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Atto Erick

Many Ghanaian movie lovers continue to complain about the lack of new/fresh faces and talents.  It seems all our major movie roles are played by 3 known Actors, making several movies exceptionally boring to watch no matter how these Actors try their best to interpret given roles.

Fresh great faces and talents create suspense, interest and dynamism in movies.  However, when it comes to our young movie industry, film-makers continue to feed us with the same old faces who speak and interpret roles the same way we have always seen and are getting tired of…

GhanaCelebrities.Com has decided to ‘spotlight’ a handsome versatile Ghanaian Actor who has what it takes to quench the thirst of the many African movie lovers calling for new talents to take up major roles in our movies to kill the ‘one way acting syndrome’.

Though Atto Erick has starred in several movies such as, College Girls / Efia And Friends, War Against Woman, Rain, Gambling Of Love, Tribe, Legon Demons, 14th February, Speechless, Sasha, Shadow In The Dark, Touch My Soul, Kiss My Tears and Bed Of Roses, it is his extraordinary acting in ‘Single But Married’ and ‘Wrong Target’ that captured our attention.

As a young versatile Actor, Atto Erick has successfully starred alongside top African movie stars like John Dumelo, Van Vicker, Rita Dominic, Yvonne Nelson, Nadia Buari, David Dontoh, Adjetey Anang and several others…

In our bid to throw more light on this rising star, we took time to delve into his career, personality and other things with him.

Read below for our interesting chit chat….

GhanaCelebrities.Com:  Atto, Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Atto Erick: Well… I was born in the Central region-Agona Swedru but I lived in Accra all my life, I love swimming, reading, running and watching movies.

GhanaCelebrities.Com:  How did you get into acting?

Atto Erick: Acting wasn’t my dream career but somehow, I found myself acting when a friend introduced me to a Ghanaian movie production house.  Out of my love for watching movies, I found myself gravitating more and more towards being part of movies…I can say, I chanced on acting but I have not regretted this.

GhanaCelebrities.Com:  Can you tell us your experience so far in the movie industry and your perception about the Ghanaian Movie Industry.

Atto Erick: So far my experience has been great with a lot of challenging and exciting roles. Every movie I have acted in has been a new experience for me, geared towards developing and exhibiting my talent…

I have played diverse roles with my most challenging being the role I played in the yet to be released movie-TRIBE. In that movie, I worked with horses, had to do a lot swimming and even had to learn how to fight with sword…

My perception about the Ghana Movie industry is that, there is more room for improvement. It is still a young industry with a lot of potential. With the necessary training, organization and co-operation, it can rise to produce far quality and entertaining movies than we are currently churning out.

As a rising Actor, I also think new talents and faces should be given the opportunity to showcase their craft.

GhanaCelebrities.Com:  We have been very vocal about some aspect of the movie industry, why do you think the industry is saturated with substandard movies?

Atto Erick: Personally, I think the industry is pushing its limit…It is doing well in terms of movie production considering the budgets film-makers have to work with.

Mostly, when people talk about substandard movies, they forget that our movie makers do not have big bucks to work with. Producing those high quality movies we want requires millions of dollars which no one is ready to pump into our young industry.

So to address the issue of substandard movies, our film-makers need investors who are ready to give them enough money to enhance their creativity.

Also, Actors and film-makers must make training and re-training a habit. That is the only way we can compete with the world when it comes to movie production and acting.

GhanaCelebrities.Com:  On a scale of 20, how would you rate Ghanaian movies now?

Atto Erick: 12…I am giving it 12 because even with the little we have, we are able to entertain ourselves and have been able to create an industry. We have a sense of direction; all we need is the investments and support.

GhanaCelebrities.Com:  In your own words, what could be done to improve the Ghana Movie Industry?

Atto Erick: First of all, when those who deserve something are given that thing to handle, that is the only way things can be rightly done. So we must begin to give roles to those who deserve it, those who fit it and those who can go into character.

The culture of roles going to the popular names (Actors) and not those who deserve it is killing new talents. Also, it is affecting the quality and the over all standard of our movies.

Not every character can be played by one Actor. So auditions must be encouraged and where appropriate, roles must be given to even new Actors…

GhanaCelebrities.Com:  As a fast rising Actor, what do you look for in accepting a role in any movie or TV series?

Atto Erick: In accepting scripts, I first consider the script in relation to my personality. I know as an Actor, you must be dynamic and be able to fit any character. However, we must be true to ourselves and know that, certain roles demands a lot of time to get into character. Some roles even will demand a study of a whole language (accent)…

So after considering the script, I look at what the character is required to do, the time frame and how best I fit or can fit into the role.

If possible, I also check the storyline and more important the Director. What people forget is that, Directors are those who make great and bad actors…

As a rising Actor, I there fore pay attention to who will be directing the script that I accept. Your shine or doom depends on Directors…

GhanaCelebrities.Com:  Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Atto Erick: Currently, I am in London taking classes in acting to build on my skills and talent…Though God knows best, I can say I am working towards perfecting my craft so in the next 5 years, I am hoping to be on a good level as an Actor, starring alongside international Actors and Actress.

GhanaCelebrities.Com:  As an actor, what qualities do you think you have that distinguish you from the other male actors?

Atto Erick: I can talk about the qualities I have…Whether they distinguish me from other actors, it is up to movie lovers to say that. As an actor, I have a strong to do attitude, I am always ready to learn new things and very adoptable.

I am also a perfectionist and therefore, I always strive for the best. I am not sure if this is good or bad but until I feel something is well done, I am never satisfied with it (which hardly happens).

Physically, I am fit, tall and I workout a lot, something many recommend as a good quality of a male Actor.

GhanaCelebrities.Com:  Our female readers will surely want to know about your private life…Are you single?

Atto Erick: Well I am in a relationship…Happy!

GhanaCelebrities.Com:  Are you currently working on any projects you wish to let people know about?

Atto Erick: I have always wanted to improve my acting skills by taking it to another level. As such, as mentioned above, I have taking sometime out to study in London at METFILM SCHOOL …

Since I am going to be in London for sometime, I am opened for  any projects that will come my way out here…


For Bookings, Ring: 07448528977

Follow Erick On Twitter:   (@AttoErick)


Eric Attoh Right

Eric Attoh Right

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Eric Attoh Left

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Wrong Target


Married But Single


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