LIFESTYLE: It Is More Lucrative To Get A ‘Sugar Daddy’ In Ghana Than Get A Job…Join In Or Get Broke

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So my cousin got me thinking this morning when I heard her trying so hard to justify to her friend on the phone why getting a job is not her priority. Instead, she will borrow money to enhance her appearance and be present at every event (even if uninvited), aggressively waiting for that golden Sugar Daddy to come her way…

Most of my cousin’s friends are jobless, yet they wear the most expensive Brazilian hair, hold the latest iPhones and Blackberries.

Some of them even have their own cars and if you are wondering about how they got the cars, that is the least of my problem, I just can’t get my head around how they even can afford the fuel needed each day, assuming the cars were stolen.

Unemployment is at its highest peak in Ghana and most people blame the government for the economic hardship. No matter who you blame for your hardship, must the remedy lie in the pockets of ‘Sugar Daddies’?

The phenomenon of ladies dating or sleeping with older (sometimes married) men for purely financial gains in Ghana is as old as consciousness. However, the new generation of Ghanaian women have taken this to a far different level, making it a full time job.

The dating of ‘Sugar Daddies’ concept has grown to the extent that, it is no more an embarrassment or taboo to be with a man of your father’s age, giving out s*x for money. Young girls openly admit and discuss these activities they are engaged in.

I was told few months ago of a covert networking event periodically held in Accra which is aimed at bringing young ladies close to their future jobs-Sugar Daddies.

The question is, why must a young girl in Ghana strive to work and hustle through the scorching sun when she can easily ride in an air-conditioned BMW and be paid far better than any deserving job can give her?

If the above question is as simple as it is, then I perfectly understand why my cousin thinks life is far better when you grab someone’s husband, make him your financier and give him the shots he wants when he wants them. After all, you can still keep the boy you love by the side and the old man will not be bothered or not even notice.

The problem with this new way of living in Ghana is that,  it corrupts the very social fabric that holds us together as a community. It breeds laziness and it kills the economy.  Instead of people being productive in return for money, they easily receive huge cash for no work done-except work done in the bedroom.

Personally, I find this way of life morally corrupt. Sometimes I ask myself; Am I in the wrong world? What happened to decency and living within your means? What happened to the days you will work hard, save some money and eventually when you buy those pair of shoes that you have been dreaming about, you will smile all the way home…

Maybe I am hating on this concept because I do not have a ‘Sugar Daddy’ yet and when my cousin who seems to be an expert eventually convinces me and finds me one, I will shut up and join the get rich now club.

For now,  it is either I join in or continue to be broke…After all, it is more lucrative to get a ‘Sugar Daddy’ than get a job.

Do you have a ‘Sugar Daddy’? Have you been with one before? Have you seen how other young women are running after ‘Sugar Daddies’ in Ghana now?


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