Miss Ghana Ends The Era Of Money Buying Beauty Queens In Ghana As Roseline Okoro Wins Miss SMS…

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When I heard that the organizers of Miss Ghana 2012 were going to crown someone as Miss SMS,  I asked myself what the heck is Miss SMS (SMS Queen)?

The organizers explained that, they  have realized some individuals with ‘loose money’ to throw away have in the past been able to buy countless top-ups for friends and family to vote for undeserving candidates to win beauty pageants in Ghana and as such, they were not going to let the 2012 Miss Ghana be ridiculed this way.

Immediately after hearing the above, I said to myself…I think I know the person who will win Miss SMS…

Let me play the devil’s advocate here…

Personally, I have an issue with the way the Miss SMS concept was brought to the attention of Ghanaians-the last minute approach (the first time I heard of it was yesterday on Peace FM).

The organizers made Ghanaians (especially those who wanted a particular candidate to win by all means) to spend money voting for this candidate thinking their votes will count towards who becomes the eventual Miss Ghana 2012 winner. When in fact, they were never going to be given that strength, instead a lousy award called Miss SMS was to be created for all the cash people were throwing into thin air. WHAT A LOST FOR SOME PEOPLE!

I can also see the sense in what the organizers did. There was no way they were going to cheaply sell the Miss Ghana crown to the highest bidder even if the person does not have what it takes to become a Queen-especially if the people she would represent (Ghanaians) would have an issue with her win.

At the end of the night,  Miss Roseline Okoro won SMS Queen…

There were other awards such as;

Most Beautiful Talent
Abena Appiah

Miss Congeniality
Biley Sung La-Bou

Miss Photogenic
Precious Kyei Bonsu

Miss Top Model
Naa Okailey Shooter

Miss Eloquence
Naa Okailey Shooter

Miss Fitness
Joan Ahiawordor

Most Discipline
Sabina Aryee

Most Beautiful Skin
Jennifer Annan

22 year-old medical student of the University of Ghana Carranzer Naa Okailey Shooter was crowned Miss Ghana 2012. Nadia Ntanhu and Jennifer Aku Annan placed second and third respectively.

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Miss Ghana 2012

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