*Updated* PHOTOS: Jackie Appiah, Yvonne Okoro, Yvonne Nelson, Juliet Ibrahim & Others At D-Black Album Launch

Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim

Over the weekend at the Movenpick hotel in Accra, D-Black launched his new album-The Revelation and in attendance were Jackie Appiah, Yvonne Nelson, Yvonne Okoro, Sarkodie, Sandra Ankobiah, Juliet Ibrahim and others…

Whose style are you feeling?

Check out the below photos from the event

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  • KA NE WU


    • maka aa maka

      @KA NE WU, looooolll..v.true…
      btw Sandra ankobia’s jaws tho..looll..dun evn noe how to describe it,.

      • KA NE WU

        @maka aa maka, KANKPE.

    • Constance

      @KA NE WU, yeah they do wat they know how to do best together so heartbreak comes together too lol

      • KA NE WU

        @Constance, lol, true!

    • sarah

      Jackie looks really pretty. I love Jackie.

  • KA NE WU


    • Ben

      Jackie you are beautiful. When are you coming to Australia?

  • Sedem


  • B.B

    Juliet looks good in her short natural hair but that pose makes her hips looks funny.

  • D-black hmmmm seriously you need to hit the gym what in the name happened to you, Juliet not bad but with that position you could have helped Sarkodie out by covering his skinny body a bit or at least give him some meat if he wasnt famous and saw him somewhere i would have probably think that he is a tampe smoker snd a armed robber as for Yvonne nelson you shock me paa this time that’s a big failure even your hair is too much what kind of bush hair is that, as for Sandra are you the Africa robot cop now that’s what I call a tablet head please no more short hair for you yvonne Okro hmmm I guess you would have been on point if you had less make up and what has happen to your ass has GC stress you so much that it has shrieked in there your getting flat by the day, last my favourite Miss Bankye you made my day no more mc hammer pants your slowly getting there Jackie your hair looks a bit to dry I’m not sure about your heels and bags 

    • Congolese girl

      @Dr. Miyagi,hahahahahahahahah, u neva disappoint, ur review was on point, the robot cop part is a killa, but on a serious note she reminds me of Quagmire from the Family Guy show…..

      • @Congolese girl,hahahaha lol your right you know hahahaha 

    • Adjoa Nbaaso)

      @Dr. Miyagi, Is Yvonne Nelson not bleaching?U forgot to review her.Is her skin not suppose to be like that of Sarkodie?

      • @Adjoa Nbaaso),well can’t argue with you about that with that bush her and skinny body and long face she looks like one if those Christmas reindeers 

      • NAADU

        @Adjoa Nbaaso), You wait before now you’ll hear haters say she broke! no more cash to wash hersel!!

    • Ama ghana

      I love Jackie’s hair that’s real Brazilian or Idian hair when it’s shiny it’s fake.

      • Myladymo

        @Ama ghana, even brazillian hair still needs some oil.This hair is looking all dried out and old.Someone needs to give her some oil for her dry skin too.

  • don

    can some one help me and get juliet email is like am in love with her i don’t know something tell me so can any one help

    • Congolese girl

      @don,a good advice (a friend’s dad actually told us about it), just imagine her being on a toilet seat, and just think about the smell that would be coming out of her doing that business u know that thing, just try it and u`ll see u`ll forget about her (she’s married too, u would have backed off just on that fact).

      ooh, by the way the advice works great u know i’ve used it so many times

      • Myladymo

        @Congolese girl, All i got to say is,i really like juliet but she needs to get a stylist so her style is consistent,sometimes she looks good and other times like today she just looks a mess.Orange top and shoes really?no mam..on the other hand what is going on with yvonne nelson???why is she looking so thin?is it the heartbreak or what?she needs to eat cos she looks better with some skin on her.The men look so rough and scary.

  • jsexy

    who gave yvonne okoro that red shoe??????? which kind mix match b dat? as 4 yn nd madam sandra….. eeee hmmm

  • RocklynLove

    Hey sandra too is gettin fair fairer all day… n wats up with her with short hair… why is she Ama K de 2nd?? wowwww my baby jackie looks splendid… love her… heyy who is that guy chattin with u… he is cute…. YN  is ok… YOkoro has de same swag no change… Majid shave dat barber of urs… Obidiponbidi wo ye slim macho paaa oo… yeahh de 1st time withut shades hihih n it bcos he didn  high much…  OH VERA SO E BI U??? 

    • mary

      @RocklynLove, @rocklynlove thaz d actor bobby obodo, he is one of the latest nigeria movie stars from canada. he went to my uni york university. I’ve seen him in person, he looks much better in person. go watch d movie mrs somebody, he is in it fantastic actor. the two yvonnes look too overdone. therz beauty in simplicity. juliet ibrahim looks good.

  • Pershia

    lyk seriously sandra needs to put on sum weight to match her awfully broad face…jeez..u cud use her face as a sketch board…n is she bleachin too? aah well…show me ur friend n ll shw u ur character…Sarko shd get sum sleeves on nxt tym…Yvonne Okoro shd do mre of flare dresses to cover her flat butt..or maybe get a butt pad..she can ask her manager Nana Aba whr to gt sum…lol…as fr YN she luks lyk she’s made in china…fake fake …Jackie shd put on weight n kip a flat tummy…slim doesnt fit her…D Black plss hit d gym…gt rid of dat excess weight arnd ur tummy area…Juliet Ibrahim is showin mre dan necessary skin…@her upper area tho…gal u r married…u can still luk hot without showin cleavage n tummy..

  • Constance

    Waaaaa look at Yvonne Nelson when I said u look like a ghost d other day u were mad u see now n d other Yvonne wit the flat butt done even know wat to do again.As for Sandra I reserve my comment bcos if I shold discribe you Cris will block me n Miss Jackie is now free like a MONKEY to chase men of all type u next fixed ur hair well n STOP slimming oooooo look at Yvonne Nelson n see if she looks gud b4 following.Mrs Safo all d talk u can talk is tat d only DECENT clothes you could fine in your closet hun????hahahahahah now those marry want compete wit d single OMG GH celebs 4 u n d rest d least said d better,but I love d lady in d white she look gud.

    • NAADU

      @Constance, You no’t make any sense! Jelousey go kill ya!! skin Pain ooo….

      • Constance

        @NAADU, me jealous 4 wat n who? Yvonne if i want to f*cking f*ck tat guy I can so think b4 u talk n i wldnt cos my hips dont lie too bitches suck yaself aint ve tym 4 pple lik u fool

  • Adjoa Nbaaso)

    The 2 Yvonnes is ablut time u show ur natural hair.From January to December you never let your hair natural hair sleep.What at all do u want?Low self esteem right there.

    • NAADU

      @Adjoa Nbaaso), Have you not seen their new hair product commercial? go fiqure . Plus NY sells hair what do you expect?

      • Constance

        @NAADU, stfu re u their PR get a life n stop wasting ur tym here or do they pai ur ass or wat???? I clearly remember Chris saying no attack here Y wont u shut ur stupid mouth yup n leave people Comments alone shit

  • KA NE WU


  • ato

    eii jackie remember to use the cream for your KNEES ;your SHOES too think is a bit bigger than the feet.

  • Ball so hard miss dior

    My girl is the most naturally beautiful person, her skin is flawless she doesnt even need makeup, sandra n yvonne nelson are two hos in a pod, yvonne o same old same old swag from head to toe, now jackie if you read these comments i need you to hook up with a well to do businessman or some successful professional, dont go out with any broke ass dude n dont date too much, , take your time to access these guys well n pick yourself a good one.

  • Love my Girl jackie always on point. YN i have no comment for you, Yk u seriously need a good stylist that have sense in fashion. and Sandra, dont know what she was thinking…..

    • serwaah

      @foxy, did you just say Jackie is always on point? I have been reading comments people make about Jackie on this site and is like jackie is an angel cos of her beauty. she is beautiful yes but that is the only good thing about her. Her dressing, acting  and lifestyle is BAAAAAAAAD 

  • YN had just had a touch up. And Naomi, is having alopicia issues period!

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  • Crustalblack

    Ok Jackie is all over the place lately. From England to America to Ghana to Germany to Ghana u go girl keep up with the hard work

  • miss james

    if they feel good abt what they are wearing,i personally think they all look good then

  • gaelleangelle

    Juju’s new hair >>>>>>>>>>> ♡

  • Q

    Jackie Appiah looks really good! It looks like she knocked off a lot of lbs (Thank God nobody is calling her anorexic) plus very nice teeth and smile too Jackie has. YN has some long,s*xy legs!!! Okoro looks a bit too full in the picture for me-her weave and maybe her dress is bit too tight? Not sure. Not feeling Juliet Ibrahim’s outfit either-don’t get me wrong,she looks pretty facially but the top and the skirt is not working in her favor!

  • mother

    juliet looking fabulous with her hair and outfit …. natural hair rocks …