What Is Wrong With This Video?

I am not going to say much but just watch the video below and let us know what you think is WRONG with video…

This is a vdieo for iL Nana (R2Bees)’s ‘Change Ur Style’ feat. Stay Jay…

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akuamansah says:

*Alaba* paaa……smh


hey girl i like your sense of judgement. you have spoken the truth . even those who are criticising the video really enjoy the nudity of the video

Gabidinho says:

I meant shit lyrics and di boy must av done alot of work to save up to shoot this video cos he is shit, Shuld stick to his day job in London 

Gabidinho says:

This video wasn’t made in Ghana and the girls ain’t Ghanaian , I know for def was short in uk, dome whack boy from Ghana who happens to av saved and short a video with his shot lyrics I must say

uu says:

how much are these whores paid to fool themselves like this..all in the name of music video..? Most Ghanaian girls have lost their morals, they don’t give a chicken shit about whatever anybody thinks anymore…they will do anything for fame and some small change…..Ashawo fo).. I feel so disgusted when i see stuffs like this..

Akua says:

Well, personally I don’t see anything wrong with the video. And like Awurabena said, some musicians and dancers around the globe do worse, and since we all know that Ghanaians are good at copying the bad habits of other culture, then there is no surprises here. It’s just that the song has no merits. It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. All most musicians do in Ghana now is to come up with a good beat, and some crazy lyrics and a song is made for clubs, radio, and parties. The song is just useless.

nanya martinson says:

awurade yesu christo!!!!!!!! since i left Ghana things have changed ooo. so like seriously are they going to play thise video on TV. lack of knowledge my people perish. may God have mercy on us….SHAME ON YOU GIRLS….ASHAWO FO

Ewurabena says:

I dont see anything wrong with the video. when beyonce and lady gaga do it we’ll be clapping and saying they did well. are you saying you dont watch any foreign videos because they all do worse? and yet you’re the ones who praise akon and 50 cent dont their women even do worse? i think the video’s superb and the girls look hot.

maame says:

first of all the song does not make any sence to me in anyway, and did i hear him call them (shasheiiiiiii) secondly those girls humping on that guy all in the name of video shoot is seriously stupid,the girl in the white top and jeans looks horrible how much are u being paid that u put ur body out there for him to play with like that,lol this is some serious mess and crap. everything is wrong with this video.

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