Vodafone Dropped, As MTN Sponsors 4Syte Music Video Awards. Is It Time To Salvage The Awards?1 Comment

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Posted on 20 Oct 2012 at 9:37am


2012 edition of the 4syte Music Video Awards has been launched in Accra with official new sponsor; MTN taking over from Vodafone.

The organisers defied the torrential rains that hit the country yesterday to officially launch to the world the fourth edition of the video awards at the Alisa Hotel in Accra.

MTN, the telecom giant in Ghana has come on board as major sponsor, having ousted their competitors Vodafone who have sponsored the awards for 3byears.

It is not however known why the sudden change of sponsorship but many believed that Vodafone’s involvement in the awards has not helped the organisers to be fair to the ‘actual’ and ‘real’ winners as against artistes who win for some ‘strange’ reasons.

Since its inception, the award has been rocked by one controversy or the other concerning winners. Some believe Vodafone pry too deep into the awards in respects to who wins what on the awards day, when they should be allowing the professionals in that field to do their job as experts in the industry.

Many articles which have reviewed the awards in the past have slain the organisers and the sponsors for major upsets which could have been avoided.

“At least first and second try is enough to correct some of the wrongs” one said.

Opinions shared on the award have always been that, there is something fundamentally amiss with the awards and the whole set up.

Vodafone is committed to the country’s entertainment industry but some of the people they work with seem to be the problem.

It seems every event Vodafone has sponsored has always ended with a ‘question mark’ on it.

It is the hope of Ghanaian to see the 4syte Music Video Awards grow to the extent that, the world will fully embrace it.

Now that MTN has taken over, perhaps its time to salvage the awards and correct all the wrongs.

So what is MTN bringing on board as new sponsors? Only time will tell.

Present at the event launch were a host of musicians, manager, music video directors, producers and sound engineers including Praye, Manifest, Lousika, RNM, CReal, NaturalFace, Five5, Bulldog of Bullhaus Entertainment, Duke Banson of Paradise Entertainment, K2 and other dignitaries.

The fourth edition is scheduled for November 17 at the Accra International Conference Centre.

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    nice now lets see how MTN, will handle it.


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