Dear GC Readers, Just Got Married, My Husband Wants A Baby Now & I Am Not Ready…My Career Is A Priority Now!

Worried Woman

Dear GC Readers,

I got married last year after being in a relationship with my man for three years. Married life has been all I hoped for but lately my husband has been putting on too much pressure on me to me have a baby.

When we met he knew I wanted to make sure my career was at its peak before becoming pregnant so I just don’t understand why the grief. It’s really getting me down.

I’ve been promoted at work and now I will need to travel within Europe from time to time, how can I get pregnant now?  My friend said if I don’t he will go outside which has made me so paranoid.

If I get pregnant now I will loose this amazing opportunity. After we were invited to a christening early this year, he didnt speak to me for days because someone asked me when we’re having ours. When I said there’s plenty of time and he walked off. We’re not old so kids can come anytime!

He has a good accounting job and thinks he makes good money for us both. Why does he get to have his dreams and I don’t?.

I’ve worked for over six years towards this senior position. He knows I’m not the type to be a kept woman. What am I supposed to do?

Dear Lilly,

Relationships and especially marriage is as you know is about compromise. Unless you sit and discuss how you can both meet each others needs the silent treatment may continue.

Sometimes when your man is appearing to be unreasonable or controlling it’s worth looking a how you can appease him and still do what makes you happy.

All the best.


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