LIFESTYLE: The Peta Pan Syndrome (Refuse To Grow)..What Is Your Take?

What does Akua Ataa (Kyeiwaa), Mercy Asiedu andPatience Ozonkwo’s Mama Gee character have in common? You got that right, the “refuse to grow” syndrome also known as the Peta Pan syndrome.

Did you know that years ago this used to be a man thing?. These days this has become prevalent among our women.

I was with a friend on her forty first birthday last week and we started talking about what she wanted out of her life at her age.

Generally this is what I think of my friend; she is very indicative of her generation-youthful looking, stays in shape, has her career in hand and loves to club and party. Apart from being surprised by her stamina I was wondering why she indulges like a 20 year youngster-This includes alcohol and some occasional recreational drugs.

So I did a little research on my own and found out that my friend was suffering from this syndrome. My friend has been divorced twice and goes after non-committal men half her age who have nothing but living off older women.

So I ask her why she chooses to live her life like a young adult-Peter Pan. And this is what girlfriend said “ Age is just a number and you only feel old if you want to. It is a psychologically thing, Hun”.

The allure was obvious to me. At that point, I still couldn’t see what the fun was in trying too hard (way too hard) to be like her teenage daughters.

What I did understand is that my girlfriend was afraid to stop the fun roller coaster least she became old in the process and that is what I think many women of her age suffer from.

So the next time you see another woman in the club or wearing a skimpy dress and you think she is not acting her age, know that she is suffering from the Peta Pan Syndrome.

I know some of you think this syndrome is not cool and would rather want older people act their age.

But the question is, can they help it? Maybe we should be directing this to a psychologist.

What is your take on Peta Pan women?  Do they get on your nerves? Do you know any Peta Pan?

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  • B.B

    No they dont get on my nerves. I mostly have a feeling they missed out a lot during their youthful age due to some situations ( eg, didn’t have the choice but to live as expected of them) and they want to live like they have wanted now that they have the chance. Some of them have lived like that and like to continue even as they age.
    I really like such women as long as they dont dress trashy or do somethings that will make the people around them look down on them. 
    As much as i like such women, i dont have any around. They are all the very strict & boring types and i wish they loosen up sometimes.

    • Dr. Miyagi

      @B.B,well spoken nice feedback 

  • i belive not all women their age are the same, they are now public figures and i think they just want to look presentable, i like the way they dress because its not too reveling and they dont want the youth to look down on them as well, they respect them selves and as long as they do that its ok with me.