TopVincent.Com: When A Bad Thing Happens In Life And You Don’t Understand WHY It Happened

If anyone abused the word-WHY in life, then that person is me.  Until I realized that, mostly the WHY question has no meaningful answer, I laid down countless WHY anytime something bad happens.

I remember how I had to ask myself WHY my mother’s sister whom I have spend almost all my life with had to die very young each night. She was someone I knew well and at some point, some friends even thought she was my mother.

The love was great and she was more than a mother figure to me, she was a good friend and someone who cared about me-maybe because she did not have a child, she deeply took me as hers and was  always there for me at.

When she died, everything around me stopped and I kept asking WHY in order to find a meaning to what has happened to me.

The worse part of it all is that, I was writing an important exam in my life when she passed away. This added another WHY to the question…It became WHY did she die so young and WHY did she die at a time when I was having such an important exam in my life?

The why question kept running through my mind and I struggled to find a sense of purpose for the unfortunate happening.

For many months, I could not piece together WHY these things happened but I believed there was a reason why they happened.

I am pretty sure I am not the only who seeks to find reason behind things that happen in life, especially the bad things with the WHY question.

But is there a real reason WHY bad things happen in life? Have you ever found a real reason why something bad has happened to you? Is there any purpose to bad things happening to us in life?

Mostly, we waste a lot of energy and time in our attempt to find a purpose for things which do not have a purpose.

I am sure you have once asked the question; ‘why is this happening to her, she does not deserve this at this time’.  Such a question seeks to find a purpose to a happening, a purpose that may never exist but then because we can construct a question, we think there must be an answer…

Since we think there are answers to most WHY questions and when we struggle to find them, we eventually conjure answers to satisfy our desire of finding. But are these answers to the WHY questions really real and the truth?

In my case, I came to the answer, the reason why my mother died was because she was too good for this evil world and she had to go to heaven where she deserves. And as to why she had to die at a time I was writing my exams, I could not find a befitting answer-I came up with things like, because God did not want her to die at Christmas (she died before December).

As someone once said, the mere fact that a question can be construed in our minds does not mean there is an answer. The mere fact that a question can be asked does not mean that the question is sensible and needs to be given an answer or there is (must be) an answer…

What do you think of these questions; what is the color of jealousy? Why is England closer to France?…CONTINUE READING FROM HERE


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