Yvonne Nelson And Tonto Dikeh Fight on Twitter Again As Yvonne Nelson’s Naked Photo Gets Leaked?

Though the News of Iyanya dumping Miss Nelson for Tonto Dike has been received with a bit of diplomacy from both camps so far, it looks like there is more undercurrent than the public is seeing. The two seem to have a lot of anger going on beneath the surface.

Yesterday I was on twitter and chanced upon the two flying insults at each other (These insults were coming from a newly created Tonto Dikeh account and another newly created Yvonne Nelson twitter account).

I thought my eyes were deceiving me so I decided to go and refresh both their pages and be sure what I was seeing was right. Are these people hiding under these new names to cut each others throat about a man?

Disappointed fans have been calling on the two screen biatches queens to put a stop to their shameful behavior but it looks like Yvonne simply will not let Tonto Dike take Iyanya away from her without a fight.

And Tonto Dike on the other hand does not even spare her fans from insults, how much more a proven rival?  They went neck to neck in full cyber glare.

We continue to wonder what exactly it is Yvonne keeps fighting for? If you ask me, Iyanya is romantically overrated in this situation. How do two prominent actresses fight without remorse for a young man who obviously is not involving himself in the brouhaha.

One question for Yvonne Nelson…”What did Iyanya show you that you don’t want to let go off for another woman?”

Only you can answer this.

Yvonne Nelson, if you are reading, it’s time to stop this fight and accept defeat. Everyone has been broken hearted before. Move on!

Oh and during the twitter fight, the newly created Tonto Dikeh account tweeted a n*ked photo suggesting that it is Yvonne Nelson…

During the heat of the fight between Yvonne Nelson and Tonto Dikeh somewhere last week, GhanaCelebrities.Com received an email from a certain individual who claimed to have some n*ked photos Yvonne Nelson sent to Iyanya. This individual was ready to offer them to us…

Since we do not want to be used to fight this unnecessary war, we did not reply the mail… (So you see, we are not that bad).

Looking at the photo below that was tweeted, does it look like Yvonne Nelson to you? We hope NOT!




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Akay says:

Fuck both tonto and nelson they are fighting 4 a guy who just want to use dem

Serwaa says:

i mean….buy some for my zebra friends and myself.

abena says:

yea that account is fake..even lydia forson said it on twitter.

Jossemma says:

Nawa 4 all dis super stars o



jsexy says:

fake fake

David says:

shame on you girls for fighting over a man who will never keep both you after he is done with your pusssssssssy.

kojo says:

wow, how can u jst assume they own these respective handles.

Ginger says:

Fans had mixed feelings after Tonto Dike apparently snatched away the man (Iyanya) Yvonne Nelson had been in a relationship with for the last four months. Yvonne got upset about the situation and vented out her feelings on twitter about what she considered unfair and disrespectful.

But no sooner had Yvonne twitted the post did Tonto quickly twittered back and subtly admonished Yvonne to deal with the new reality since Iyanya was now her man. But her happiness about the new found love is just starting as she a couple of days ago put a photo of Iyanya on her Blackberry Display Picture and wrote:

“Dere re Truly Amazing people out there, dey make d World Very Eazy & Happy to Live in *U are 1 of Dem*”

Hmm, a new snipe at Yvonne?

Dr. Miyagi says:

I’m sure the person behind this name is NnnenakaluchukweNnneka who is seeking for attentions those nigerian Goats

Mbaga says:

I believe d twitter accounts were fake. Tonto Dike dosent write like dat. She adds ‘z’ to almost every word she types. If dat tweet was from Tonto, it will be something like this”urz itsz not a vagina anymorez, itz a canalz”. About d pic, dat could be anyone’s butt 

RocklynLove says:

hmm if this den yvonne must stop disgracing herself in public.. it bad to call ur fellow woman names… vagina b*tch etc…. she will let those naija ppl mock her… pls yvonne be matured enaf to let that small boi go… wat can he offer u? nothin better apart from sleepin with u……..forget him n move on cos even ordinary gurls of today wont do such…. and as for that Tonto no wonder she is gettin thin n thiner….. how can u open ur wide mouth to say smones vagina ia like a canal?hmm shameful being…. i think he is also enjoyin the fight….secondly, i dont think that is Yvvone pic… It is tonto herself with that flat ass… yvonne has been takin so many pic with bikini on.. i avent seen such marks yet… nooo… it fake…. nigerians are disgrace.. tcheww

Dr. Miyagi says:

Another ridiculously topic this above picture clearly shows that its either a white lady full of stretch marks or at least a mixed race girl there is no way this is Yvonne Nelson body not even a black girls body but a with her ugly flat ass I believe that tonto smoke chain is taking this Mather way to far and is being too childish about it typical naija girls who is feeling herself way damn too much as for YN I don’t know why she is responding to that useless tonto who’s leg is probably wider than the nigerian map She must learn how to respect people in her next stardom in life. Insulent old rat. 

RocklynLove says:

@Dr. Miyagi, heeeyy hahaha slow down kakra… but i back u

Dr. Miyagi says:

Lol she is full of nonsense that’s why@RocklynLove,

timika says:

@Dr. Miyagi, hahahahahahahaha i luv the leg part hahahahahaha eiii u this guy ehhhh, do u even kno the width and length of naija map?? lol

Dr. Miyagi says:

Hahahahahha looool@timika,

abena says:

@Dr. Miyagi, my dear both the tonto dikeh account and yvonne nelson account you are seeing on here are both fake. they are not the real ones. So nobody should think it’s them. You can go n check out the real ones if you have twittter n you will know that the ones on here are both fake.

Dr. Miyagi says:

I understand but I wouldn’t want to waist my time on that thing called tonto@abena,

miss ghana says:

@Dr. Miyagi

Please tell your Yvonne that she should stop bleaching. because now this is her ass. Bleached, washed and strecthed out. 

Dr. Miyagi says:

@miss ghana,miss high tension what you need to do is stop moaning is she bleaching for you or what 

Serwaa says:

@Dr. Miyagi, ….LMFAO…….”legs wider dan the nigerian map”…….den i guess the whole nigerian population can fit in there and there would be room for GH to join……ahahahahahahahahaaaa!!!!……Dr. Miyagi aka “ad3n wo y3 zebra?”….

Dr. Miyagi says:

@Serwaa,ha hahahahah lol Serwaa ooh god you cracked me up hahaha so now your using that slogan on me hahahahaha nice one 

Serwaa says:

@Dr. Miyagi, …………LOL!!!…dat slogan has kept me smiling since de day i saw it…Anytime i zebra cross, i keep wondering “ad3n me y3 zebra?”……anytime i see somebody on the zebra crossing….i want to ask “ad3n wo y3 zebra?”…..u shud sell the slogan off to an advertising company….or betta still a political party so they can use it in their next campaign to show how badly some folks in Gh need free SHS/Quality Education…….ahahahahaaaaa….#cant stop laughing#

Dr. Miyagi says:

@Serwaa,Hahahhahaha I can’t stop laughing hahahaha lol I will put that particular slogan on know of my designs so that when I go to GH I can wear it around 

Serwaa says:

@Dr. Miyagi,……really!!!…dats gonna be so coool…. When i see you in it, I am gonna be physically ROTFLMAO!!!!!!……Please make more designs so I can some for ma zebra friends and myself…….ahahahaaa…agyeiiiii!!!!

Dr. Miyagi says:

Hahahahhahaa lol will surely keep you posted@Serwaa,

Serwaa says:

@Dr. Miyagi, …..* i meant, buy some for ma zebra friends and maself*…….ok ill be waiting……….

jeff says:

I think all this hype abt this situation is fake. We all remember whn there ws an article on here saying most issues abt celebs are just publicity stunts. I knw for a fact tht YN is no more with Iyana but all the twitter fight and insults is just smethn else.

Tee says:

Chris…both accounts are fake. They are not the real twitter account of either Tonto Dikeh or Yvonne Nelson
The @yvonneIsongh is spelt with a capital “I” not L
same with the Tonto account
Whoever set up the accounts did it to stir ish up


mimi says:

Please check again GC, if you look at this Yvone Nelson account closely, you’ll see its a fake,Yvonne Never tweeted anything like that.

timika says:

@mimi, and the pic too is fake??

B.B says:

@timika,  that butt is too flat to be Yvonne’s. the pic is fake!

B.B says:

that new twitter account of Yvonne N. is as fake as that n*ked pic. i have a feeling someone created that twitter account just to mess with Y.N.

ticia says:

hmmmmmmmm… asem oooooo….we need more info..

dotty says:

if u gals wants to disgrace urslfs over a guy who is just usin u then go head, and lets c how dis fight will end, dis is just shameful….KMT

is it real, i don’t believe dis someone should explain further ok…

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