Name Calling And Insults, Where Lies The Government of Ghana’s Priorities?

GhanaGod bless our homeland Ghana, and make our nation great and strong! Sad this is not the situation. A land where lawlessness is the order of the day, there is no responsibility and accountability. The country is now being run on insults, name calling and appalling remarks. Educated people are behaving like illiterates. Anytime somebody makes a remark, the other will answer. The country is run on ‘I don’t care’ basis; it’s me, myself and I.

The Bishops, Pastors and big title holders who are supposed to lead by example are also running question and answer time. My father once told me that there are some people you don’t argue or waste your breath on especially people with ‘crooked’ minds; because a passer-by cannot tell the difference between you and the person. Most of the time, silence is golden. What is the essence in arguing with a drunkard?

Instead of the sitting party (I don’t want to use ruling party), to tackle pertinent issues in the country, they’re always on stand-by to run to ‘their’ media houses to call people names. These media houses are not helping because they give some of the politicians the platform to talk anyhow.

Some Organisations and ministries running some departments are failing woefully to deliver, and nobody is calling them to order. Monopoly is the name of the game; it’s either this or nothing.

Pregnant women are unnecessarily losing their lives and or their babies, no water, no light, children are schooling under trees and the disabled are living in deplorable state. It is a big shame if only 3% of people living with disability are educated.  Nobody is talking about it; what people are interested in is listening or reading half-baked reports, grumble and go back to bed.

A government who has the country at heart will be striving to put things right. There should be no excuse whatsoever when it comes to education. Money is no excuse for the government because the Presbyterian churches, Methodist churches etc. are building schools and running it effectively so why can’t the Education ministry do the same?

These politicians and political parties will be doing ‘Kofi & Ama’, and 2016 will be here. The sitting party will be sitting where they are because they’ve exhausted all their time and country resources on unnecessary things, the country will still be in the dark and then they’ll start campaigning again for people to vote for them.

And the opposition parties will be found wanting because they’ve also exhausted and wasted their breath on some people they shouldn’t have, instead of re-strategizing and repackaging themselves.

Politics in Ghana, I can write a book about it in 30 minutes, that is how crap it is!

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