LIFESTYLE: The Prophet Who Met Me On Facebook & Says He Wants To Marry Me, Probably Inspired By ‘Holy Spirit’…Better Watch Out!


I always hear about people finding their soul mates on dating sites and on social media networks, but I just laugh it off especially when it is Facebook. I always argue that a lover met through Facebook can only be a friend during school days and the relationship could progress into something else.

Granted, people find love on sites and even marry, mostly on dating sites, but it takes a process, meeting, knowing the person and then you pick it up from there, but not there and then. Are you talking marriage and on Facebook?

My question is, is it possible to just pick a ‘friend’, a Facebook friend for that matter, from random list of people and tell her you want to marry her?

Something interesting happened on Facebook last two days. I updated my Facebook status saying: ‘People should stop worshiping their pastors and worship God, because they are men and of God, but not God.” Some people commented asking me why I’m saying that, whilst others agreed with me.

A prophet sent me an email to ask if he can ‘talk’ to me. Initially, I thought it was about what I wrote on my timeline, I didn’t really find anything wrong with that anyway, but it turned out to be something different thing all together.

It started with the usual conversation of pleasantries et al. The questions started flowing and with my curious nature and always on the lookout for something to ‘yab’ (talk/write) about, I gave him my time and attention.

He asked where I live, how long I have lived there, my age and marital status. I went back to check his timeline photos, and he was quite a young guy, nothing prophetic about him (since the Holy Spirit cannot even tell him where I am, who I am….). The funny aspect of the whole thing is, he asked if my name is a female name?

I refused to tell him my age or marital status. I told him I had a child, but it did not even deter him. He quickly ‘adopted’ him there and then. Asked what I do for a living. For the fact that I refused to give him my number, he called some Ghana girls 419, and asked if I was for real.

The way he was expecting me to quickly give him my number, suggested one thing. He is always doing that, chatting people up on Facebook and proposing marriage.

What about if I was using someone else’s identity or my picture is even photo shopped? Mr Prophet did not even consider that.

From the way thing were going, Mr prophet was not going to give up. I have blocked a couple of guys from my friends list, but really is this how to go about getting a wife. Did the ‘holy spirit’ direct him my way or is he just that type?

Since this conversation, the ‘call me’ messages are still coming. Better watch out for the prophets who want to marry you instantly when they hit you up on Facebook.

What has your Facebook experience been in relation to men or women jumping unto you?

Check below for excerpts from our conversation (I have cleared off the full name of the Prophet, mine and his phone number)

fb chat1

fb chat2 fb chat3 fb chat4 fb chat5

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