Why Are We Supporting The Ignorance Of The Many Foreigners Who Think Africa Is Just One Country?

Yvonne Okoro

Yvonne Okoro

It will shock you to know that several foreign celebrities (non Africans) think Africa is a single country.  Even if you do not catch them unashamedly saying so, you will find them implying this in their speeches, writings and interviews.

Somewhere last year during Amber Rose’s visit to Ghana, she kept referring to Africa in such a way that shows that; to her, Africa is a country and all there is to Africa is Ghana…

I have heard several foreigners (including non celebrities) making this unintelligent mistake by suggesting that, Africa is just a single country out there…

Apart from these foreign individuals failing to recognise that, like Europe or Asia, Africa is a continent with several countries, diverse culture, beliefs and way of life, several foreign media outlets also continue to project Africa in such a lousy way.

The sad part of this ignorant projection of Africa as a single country is that, some of us, especially our African celebrities are joining in…

Instead of us ceasing any opportunity we get to correct this foreign bred misconception, we rather continue to affirm the misconstruction…

Recently, Yvonne Okoro thought she was being smart by implying that, her nationality is African…These are the people who are aiding the ignorance of the many foreigners…

Today, a blogger friend of mine-Marian Kihogan who seems to be getting tired of the unintelligent projection of Africa as a country wrote on her Facebook wall “Africa like Europe or Asia, is not a country. Although often misrepresented in the mass media Africa is a large and diverse continent with more languages, cultures, traditions and ways of life than can be documented.

No two countries in Africa are the same. Saying he/she is from Africa is about as useful as saying someone is from Asia/Europe etc.

Africa is a continent.”

It feels good to know that, there are still people out there who are ready to educate and challenge this misconception being paraded by some of our own celebrities and foreigners…

It is the beauty of our diverse culture, traditions, beliefs and way of life that defines us. Therefore, any attempt to relegate these distinguished attributes and present us as what we are NOT shouldn’t be entertained…

If no one will by any statement suggest that Europe or Asia is a single country, why Africa?

Anytime you find yourself making this mistake, fix it and when you come across people parading their ignorance in such a manner, correct them!

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