The Rapid Increasing Act Of Child ‘Pre-Teen’ Modelling In Ghana…Is It Child Exploitative & Abusive Or Not?

Have you ever looked at a child model in a photo or in an advert on TV and thought Oh! How cute yet what you really mean to say is Oh! How sad.

Ever wondered why people use these kids of all ages (pre-teen) touting the deliciousness/trendiness/fun of the latest consumable and styles on TV or in magazines.  Your guess is as good as mine; to play on the sensitivity of people to buy or consume their wares.

Modelling itself can be a fun world but it can also be an ugly one. It’s a window-dressing, smoke-and-mirrors world where the genetically gifted are rewarded on the most superficial of criteria. So why then do people use children in such a harsh industry?

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Believe it or not many may justify using these kids (innocent as they are) in this industry premised on the fact there is no harm in using pre-teen models.  It even gets worse when children are dressed in certain uncomfortable and uncovered manner and made to pose in certain ways all in the name of modelling.

It is sad how child modelling is becoming rampant in today’s Ghana. You can call it child modelling but I think this industry is very exploitative of children. This kind of practice is identical to child labour, child abuse and also opening these children to the wicked thoughts and fantasies of paedophiles.

Now what is so exploitative about a child so willing to be in the spotlight or in front of the cameras? What is so exploitative about a child getting paid or earning a living at an early age or even living his or her dream at that age? What about those children who do it for the fun of it, are they being exploited as well?

Well, yes. Paid or unpaid there is always that exploitative connotation to child modelling that must be addressed. A child may not see it that way because they really do not understand the consequences or the negative effects of the profession.

Even the word “exploitative” may seem too big a word for them to understand. At the end of the day, the decision to expose children to this risqué posing world is the adults or parents or guardians or any responsible person in charge to of them at the children’s expense. The profession might be fun and lucrative but in end the brunt of the consequence lies heavily on the children involved.

Honestly speaking, If we begin to pay attention closely and hear the children, they will probably be saying Stop child modelling now! What are the laws in Ghana to protect the exploitation and abuse of children by their parents or guardians all in the name of child modelling?

It is very important we understand that, a ban on child modelling means a life of security for our children.

What are your thoughts on child modelling? Do you agree with me that child modelling is exploitative, abusive, morally and legally wrong? Would you push your child into child modelling?


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Every has its downsides. But really I haven’t thought of child modelling this way. Thanks for the eye opener

Oh, come on… it only gets weird and awkward when you start bringing in thoughts like that.  Negative thoughts.  Let them have fun and try their hands on things they wanna do.  Some successful and influential models started at a very young age and are still being successful.  If a family, or child really do not wanna participate, they won’t.  As long as the kids can act as kids while modeling, it’s okay with me.  My humble opinion.