it that makes it wrong…If people got killed over things they steal there wont be that many people living on this planet…DOn’t think u can shed blood and be able to live with urself…God is watching them….

@She-Meyor,no not at all so far as I know it all started with someone owning a person because he bought something and did not have the money to pay so the shop owner went and called those boys and took a gun with him when they arrived at that persons house he demanded for his money and pleased with the shop owner that he did not have any money to pay a lady in the house saw the shop owner carrying a gun and shouted arm robbers the shop owner manage to run away as those four boys where caught by the public even though they tried to explain what went on none of them believed them and could not even bring them to the nearest station but decided to beat and burned them the other person. Who owned money to the shop owner even made up story that those boys tried to rob him of his laptop to make the whole case worse than it was and like you said these are boys that use to travel abroad to Italy USA and do shopping they all had carrier but look what happened to them after following the shop owner my question is even though they are caught and brought to justice what will happen to them and what happened to the shop owner who took a gun with him and the one that owned the shop owner 

@Dr. Miyagi, This is a painful example of bein at the wronglace at the wrong time and associating with peope that u cant trust ur life upon…Anyway, they shdnt have followed the shop owner anywhere…They shd hav stayed in their hostel and ignored him…They sill didnt deserve to die….

@She-Meyor,I totally agree with you I know your still shock I can tell from your comment but try and keep your head up 

@Solomon, You think this website is of poor quality and yet you find yourself coming here. I bet GC is on the list of your bookmark.

@GC Staff, i truly thank God when u catch a thief the moral and religious thing to do is send him to the police station.Who are u to take his life and how wld u feel afterwards that is question we must ask ourselves.

@gosh, I saw that video too…It was very horrific and gruesome….Those young men did not deserve to die…If u want to beat them for allegedly stealing fine, but why burn them alive?…Its been a week since I watched that video and I cant tell u how I feel…I’m TRAUMATIZED….I cant take thoses images out of my head….Its sad, hurtful and painful….My heart really goes out their families. MAy their soul rest in peace….I saw their pics, those boys were cute, talented and trying to get education to better themselves…They are all from well to do families so I think its either a setup or pure jealousy….My dislike for Nigeria, just heightened after watching that people…May God help and protect us all…..

instead of killing people over stolen cheap china made, they should kill the chinese who are stealing gold from us. Ghanaians are so stupid

In nigeria this very rampant but in ghana this mob justice have stopped since the 2000’s.During the 90’s i witnessed abt three one was beaten and burnt,the other was beaten and a buiding block was dropped on his head and the other was just beaten to death

@Frog,you must be having some terrible nightmares sometimes. Do those people actually think they will make it to heaven 

@Dr. Miyagi, i think what helped me was that i was very young then so I am able to fill it with other memories .The after effects of those events is that I am perfectly calm when i see a mutilated body or when they show fatal accidents on tv.I just can’t find it distasteful

@Frog, Gee that must have been very horrifying. OMG, I am sorry to hear that, and happy to know that you are able to replace those horrific scenes with other beautiful memories since then. God bless you.

I just cnt stand such barbaric and gruesome acts still in Africa, it makes my heart bleed to see lives lost in this way. Lord have mercy on us.

@KA NE WU, I think anyone with a pure and good heart like yours willfeel pain and heartache when she/he sees such barbaric acts of violence being done to a fellow human being.

I grew up in an area where this was common. And mostly if the culprit is lucky he/she is saved by a respectable elder(s) from being beaten to death and taken to the police.

Most people act out of anger and do take the law into their own hands thereby indulging themselves in this barbaric act. I hope things will change for the better.

And those thieves need to repent too, its not easy to watch something u toiled for being taken from u just in seconds.

@B.B,love your comment now I do understand why you don’t tolerate nonsense from no one  

@B.B, oh yes BB, I can certainly understand that. The thieves have to repent, but how does one repent when he/she is not given the opportunity to do so? For the sake of repentance, we need to punish those who commit crimes, but not kill them instantly. That is barbaric!!!! Remember there have been many murderers and thieves who have repented, and they have only been able to do so because they were given a second chance. We all need to pray hard.

thats Africa 4 u, to think those university boys who were burnt to death were innocent… hmmm. pity. I personally do not believe in mob justice, its murder and wickedness!! i call it man inhumanity to man.U beat nd kill a fellow human being 4 stealing a necklace and u call mob justice?????? we re still in slavery,, trust me

@js*xy,there where innocent yeah the person who took them
Their run away unharmed I just came back from France and I have to admit that if has raised questions down there 

@Dr. Miyagi, its a pity, wicked people walk away freely while d innocent nd good people suffer. 

@js*xy, Indeed my friend we sure behave like we are still in slavery for real. That is so sad.

I really want to know why people take the law into their own hands why are there police there, how can people circle around seeing someone getting tortured and not do a thing. I mean I mean take these 4 boys in Nigeria for example innocent boys where beaten and killed they all had dreams .This is absolutely disgusting. How can so many people just stand around while these boys are been beaten and lit on fire. I cant imagine how these kids felt. People go to a school to get an education and be burned alive. I hope the death penalty exists where this took place and the ppl who did it die. They don’t deserve to live if they show such a disregard for another’s life. Animals How inhumane to treat a fellow human being like that. What a shame on that community to have such inhumane feeling for their fellow human being. Was there no one in crowd with a little bit of decency to stop this and call the police? Where was the police when all this was taking place. This didn’t happen in few minutes. It was a long process where the poor students were beaten, marched around n*ked then finally set on fire. What a shame. What a big shame on humanity when they do not value fellow humans. Who made these people executioners? Who made them the Judges? Who made them the police? Those involved should be arrested and put to execution.  Nobody should ever take the law into their own hands and some questions should be answered 

@Dr. Miyagi, the police were actually those who ordered the mob to set the boys ablaze, they were present when all that took place in that blood thirsty community, they took part in the beatings and eventually ordered their killing. Thank God all of them ve been arrested, including the incompetent police fools.

Thank God for that there is too much coruption in africa I wonder who made those corupted police officers police in the first place I hope they take this case seriously@js*xy,

@Dr. Miyagi, you have so many questions and I wish someone would answer all of them. Indeed, it is disheartening to hear such things happening in Africa. No one deserves to die like that even if that person murdered someone. We are not rulers of the world, so we should learn to restrain ourselves from imposing instant justice on others. I believe we all can stand up and speak up against this wicked justice that some people have decided to practice in our society. We all have to pray for peace for Africa. God have mercy on us.

I totally agree with you sometimes I wonder what happened to the phrase;”united we stand dived we fall”@GC Staff,