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I decided to sell my first eBook ‘Success Is A Right, Not A Privilege’ for half price $4.99 (instead of actual price $9.99) during its first year of release so that the life of many who would be able to purchase it can change.

After two months of heavy sales and good reviews, I just received the E-mail below from a Ghanaian living in Maryland, USA (Cindy Dwomoh) and after reading it, I have decided to further reduce the price of the book to $2.99 for 48 hours (2 days) so that people who find themselves in similar circumstance can experience what  Cindy has gotten from reading the book.

Read Cindy Dwomoh’s E-mail below

Hello Chris-Vincent,

My name is Cindy Dwomoh, a Ghanaian out here in Maryland with my son called Joel.  My son is 6 years old and his father left when he was only 4 months.

For the last 6 years since I had my son, life has been difficult for me. I have no husband, family or good friends out here to help me financially or even help with taking care of my son when I have to go to work.

Without support, I have been living on one short  term low paying jobs since I cannot keep a permanent job with fixed working time.

To cut matters short, I have been down the solo,  depression and lost of faith road for many months, I have bought several books to help me out after I realized that, whenever I tell people my problem. It spreads to people I do not even know.

None of the books I have bought in the past have been able to tell me what I need to here or uplift my soul. So when I came across your book via, I hesitated in getting a copy.

I can’t easily afford to give away $5 if it won’t be beneficial since me and my son are literally living on such amount a day.

However, since I visit your website a lot, I keep seeing the book and decided to buy a copy last week.

I am glad I bought and all the hope I lost in myself,  my future and abilities have started coming back to me. I see things different and as I read the pages each day alone,  I get stronger.

My prayer is to make sure my son grows to become a man of honour so his father would see him and bow his head in shame.

I just want you to know what you have changed the life of someone with your book. God richely bless you.

Cindy Dwomoh

I thought $4.99 was nothing much for a book that took me two years to write and the quality of messages it gives out.

However, because of Cindy, I am giving anyone who really wants to read the book and wants his or her life changed to get it for half price.

To get a copy for just $2.49, use the promo code:  GC3 (This offer is just for 48 hours)


What Will This eBook Do For You?

This E-Book Will Teach You, Motivate & Help You Overcome The Failures, Challenges & Obstacles Holding Back Your Success..

How Will The eBook Do This?

This book tackles the problems we face on our way to achieving success from the root by equipping you with the strength, understanding, energy, motivation and inspirational tools needed to push you over those hurdles.

Remember ‘Success Is A Right, Not A Privilege’

What Does The Book Contain?

I wish the question was; what doesn’t the eBook contain…

This is because I cannot list all the motivation and unsullied strength the book will bring into your life, thereby helping you attain great success in all you set your mind to achieve.

In short, the book contains a fresh life for those who have failed and also for those who want REAL success in their endeavours.

You always wanted a chance…Right? This is the chance to make your life what you want it to be!

The book is not a magic book and therefore will not automatically bring you success if you do nothing.

What It will do for you is get you back on your feet when all is lost, provide you with a good guide and understanding of life.

It will give you the daily boost you need to grab the success you desire. It will tell you what you need to hear (not what you want to hear) and what will help you attain the great heights you desire in life…

What You Will Get From This eBook

  • Being You Brings Real Success & Fulfilment
  • How To Deal With Your Stubborn Problems
  • How To Invite Success Into Your Life Using “ABC”
  • If You Don’t Build Your Dreams, Someone Will Hire You To Build His…
  • When One Door Closes, Another Opens
  • How To Achieve Your Dreams…
  • One Positive Thing We Can Learn From A ‘Greedy Person’ To Help Us Become Successful…
  • The Reason Why Your Success Is Taking Too Long To Show Up…
  • The Fear Of Failure Cripples Success , How To Overcome This Fear
  • The Simple Formula To Achieve Success In Life
  • The Inverse Relationship Between Success & Smart People
  • How Thinking Positive Is The Only Way Forward
  • Competing With Yourself Is The Key To Success
  • The Mirror Relationship Between Failure And Success, Make Use Of The Former To Achieve The Latter
  • Living Your Dreams Is The Ultimate Success Of Life, Go For it Or Become A “Common Failure”
  • How To Gravitate Towards “Becoming A Millionaire”, The Simplest Realistic Concept But Difficult To Practise
  • How Our Minds Define Us & Control Our Success
  • Your Desire For Success Must Be Greater Than Your Fear Of Failure If You Want To Succeed
  • How To Become Your Own Motivator, A Necessary Skill To Achieve Success In Life
  • How To Achieve Excellence In What You Do…
  • The Most Important Brick Needed To Build Success Is ….
  • The Reason Why Your Life Is Difficult
  • 80% Of Millionaires Started Like You…How Did They Make It Then?
  • How To Climb The Ladder Of Success
  • Success ONLY Belongs To Those Who Do Something Different…
  • Avoid Wasting The Person You Are…
  • The Reason Why You Are Still Getting The Same ‘Failing’ Result
  • Why I Admire And Commend Lottery Players…
  • If You Are Going Through Hell, Keep Going…
  • This Is Why You Are Not Successful
  • Live Your Life On Your Own Terms
  • Getting Rid Of Your Needless Needs Is The Key To Happiness
  • What You Cannot Achieve In Life Is…
  • Finishing Brings Absolute Fulfilment & Adds Value To Your Life

   & MORE………………


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