PHOTOS Of THE DAY: Kim Kardashian Lands In Abidjan-Ivory Coast,West Africa

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Kim Kardasian In Ivory Coast1

Reality TV star-Kim Kardashian landed in West Africa, precisely Abidjan-Ivory Coast with her pregnant self last night. At the airport, many young Ivorians trooped to catch a snap of one of the most popular reality TV stars in the world.

Immediately she landed, twitter was at work as she tweeted; ‘Just landed in Abidjan’. Few hours ago, she again tweeted…

Kim Kardashian tweet-Ivory CoastWhatever brought Kim Kardashian to Abidjan, Ivory Coast is not known yet. However, we hear she is there to do some charity work and show love to her Ivorian fans…

Check out the photos below

Kim Kardasian In Ivory Coast1

Kim Kardasian In Ivory Coast2

Kim Kardasian In Ivory Coast3

Kim Kardasian In Ivory Coast4

Kim Kardasian In Ivory Coast5


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  1. This woman…seriously! She’s had WAY too much surgery and p.s woman, you’re meant to preggers so jumping on planes and  bobbing in night clubs is maybe not the best of ideas!