Yvonne Nelson And Tonto Dikeh Fight on Twitter Again As Yvonne Nelson’s Naked Photo Gets Leaked?

Though the News of Iyanya dumping Miss Nelson for Tonto Dike has been received with a bit of diplomacy from both camps so far, it looks like there is more undercurrent than the public is seeing. The two seem to have a lot of anger going on beneath the surface.

Yesterday I was on twitter and chanced upon the two flying insults at each other (These insults were coming from a newly created Tonto Dikeh account and another newly created Yvonne Nelson twitter account).

I thought my eyes were deceiving me so I decided to go and refresh both their pages and be sure what I was seeing was right. Are these people hiding under these new names to cut each others throat about a man?

Disappointed fans have been calling on the two screen biatches queens to put a stop to their shameful behavior but it looks like Yvonne simply will not let Tonto Dike take Iyanya away from her without a fight.

And Tonto Dike on the other hand does not even spare her fans from insults, how much more a proven rival?  They went neck to neck in full cyber glare.

We continue to wonder what exactly it is Yvonne keeps fighting for? If you ask me, Iyanya is romantically overrated in this situation. How do two prominent actresses fight without remorse for a young man who obviously is not involving himself in the brouhaha.

One question for Yvonne Nelson…”What did Iyanya show you that you don’t want to let go off for another woman?”

Only you can answer this.

Yvonne Nelson, if you are reading, it’s time to stop this fight and accept defeat. Everyone has been broken hearted before. Move on!

Oh and during the twitter fight, the newly created Tonto Dikeh account tweeted a n*ked photo suggesting that it is Yvonne Nelson…

During the heat of the fight between Yvonne Nelson and Tonto Dikeh somewhere last week, GhanaCelebrities.Com received an email from a certain individual who claimed to have some n*ked photos Yvonne Nelson sent to Iyanya. This individual was ready to offer them to us…

Since we do not want to be used to fight this unnecessary war, we did not reply the mail… (So you see, we are not that bad).

Looking at the photo below that was tweeted, does it look like Yvonne Nelson to you? We hope NOT!




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