*UPDATED-Yvonne Nelson Says You Are All Blind…Says She Is Not Bleaching…

Yvonne Nelson has pathetically/weakly responded to opinions (especially mine) that she is bleaching her skin. If you like, you can buy into what she calls it-skin toning/skin lightening.

Any smart person would not buy into the concept of skin toning…As my Canadian friend Tracy puts it “Bleaching and toning in my views are just same thing. One is more harsh and the other gentle. We are rich in a melanin for a good reason, and it appears that people tend to miss this. I will not call a few spots on my skin as a blemish or imperfection. As far as I am concerned it is what makes me, me.

If you agree that Black is beautiful, why even think about making changes to it in such manners?”.

If you are smart enough, you would realize that the phrase ‘skin toning’ is strongly defended by beauty websites and those who sell these so called skin toning creams…

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All they are doing is to buy into the minds of those weak individuals who do not admire their natural bodies to bleach them but just saying, these creams are for skin toning and not skin bleaching…Meanwhile, at the end of the day, we all see the results…

According to Yvonne Nelson, she will never bleach (as if she will ever confirm it). However, she fails to say the same about skin toning…LOL

You know what, you can bleach all you want, defend it all you want and call it whatever name you want in life, at the end of the day the smart people around will spot it and call you out! Even if they don’t tell you to the face, they will form their opinions about you…

It is sad how these celebrities take people for fools…Are we all blind?

We have celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez and others denying that they have ever done bum implants when it is obvious that they have done so. Therefore, this denial has not come as a shock to me…

Anyway, read below for what Yvonne Nelson is saying, and let’s know what you think!

As a reader commented;  does Yvonne Nelson expect us to buy into the hogwash of camera giving her different shades in movies and photos?

Is she the only Ghanaian Actress out there or do they make special camera provisions for her alone? Don’t we see Actors like Roselyn Niggisah, Jackie Appiah, Chris Attoh, Adjetey Anang (Pusher), John Dumelo and others all the time?

Why aint their complexion changing because of the camera shades as Yvonne is unintelligently suggesting?


My attention has been drawn to recent media reports, especially from a certain Chris-Vincent that I am bleaching my skin and the continuous nature of this reports have compelled me to once again respond but this time with particular attention to Chris Vincent.

My understanding is that Chris-Vincent is a Ghanaian residing in the UK and he is the founder and editor of a blog.

I have observed that Chris Vincent has remained consistent in churning out very defamatory stories about my person and some of these negative stories have found their way into mainstream media publications.

The wicked, unfounded and absolutely unnecessary misinformation that I am bleaching is the latest negative attack from Chris against my person and once again, he has successfully found his way into mainstream media and being granted radio airtime in Ghana to run me down.

I would not be surprised that he would, as characteristic of him, spin my response in a rather negative way, put it on his blog and then generate more negative comments from ‘supposed’ readers whose identity cannot be traced or even authenticated.

What I do not understand is why an adult male, and a Ghanaian adult male for that matter, would spend his time running around with stories about which lady is bleaching and which lady is toning her skin.

It is even more strange when these stories are absolutely not true and do not in any way put food on anybody’s table, does not add value to any body’s life and can only be described as mischief.

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I fully understand the dangers of skin bleaching and would not engage in any such venture. I am a lady and I appreciate my God-given looks.

I do not need to change my skin colour for any reason and I do not see how and why an adult male would come out with such thoughts and even have the courage to run round with such stories in public when there are more productive things to think about.

Truth is that even if I was bleaching, I do not owe Chris Vincent an explanation, but I am not bleaching, I have not bleached and I won’t bleach.

I love my skin just the way it is and I do my best to keep it healthy and nice.

If God has remained good to me and continues to make my skin nicer, I do not see how it should be a problem to someone.

In a society that largely frowns on skin bleaching, it would be unfair and very unkind to falsely accuse me of bleaching when I am absolutely innocent of that charge and I just hope people who know Chris Vincent would draw his attention to this.

As an actress I take different pictures under different shades of light and with different shades of makeup depending on what the picture would be used for.

It is therefore not strange to find different pictures of me looking different. It does not mean I am bleaching and one does not need to be an industry player to know this.

Even in movies, depending on who the director is, there are different lighting angles and brightness levels that can be used to make a character look different and this is no secret. Even a change of weather can have an effect of one’s skin.

I want to use this platform to assure all persons who have expressed worry about these reports that there is no cause for alarm because I am not bleaching, have not bleached and would not bleach.

I hope Chris Vincent would be gentleman enough to do the honorable thing.

There are more prudent and beneficial things to focus on and these frequent distractions are of no use.

I should have spent this time focusing on my new movies or memorizing my next script and not responding to false gossips from an adult male.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Yvonne Nelson

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; holds a masters degree in International Human Rights Law (LL.M), holds a degree in Law (LL.B), and he’s currently at Nottingham Law School, studying for his Legal Practice Course (with a second masters degree in Law) to practise as a UK Solicitor--he's a Professional Truth Sayer. He is also the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” Contact: Vincent@topvincent.com

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grace says:

u guys out here are very funny oh. discussing about ish that ain’t gonna put food on your table. she bleach/tone is not anyones business it is her life,skin and body. she has the right to lie if she wants she owes none of u any explanation. u guys saying she is not leaving an exemplary life thats false. she ain’t forcing anyone to do wat she has done, she didn’t organize a meeting asking other girls to be like her if they want to its their choice they don’t need to be told. so lets leave the young lady to enjoy her color. if u wanna be like her u free and if u don’t please be proud of your color. the choice is yours. pls remember don’t judge cos u ain’t GOD and stop hating.

Queen Annie says:

The problem people have is that Yvonne nelson looks good, no wonder they keep talking about her. Other actresses are bleaching, and one sees it, They envy the girl. She looks good. Yvonne is not bleaching, those talking about her would even love to know what cream she uses, so they can use some. People bother them self’s to talk about u, when they see u look good. No one bothers to talk about u, if u are not outstanding. So are they trying to say that Yvonne Nelson is the only actress whom has improved her skin tone. Hahahahaaaaaa. Yvonne relax where ever u are. This is pure envy, african life. U look toooooo good. Omotola has also improved her skin tone, she also looks good

ThickMama says:

@Maxim thanks so much. i will get bak 2 u asap..yea so much makeup gets left behnd n i wonder if my face will eva get clean

Maxim says:

here is a very good example of what YN said about camera and photo lighting.

Check out Nadia & Juliet in this link.

Looks like it only took Nadia and Juliet 10 seconds to bleach their skin.

Maxim says:

Wow….. so many haters…… A lot of what YN said is true.. Weather/climate, sun exposure, keeping your skin moisturized, professional skin care, organic products, diet and most importantly genetics play a major role in skin care/appearance. This discussion is nonsense. Its so sad that black people spend so much of their time barking about skin color when blacks have so many other IMPORTANT issues they need to discuss.

Do I wear the same foundation year round? No. I have to mix and match colors to match my skin tone because my complexion changes throughout the year. I use infrared light to destroy acne which also fades my acne scars over time. For some people, it takes a lot of work, consistency and care to achieve an even skin tone. I spend at least 20 mins a day on my skin care. That’s too much time for most people. I wash my face and body with a good cleanser and a $200 Clarisonic Pro. I use a glycolic acid toner/moisturizer to keep my acne/blemishes under control because it causes dead skin to turn over and renew itself faster, I use Garnier (natural) face moisturizer, I do weekly benzonite clay masks to remove impurities/toxins, I use my blue/green infrared light 2-3 days a week and I always wear sunscreen. I also body brush before I shower to keep my skin elastic and blood circulation strong. In 8 months my skin has brighten and looks the best its every looked and I am not bleaching. I am now taking care of the largest body organ….my skin. I try to eat right, use vitamins (trust me omega 3’s/fish oil will make your skin glow) exercise, drink water, perform yearly body cleanses with colonics and I stay away from prescription drugs of any kind unless I have no choice. That includes birth control. Good clear skin is not as simple as applying skin lightening creams. 

Last but not least, people need to accept the fact that money changes everything including your appearance. Do you really think Beyonce and Rhianna use the same cheap store soap we buy? Do you really think Keisha Cole and Cassie get facials, massages and body scrubs a few times per year? They change their nail color every other day.  Do you really think they aren’t taking care of their skin? Do you think Oprah and Jay Z eat the same low quality beef, chicken and fish we eat on a daily basis? We can’t comprehend their swag because our dollars ain’t stacked high enough to begin to understand it. Money is a game changer. Accept it.

I am 38 and my husband is 29. He met me when he was 25 and I was approaching 34 with a 9 year old son. He proposed 5 months after we met. His parents (we are Nigerians) accepted me immediately and did not believe my age from pictures and were even more surprised when they saw me in person. We are now expecting our 1st child early next year and at 38 me and my baby’s health is excellent and its all due to God, living a fairly healthy lifestyle and doing my best to take care of myself.

Take the time to take care of your body because you only have 1 and with it you have to travel a long way. If I am willing to take 20 minutes out of my day to take care of my skin its a bit of an insult to immediately suggest skin whitening especially when its coming from people that are only willing to give 5 minutes.

ThickMama says:

@Maxim, i agree with you, good skin care takes so much time n effort… but worth it..yn looks so difft..she got d flawless look i admire so much on many american celebs..so they dnt use so much make up..honey i need help with mine..its combination skin…help a sis out

Maxim says:

@ThickMama, after a lot of headaches the BEST weapon i have found is photorejuvenation (photon) light therapy with blue, green and red light. You can get a nice one off ebay for about $40 but its the truth and works immediately. If me or my 13yr old son get a pimple, the next day its dried up even if its puss filled and the scar is barely visible. To all my sistas out there I swear its the game changer for those of us with less than perfect skin. I am sure you can use it on other parts of your body too. If I had to recommend 1 thing it would be light therapy. Google it and read for yourself. I have tried Proactiv, Obagi, retin-A, acid peels, black soap, papaya/kojic soap (excellent) and I even went to Dr. Angelo Thrower in Miami. He gave me a peel and several facial products but nothing EVER penetrated deep enough to clean/clear my skin like light therapy. The first light i purchased had light and ultrasound $30-40 on Ebay. Ultrasound works good for wrinkles and stuff but I am not there yet so i later got the lights only unit. The next thing is Neutrogena 360 face wash (green) and if u wear makeup you have to get a cleansing brush…like Olay ProX or similar. You wont believe how much makeup is left behind after you wash your face. I couldnt believe it. The ProX is good but if you have a little more to spend get a Clarisonic Mia ($75-100]. Check Ebay but they also sell it at Macys. Use an astringent… Witch hazel is fine. Moisturizer? -- Hands down Garnier Moisture Rescue (green cream) $8 at the drugstore. This stuff is soooo refreshing, light and it melts in your skin. I review pretty much everything before I buy it. Check the Amazon reviews on the items i gave you and read for yourself but I STRESS light therapy and the face brush. Get it for Christmas…lolol Let me know how it goes, ok? Much love.

Maxim says:

@ThickMama, correction -- Neutrogena = Loreal 360 Clean

naadu says:

You are just a scum bag!!

hannah says:

so let me get this straight all of a sudden yvonne nelson has brazillian blood in her, mtcheewwwww please dont make me laugh

abena says:

i hear yvonne is of a potugese decent or at least one of her parent is mixed. i am very fair in complexion which i got from my dad. my mum is very dack. i have 2 sisters who are my complexion and 2 who are realy dark like my mum.now because they have the fair gene in them all they need is shear butter and and their skin is as light as mine. am not saying yvonne is or not bleaching, am just saying maybe is genetic and celeb or not that skin belongs to hers and this topic is getting kind of old lets move on please.

dove says:


you clearly don’t have much grasp on science or genetics. what you describe is the beauty of genetics, that from two people, you can get great diversity. your sisters who are dark are stuck with that colour, this so called “fair” gene, doesnt in anyway, make it easier for them to bleach, they are in the same position as any other dark person.

personally i hope she’s not bleaching but at the same time dont really care much. i dont how a lot of people havent grasped the fact that, bleaching is very bad for you. I mean i can imagine over the next few decades, skin cancer will be a massive issue for the african population.

dove says:

oh gosh, why are things so heated up on that talk show. I get it, chris is a celebrity blogger, so he can indeed say what he wants but i think listening to his comments, they sounded like he was arguing or fighting,  almost sounded like personal attacks.  i know he’s probably passionate about what he does, but there’s no point arguing whether YN is bleaching or not, when do celebs admit to doing stuff like changing their appearance.  this is how the daily mail chose to write about the beyonce bleaching her skin…http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2087388/Beyonc-white-skin-row-Controversial-photo-shows-singer-looking-shades-lighter-usual-tone.html
someone in the DM office obviously thinks she beyonce is bleaching, but they do so in a way  so they are not seen to be attacking her, they leave readers to make up their own minds.
as for nadia buari, in my personal opinion, i dont think she’s too skinny, yes she’s in the public eye and has to be careful what she does. but i  have always felt that ghanaians appreciated people of all sizes, unlike the west who just love the skinnies i.e. size zero being on the runway. if the girl feels she healthy, let her be, after all, she wont change herself unless she wants to.
and lastly for mzbel, i think such matters have to be handled very carefully. will GC be printing out an apology if mzbel’s child is proven no to be that of maxwell’s? I dont know how such information is acquired, but it would be a shame if it is from hearsay, cos as the carlos guy says,that is defamation if it is false. 

Syndeytish (miGAYi is a dog) says:

@dove,for mzbel, there is a child involved an innocent child. I think children should be off limits. They didn’t choose this. Chris quit talking abt de child

dove says:

@Syndeytish (miGAYi is a dog)

At the end of the day, children are always a blessing.  also she’s a pregnant woman, dont think i’d appreciate someone stressing me out through such a difficult time anyway, especially over something so irrelevant.

naadu says:

@dove, Exactly my beef! he is Black and Double Black, YN is Ivory Creammy Caramal Brazilianish Brigten whatz his own self? She is An Adualt. She has never been your Favourite Fun what does Chris care about what the Bebe does with her self any way?

Tell you what, Chris Celebrated YN’s suspension of badly than even those of banded her. Why? Those i don’t like I refuse to smell the air around them let alone to publish them. Don’t worry just like you, they will not be bother. I’m not such a great fun of her art and i love and respect her, at times l feel she would have been better off in a diffrent line of entertainments

cristalblack says:

leave her be guys whether she is or not, time will tell. 

RocklynLove says:

hahahahahahahaah to all de  comment i av read so far…………. hmm to me i fink she looks good de way she is now… her arms, fingers , armpit  n body av de same colour…. i dont knw abt her ass buh all de same she shld be careful……….

gosh says:

bleaching o not she looks better than then so wats up with all these noise

naadu says:

@gosh, thats watzup! If you look at her pix with that Nija boy at the beach, the girl normal, and even this pix was it new or old. Y Okoro looks good too. Ama K has never looked polished in my eyes since her out tbreack and even though Naa Ashorkor is a fabulus actress her grooming never turn me on, and for those who can’t rock heels yet they always trying and walking funny they need to rebrand! NY has never been wrong but let us just say she is rebranding her trade.!! Chris and all her haters should get a life!!

Kojokwei says:

Yvonne looks good in the picture above . I am a fan of your works. Keep ya head up .

Solomon says:

Is this not the girl chasing after iyanya?
I Never knew she was this beautiful.

jessi says:

@Solomon, yes she is,and you are right she is beautiful but is she really chasing him or they are chasing eachother?

akosuaghana says:

It is not only Yvonne Nelson bleaching. Most of these girls on TV are doing it and it is so sad. I have realized that this girl is not intelligent at all. Who wrote that statement for her? This is why Chris finishes them because they are not smart.

First of all, you said Brazillian lineage or whatever has caused your fairness then because people did not buy that you are back talking about camera shades and different photos.

Are you the only actor in Ghana? What about Jackie Appiah,  John Dumelo, Lydia Forson, Ama Abebrese and others? dont they also use these same camera shades? why are they the same and you are the only changing?

are we that stupid? no we know what you are doing and because the truth hurt and it has been said by many you are looking for a justification. stop using those bleaching makara cream and then people will stop talking about it

naadu says:

@akosuaghana, listen if you know why talk or worry? she is happy period! go find ur own happines! after all she’s not got smoking or doing under age toy boy like others.. Jlo

s3m3nhyia says:

I like the way she kept referring to you as an adult male,,,lol that means u r being childish.anyway i’m aware Yvonne is toning/bleaching whatever bit i dnt care cuz it doesn’t affect the price of eggs.actually i think,she looks good this way.it’s ok,she shouldnt continue toning again,she should now maintain her color.I love tht girl,she can do no wrong in my eyes. Y’ll men ranting on here 70% of ur galfrnds havetoned so STFU!
@ Miyagi there goes ur credibility,except u can give us evidence smh

jsexy says:

this is serious, why can’t u leave this lady alone?????? if she is bleaching, fine. its her skin her life her body!!!!!! am getting tired of this Y.N rubbish 

Linda says:

@js*xy, You are getting tired of this so what? who are you? and what makes you think that Chris or any body at GC cares about you are getting tired of? and for that matter should not do something because YOU are getting tire of it? Are you that deluded on here to think that you are so important to Chris and his team they won’t talk about something becos you are tired of it? find something else to read 

akosuaghana says:

@Linda,LOL say it again. she is tired of it yet she opened this particular article to read. Did anyone force her to click on this particular one? Why didn’t she skip it but rather clicked it, read it and now commenting to say she is tired of it?

What a joke lol

naadu says:

@akosuaghana, common grammer!! She said she is getting tired not am tired or she is yet to

dove says:



jessi says:

ok so you may not have intentionally decided to bleach or tone your skin but you have changed these past months,why dont you admit that? but you are right as you have stated on another website that talking about your skin does not put food on anybody´s table so go ahead tone or bleach,whatever it is that you are doing,na your life now and if you dont want to be talked about,then you are no celebrity,you chose this line of career and you damn well knew that in this profession,people must talk about you so if you cant stand the heat get out the kitchen girl.Oh and how is your nigerian/musician boyfriend?hope we get to hear some serious commitment like engaged soon.

Q says:

@jessi,Now marriage too come in too?? My mum once told me that not everybody is meant to get married in life ooo….

sisy says:

i bought toning lotions  too and at the back of my mind i only wanted to get a clear skin not know i will be light later. I stopped after getting compliments on how beautiful i am with my dark skin. So i stopped toning. She needs to hear how beautiful she is without the so called toning, talkn bad about her will only provoke her to do it more…….

sisy says:

this bleaching topic is really getting on my nerves. We need more motivational messages on mayb how to treat skin  and and and and not popping into someones affairs, gossipping and arguing. She is human too you know and i think it has gotten to her about how people are talkn about her…….

koby says:

hello friends………………..listen fighting and making argument about these celebrities make them more popular and famous …………………we dont even have enough comments on motivational quotes …but if there are news on nadia, jackie, yvonne , nana ama mcbrown . there are are about 200comments …………… fighting wont solve the problem if yvonne is bleaching who cares…… that is her own problem she is not my sister or my friend..she can bleach to death……. she doesnt even knows me.

B.B says:

@koby, the last time i checked on the motivational articles i didnt see your comment(s), the thing is, one mans meat is another mans poison. if u are interested in motivational messages, then you should know where to be or did u miss your way?

koby says:

@B.B, stop fighting then…………it wont help…

Akata says:

@koby, That is so true…we are even making this people even popular…

Comrade says:

he is at it again! always trying had to destroy the little once we have as celebrities..you just finished Nadia now Yvonne and tell us who again will be next..

LILY says:



Auntie Serwaa says:

Girlfriend is bleaching and she is ashamed or finds it hard to accept it. Like people who steal, kill or rape, most find it difficult to accept their actions.

Bleaching goes to the extent to mean endorsing the misconception that white people are better and beautiful and black is ugly. This misconception gets planted into the young minds of our generation and as such, any smart thinking person like myself or Chris will have an issue with the slightest practice of bleaching or anything that changes your skin colour.

I am a mother of 2 young girls and anytime I watch tv with them and they show all these skin bleaching or lightening creams, I become so uncomfortable. 

You don’t think I am also worried to see young girls in the limelight or on TV bleaching? Am I extremely worried. Where is our self pride as people? Why happened to black being beautiful, unique and strong?

What is the excuse of different camera shade and others? That is full CRAP. Don’t John Dumelo, Jackie Appiah, Roselyn Ngissah, Ama K Abebrese, Adjetey Pusher Anang, Prince David Osei, Chris Attoh and the rest also work and shoot in the same industry? Why don’t we see the cameras giving them different colours or what?

We are not stupid girl. Maybe your mother is finding it difficult to tell you because you are putting food on her table. I can understand that so let’s do the job for you by pointing you to what you have become. 
And for those who are saying Chris should not talk about it, you are part of the reason Ghana is not achieving much as a country and that is why people get away with things in Ghana. I am sure if someone goes about urinating on people’s uncompleted building as they do in Ghana, you will say leave them because that is not your problem.

Society has watchers and it won’t function without these watchers. This girl is a celebrity or atleast she claims to be (because I have heard her refer to herself as a celebrity), Chris’ job is to talk, criticism and bring to those of us who are interested what he thinks about these celebrities, their activities and what they are doing. If you don’t like it, there are other places to go.

I don’t think he came to beg you to come and read what he thinks.

Bleaching to people like me is a disease. Anytime I see a black woman who has done it, I feel sick.

Serwaa has spoken her mind!

naadu says:

@Auntie Serwaa, another fuul,l self stlye out dated Auntie Serwaa, now extending insults to Yvonne’s MOTHER just look at it also talking when she can’t even birth a child only relatives kids call her AUNTY .. SHAME ON YOU AND YOU WHOLE GENERATIONS PASSED AS WELL!

GC Staff says:

@Auntie Serwaa, Well said well said. God bless you and your generation.

Syndeytish (miGAYi is a dog) says:

@GC Staff,be quiet ish 

Adjoa Nbaaso) says:

Yvonne, just accept the fact that you bleached.What light and cameras at all do you use.Are they street lights?aahh.Unless u have lights under ur skin that brightens every picture.We all know there are so many types of lights used in the production of movies but then again we still have noticed you have bleached the skin.I guess you might want to stop now since the world is watching u.We all make mistakes, its not too late to stop.We are tired of ur bogus excuses.tell that to the birds.

naadu says:

@Adjoa Nbaaso), when you had ur boooob job did you accept?

elle says:

@naadu,@ least she got money for a boob job love! 😛

Alisha Mcpherson says:

@elle, SO whats the difference between a boob job and bleaching skin? your enhancing your body for a difference….

B.B says:

@naadu, how can you talk about someone having a boob job done when you dont have the slightest idea who the person is or how she even looks like

naadu says:

@B.B, Ha My dear, the same way they have not met YN but percieved, same road I take lol.. Am annoyed paa.. This whole haters and downfall never do well or wish well people of our land!! She has not even paid for the credit on that booob job self! At least YN can afford a Toning or washing from her hard earn income. -- The end result- body and beauty enhencings

B.B says:

@naadu, you sound silly! everyone have seen Y.N pictures both from the past and present  making it easier to see the difference. you havent seen a single photo or met Adjoa Nbaaso) before and yet u want to tell me she has done a boob job….

sorry, but you are not making sense (thats the reason why i wont reply to your nonsensical comments anymore)

Adjoa Nbaaso) says:

@B.B, U said it all my dearest.thanks for puting her back into her cage.She barks too much when she runs out of bones.female dog!!

Adjoa Nbaaso) says:

@naadu, Until you are brave enough to send ur doctor’s report to Chris so he can publish it on here so we all can confirm ur brain is back to normal, I aint responding to ur dumbest comments anymore.I pity whoever introduced the word boob job to u.U are as pathetic as ur poor dog.bow in shame cuz ur comments are soo weak and senseless.

Adjoa Nbaaso) says:

@naadu, too bad people like u got passports so was able to learn about boob job.You should have stayed in ur ghetto area so u could continue eating the kenkey and fish cuz clearly abroad didn’t do u no good.U still lack that common sense little kids have.

nanaama943 says:

@B.B, good question lol ma dear 

Adjoa Nbaaso) says:

@naadu, I did after ur father paid for the bills.

esi says:

The most unneccessary topics which will not bring any changes to the development and growth to us as individuals or impact positively to our dear nation is truly what is posted here. I agree with wht @concerned citizen said. Chris u will loose ur credibility, well which according to me u’ve lost it already. U r the most biased journalist i know. Or whtever it is u call ur amateurish way of wiritng. We need facts, real stories pertaining to what these people are about and not ur hate-filled, tongue lashing and also bashing articles u post here. The upper hand u hve is the fact tht u hve this website tht people log on to read, besides tht; nothing! Then u go our to insult readers who dont agree with u? hahaha! my friend how much of an attention craver are u? Its pitiful! True journalism is about laying down the facts n not compromising with ur dignity and the power of ur pen. Look into it and please spare us the non-sensical articles u feed us with. First it was weaves now this “rolling my eyes”.

B.B says:

@esi, well my dear, you can roll your eyes to which ever degree you want but have it in mind, in this case things are obvious (physically) that it’s only the blind who cant see the difference.  

Akata says:

@esi, This is what celebrity style will cost you so I think she is going to reply to everything that is been said about her, please leave Chris alone let him do his work..I believe there is “No Smoke without Fire” I rest my case.

Mounah Grace says:

@esi, My brother, this was what I wrote & someone attacked me. I love Chris for his inspirational comments, but if he keeps writing bias stories about Yvonne & Nadia, while praising Jackie whom I love btw, is unfair. 

maame says:

people, leave this girl alone there is nothing wrong in trying to look good, if you want to see bleach look at the people with coca cola and fanta face, does this girl look like that to u, i bet those talking against her will do much worse if they were in her shoes, leave her alone to look good in one peace, after all if she looks bad u will also complain she has all that money and she looks bad, ghanaians why? some people just want to hate everyone who is ahead of them, just grow up and leave the girl in peace. AMEN.

TiffanyBabe says:


Ball so hard miss dior says:

@TiffanyBabe, This chick is so irrelevant to me, who cares if she bleaching or toning her skin? You are not that important, shut the eff up

naadu says:

@Ball so hard miss dior, then u waiste ur power and tym to discuss her she/hediot!!

Ball so hard miss dior says:

@naadu, look here watch your stupid mouth okay, dont bring your stupid self at all, am not in the mood for foolishness, wo abodam wati, you cant even spell the word ‘waste’ n you have the nerve/audacity to call me idiot, bish keep it moving before i get banned, bush girl

naadu says:

@Ball so hard miss dior, Am so angrey and this stincking JJC ( corrections -- Spell, And Shediot like you Wu Maame !!

Ball so hard miss dior says:

@naadu, WO NI, ABOA BA KURASENIIIBA TE SE WO, and you still cannot spell stink and angry stupid motherfs like you on this blog always provoke people to insult, take your useless self n have several seats, raggedy asses stupid heffas like u hide behind computer n talk shit, CHRIS what happened to not posting insulting comments, some of these demented bishes n fools have a problem when comments differ from theirs. f*ck u bish, now come again n run ur damn mouth to me.

naadu says:

@Ball so hard miss dior, go shave ur over grown bushy armpit!! it stinccccccckkkkkkkkkkssss for bad. bed bug smellllll….. THEN WHAT? DO THE CORRECTIONS AND LEAVE YVONNE THE HELL ALONE!! AT MOST YOU ARE BEING USEFUL TO YOU

Ball so hard miss dior says:

@naadu, Damn bish, you must be cuckoo, go learn how to use the english lang. correctly before you try to talk nonsense here, your behind cant spell n construct simple sentences yet you are going cray over here, not every one idolize your bleaching friend, u effing idiotic lunatic, gogeturlife.com

alish mcpherson says:

Yvonne is right! Why do people care if she is bleaching. Her not bleaching is it paying your bilss ? Or putting food on your table? Why you on her case… There are other news worthy entertainment info/gossip to be relaying to the mass media. This is so pathetic… Yvonne shouldn’t even had written a letter to justify anything.
Skin toning and Skin bleaching are 2 totally different things.
When you bleach your skin your changing the shade of your skin completely to another shade
Skin toning: is perfecting the shade of your skin by removing blemishes from acne or age spots. Even white people use toners such as ie proactiv or nivea to perfect the complexion and overall look of their skin so what you on about?
Anyways reading this made me upset… And your talking about nicki minaj booty and jlo… But yet and still dudes will still look and “hit” that booty even you so fake or not what’s the big deal. As long as you stand to what you believe and you or your girlfriend or daughter don’t engage in these things hold it down and bequiet. If someone else wants to do whatthey do for whatever reason it don’t pay your bills keep it moving….

Adjoa Nbaaso) says:

@alish mcpherson, Well it wouldnt have been nobody’s business if she was not in the limelight.Remember there is some little naive girl looking up to her as a role model and whatever she does can have a real bad impact on her/someone.

Alisha Mcpherson says:

@Adjoa Nbaaso), okay then i guess every naive little girl will get ass shots bleach her skin wear long ass virgin hair and do whatever to beautify themselves….
thats not a good enough excuse… . There are more famous influential people then Yvonne Nelson ie Nicki Minaj , Cassie, Mariah carey etc… if someone wants to bleach there skin and its accessible to them they will do it whether or not yvonne is doing it…

nanaama943 says:

hmmmmmmm that was kinda harsh ms nelson… Chris please erase her off your celebrity book and lets focus on others. I feel she could do worse next time please. Lets not talk about her again period.

syndeytish (miGAYi has a boyfriend) says:

@nanaama943, i think next time u need to buy weave thats de same color as ur real short nappy hair.


Seriously man,.this” hate Yvonne campaign” u have embarked on, has to stop now..u r gradually loosing ur credibility and very soon people will never take what u say seriously anymore..stop fussing about this Yvonne woman and talk about more constructive subjects happening in Ghana now..she said she’s not bleaching and make-up and camera lights sometimes make her appear lighter..just leave it and let her be…afterall it’s her body and she chooses what to do with it…but hang on, don’t tell me  if she’s bleaching people/young ones will follow her example blindly..people have minds of their own, if u see someone stealing, committing murder, gossiping, insulting, prostituting etc it doesn’t mean u should be wicked as well and do the same..in a nutshell leave this Yvonne alone, u always talk soo nice about Jackie Appiah regardless of what she has done but on the contrary u paint others black especially Yvonne and Nadia…i read a lot from here but don’t normally comment but i think u r getting biased and u need to analyse things well. it’s advice. u can take it or downplay it as usual but don’t say nobody warned u about this.

B.B says:

@CONCERNED CITIZEN, can you tell me why you are MAD? Are you Yvonne N? If not, then you need to chill.  

syndeytish (miGAYi has a boyfriend) says:

@CONCERNED CITIZEN, good job. u r de sensible one here.

REDONE says:

I do agree with you citizen. this is getting really embarrassing. i have never commented on this website but i read stuff on here all the time and Chris always seems angry when he is talking about yvonne and nadia….i think if he wants to keep his respect, he said this once and most people on here has agreed that it might be true that she is bleaching, that should be it.  For him to keep bring it up and yvonne replying makes it seem like a cat and dog fight.  It makes the two of them really immature. especially Chris. Some women will take care of themselves in different ways, others wont, and it is this same majority of men who will run after this so called bleaching girls.  

elle says:

@CONCERNED CITIZEN, but she is… ive ment her on soo many occasions coz shes a friend of a good friend of mine, and before she was way darker than me, and ive got Caucasian in me,  doesn’t  she think there’s anything wrong with it? i mean think of the kids, now they will all think they have to be light to be successful it just isnt right, i wouldn’t want my children to think they were more Superior or  had to look a certain way to go far in life.  lifes a difficult enough struggle. btw dont have kids im just saying. 

naadu says:

@elle, hmmmmm.. here they go a friend of a friend friend’s friend said it!!

Mounah Grace says:

@CONCERNED CITIZEN, I concur…I admire his courage & I find him inspirational, but if uhe keeps up with this pity gossip like u rightly said, his credibility will depreciate.

B.B says:

I read it on Ghanaweb and I wasn’t impressed at all. I like Yvonne N. and normally defend her actions but her responds to this bleaching issue is a big NO. I asked myself, why do you have to respond to such a thing if you surely and truly believe that you are not bleaching. One thing she might have forgotten, not everyone is blind.

GoldenGurl says:

@B.B, Yep totally agree!! Why say if indeed it’s not true and now people are asking if she we are blind??

B.B says:

@B.B, *response.

nanaama943 says:

@B.B, defended her as well on other post but trust me she proved to us about her wildness.. i feel Chris should stop following news about her to avoid defamation. 

naadu says:

@B.B, lol…. and not everyone is an educated illetreate too like them! The girl is above 18!!

Dr. Miyagi says:

Someone i know in Texas saw Yvonne Nelson 3 months ago inside a cosmetic superstore and spa located down town 10701 Research Blvd, Austin – Texas asking how to get her skin washed and lighten like a Brazilian and how much it cost plus if it can be done in a Day. $1458 – Us Dollars was the damage for her skin wash along with the bleaching affirmed the informant.

I’m still trying to figure out what kind of a Brazilian she’s would become with the last name Nelson, because Brazilians do not have English last names. To me removing skin colour changes no Nationality of one. So I really don’t get the reason why she would go bleaching is she trying to disrespect Ghanaians or what Yvonne Nelson I used to have respect for you but it’s seems like your one BIG FAT LIAR living a totally confused life it’s better to come clean and stop lying to yourself 

syndeytish (miGAYi has a boyfriend) says:

chris just stop it. move on to something else dis is getting tiring. A grown man like you lol. well ur friend tracy must be very ugle if she let her skin go and just accepts pimples and pimple mark ugggh. tell her to pick up a good repairing cream. They r chemicals in creams and guess what in food that goes in our stomach get over it. Yvonne shouldda said “CHRIS, ITS MY BODY, I AM NOT YOUR WIFE, GIRLFIREND, FRIEND, SISTER, OR MOTHER. ITS NON OF YOUR BUSINESS WHAT I DO”

Adjoa Nbaaso) says:

@syndeytish (miGAYi has a boyfriend), And you too if you need a brain check, let Chris publish it on here so we can find solution to ur problem and stop the “Gyimisem” u trying to create on every post.Chris, might have to ban you for trying to tarnish someones image saying they have a boyfriend.Buy a pillow and put on ur thinking cup so u can reason as an adult.U are making a fool of yourself.

koby says:

@Adjoa Nbaaso), what is this insult about …………?

Adjoa Nbaaso) says:

@koby, stop askin unnecessary questions.Now am beginning to suspect you are the same person using those names.the girl/guy is not making sense and u couldnt point that question to him/her.

Syndeytish (miGAYi is a dog) says:

@Adjoa Nbaaso),girl u need to shut up. U not making sense. 

nanaama943 says:

@Adjoa Nbaaso), well said sister.. ignore her 

Lansa says:

@Adjoa Nbaaso), Yvonne Nelson is a hoe. And foolish girl

FloxyCI says:

@Lansa, And you what are you a “dumb ass” or a silly ass, common don’t be silly. If you don’t like her then don’t read anything about her. “Hi Hater: Bye Later”

elle says:

@syndeytish (miGAYi has a boyfriend), it sets a bad example for young ghanaian women that they must be light to be successful, im very light skinned because my other and father both are my grandfather is mixed race and every time i go to ghana i get special treatment just because of my complexion, i dont think its right to do that, light skinned ppl are just the same as everyone else, so what she is doing is disgusting! and bleaching makes ur skin cells receptive to skin cancer, and she is also in the sun doubling that effect making things worse.   

syndeytish (miGAYi has a boyfriend) says:

@Dr. Miyagi, i meant to tell u shut up u sure is a liar

Dr. Miyagi says:

Do you reason at all or are you suffering from depression or ADHD,childish girl if you can’t stick to the topic than bounce@syndeytish (miGAYi has a boyfriend),

Q says:

@Dr. Miyagi, Ei Boys nnie…the address you gave is that of a Wendy’s restaurant ooo in Austin, Texas ooo,the last time i checked Wendys sells burgers and chicken sandwiches not cosmetics lol!

Dr. Miyagi says:

Again I wrote someone I know bear in mind I don’t live there to know That’s what I was told and did mention the word “located” I’m sure your the same kay Bee@Q,

Q says:

@Dr. Miyagi,Charley i no be Kay Bee ooo…was just making a point!  You may be right,A cosmetics shop MAY be located in downtown Austin,TX  on research blvd but the for a person to give a precise address with street number like that which turns out to be the location of a Wendy’s restaurant,you need to check facts with your source lol!!!! No beef ooo  Dr.

Dr. Miyagi says:

@Q,thank you for your feedback 

Syndeytish (miGAYi is a dog) says:

@Q,lol he just got caught lying. MiGAYi when r u going to learn. Running ur mouth doesn’t make u smart

Syndeytish (miGAYi is a dog) says:

@Dr. Miyagi,liar liar pants on fire. Lmfao

naadu says:

@Q, lol……………………. haters will die Q! haaaa…. when they want to lie they first say … hun heeey, they say they say or someone said some1 told him he heard somebody telling eeer.. oo… that he heard some people said they heard them saying…. on n on!!

Yvonne should take this nonsense Chris to court and I will pay. Freedom of speech does not mean character distruction it can affect her career, including Miyagi to bring their evidence on Loosers!!

kay bee says:

@Dr. Miyagi, you are a stupid lier, the address u gave is where Wendy’s fast food is located.. click on this link and educate yourself

Dr. Miyagi says:

Do you reason at all or can you read you do understand the meaning of “located” right don’t try and insult me again and I clearly stated “someone I know” try and behave yourself next time @kay bee,

naadu says:

@Dr. Miyagi, i doubt if you really wrote this!! If it’s really You, am highly DISAPOINTED!! Plus leave the girl alone!! na your moni? NY should think of suing CHRIS ASS! FOR deformation! Yes focus your poor mind on productive things. You know sometimes i see Hally Berry more fair and light than other days. You can tell if someone is bleaching by their fingers the knockles. Bleaching or toning is not a cream. if you are poor you will say a plastic surgery is waste of money. And u can live with it or say eggs and chickens are not healthy.

My problem with Chris is his Anger over this issue on the radio? how i wish he is focusing on the country’s developments and education etc. Why? you always treat this girl with so much hate!! Do you Love her? you spoke once why don’t you leave her or rest your case? U live in UK am I suprised? no for i know it’s still like our Gold Coast! Have you Ever MET YVONNE? B3MA KONKONSA FUOR!!! SHE is an ADUALT ooooo…

Syndeytish (miGAYi is a dog) says:

@naadu,lol. He is talking abt Nadia’s wt bit he hasn’t seen her. Pictures r a totally different issue. Try and investigate rather than stealing pictures from her twitter and plastering ur logo on it. Have u thought maybe she took de pics in some angle to make her appear slim?

Mounah Grace says:

@naadu, I agree with u 100%. I’m not a huge fan of Yvonne Nelson but I believe her that she’s not bleaching. According to science, after every 2-3 day our outer skin becomes dead & is waiting to be removed. Now, we exfoliate said dead skin will be removed & a young & brighter skin becomes the epidermis (outer skin). We’re supposed to do this after every 3 days if not,it becomes a problem & cause things like blemishes/pimples. Look at Beyonce, when she started she was more darker, but she now lighter. She’s not bleaching, here in the USA, there’s skin doctors called dermatologist who specialize in the process I just described above. They have a machine/lasser that helps remove those dead skin cells. Even you Chris had access to it, your complexion would change. If someone is bleaching, u can tell from their finger knockers. 

You also wrote about Nadia being to skinny. Chris, I have a lot of respect for u & I consider u to be inspirational, pls desist from this women bashing because frankly it makes u seem clueless & sound ignorant. Nadia isn’t too skinny form her weight loss. There’s something call BMI, that is what is used by doctors or anyone for that matter to determine what their actual weight should be. You can calculate that by ur age, weight & height. By ur age & height, u are to weight a certain amount. I love Jackie & she’s my favorite Ghanaian actress so far. BUt if anything she should be that one u encourage to loose weight & not criticizing Nadia. I think what she looks like now is her ideal weight. Jackie is short & younger than Nadia, if she doesn’t loose some weight that could create a problem for her in the future; things like hypertension could come. 
Again, I suggest u, Chris do ur research, ask doctors or science students before u run here to write about these people. They’re humans & when u criticize them without evidence, it’s called BULLYING & that is both harmful & hurtful. I’m a science student, u can ask me anything & at anytime concerning these things. 
Thanks, a concern female!

Lily says:

@Mounah Grace, all the methods you mentioned aimed at removing your skin layer or whitening your skin or lightening your skin is bleaching. Nowadays people dont use the old soap bleaching thing again . Technology and advance cream is being used so as Chris said, call it any name you want it is still bleaching. 

From your photo I hope you are not bleaching too and that is why you are defending bleaching . Science student my foot, do you know that removing any layer from your skin prons you to diseases like cancer? Just google beyond bleaching and see what will come up. Who told you Beyonce is not bleaching? And you are using her as an example

Mounah Grace says:

@Lily, You sound so ignorant…I can see why you’ve refused to upload ur own photo. Some of you who are unsecured with yourselves & ins tea dog dealing with it, you’ve decide to focus on envying others. I hope you get educated, YOU NEED IT. 

Lamar says:

@Mounah Grace, A lot of your supposed facts are hogwash, BMI doesn’t not include age, it is only your height and weight. Also, Blacks have bones of higher density than any other race on earth, therefore it is a scientific fact that the Europeanised BMI chart doesn’t fully apply to most blacks. I am a 184cm male, and I weight 90Kg, I exercise everyday, play basketball 15hours a day. My BMI is 26.6 which supposes me to be an obese person, NBA star Lebron James weighs 113kg and he is 203cm, his BMI 27 which means he is obese, which is a big lie that guy is healthier than a lion.

And your talk about the skin is senseless, whoever told that bullshit is a freaking liar, if what you say is the truth, then every light skinned person should turn darker and darker and every Black person should turn pitch black as they get into their late 60’s, since you claim the dead skin needs to be taken off by ‘special’ machines. The skin colour of a black person gets darker only if there is a need for melanin to be triggered to prevent harmful UV rays from penetrating to affect internal organs. Light skin and whites are prone to skin cancer due to the lack of melanin. That nonsense about Beyonce, why hasn’t Gabrielle Union gotten lighter? Every able minded person knows Beyonce made her skin lighter, same as the Jackson family. In these days, bleaching isn’t by soap anymore, those hogwash supposed stuffs you said are done by dermatologist are the means of bleaching. No sensible dermatologist would suggest anybody making their skin lighter because melanin is an asset you CANNOT BUY IN ANY COSMETIC SHOP!

P/S: Melanin is the pigment which gives us the dark skin, it protects us immensely from tons of ailments especially CANCER!

sammy says:

@Dr. Miyagi, why do u people do this? has someone paid you to do this? maybe jackie appiah is paying you to do this because she know yvonne ha s taken over from her popularity. we all too are not foolish. this will not work we love u yvonne

Daneil k says:

@Dr. Miyagi, FYI Bitches, Yvonne is a labanese decendant. Her mother is mixed with a labenese blood. She is a decendant of the Majdoub family in Capa Coast. They are also the same family that owns Ameen Sangari Soap Factory. All she has to do is eat right and she will get a flawless skin. it’s in her blood b*tches! Y’all just hating on her cuz she is beautiful!

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