And Would The Homosexual Talks Solve The Electricity, Water & Employment Problems In Ghana?


For the past few weeks, Ghana’s airwaves and news publications have been filled with debates about the rights of homos*xuals in Ghana.

The President, Pastors, Ministers and everyone that matters in Ghana, including the ordinary citizens have added their voice to the debate as if our lives, progress and development depend on whether gays have rights or not in Ghana.

The attention and time channelled toward this issue has got me asking myself; why don’t we give the same amount of attention/time to common difficulties like the rampant power cuts (electricity), unemployment and water problems we face daily in Ghana?

We have REAL issues such as our mass graduate unemployment and unavailability of power to run businesses which curtail our development as a nation. Instead of spending our energy and time looking to solve these issues or putting pressure on the Government to tackle these issues, we are rather putting pressure on the Government not to acknowledge the rights of certain individuals.

You can call me a ‘sell out’ but sometimes I look at Ghana and some Ghanaians from far with great pain and pity.  When will we get our priorities right? When will we ever put the right CRY up?

Majority of Ghanaians are more than furious about the rights of homos*xuals and have jumped from their beds to make sure they are well heard on this issue. They do not only want to be well heard, but their cries must be implemented and respected.

Great stuff! But only if we are able to give the same attention and bring to bear on those in charge the same level of pressure when it comes to the real issues affecting our daily lives as people.

I cannot understand how much the rights of gays will affect any of us compared to the mass unemployment, rampant power cuts and lack of water for daily use which we seem to be ‘okay’ with.

I think I can ask again; would the homos*xual talks solve the electricity, water & employment problems in ghana?

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Awuradebasa says:

SEX should be between two adults.

ABORTION and HOMOSEXUALITY all have GRAVE consequent.

27cдгibre(Ф_ф) says:

I dont think Ghanaian should entertain this kind of things there must be a strict law against gays period…

British are trying to impose it on us,this another form of slavery.

KOO says:

This is very very true, instead of the leaders trying to solve high unemployment rate and poverty, they have shifted their focus on the homos*xuals in Ghana which is soooooooooooo irrevelant. Why will they care about someone who decides to live their lives as they want instead of focusing the economic problems. Stupid politicians!

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