RANDOM RIDICULOUSNESS: The Female Preacher Who Preaches With Her ‘Tiddays’ Out…

Gospel Preacher With Tiddays Out

I am not sure what she was thinking…Probably she did this intentionally since she (Minister LaTascha Emanuel) calls her sermon, the Gospel from the strippers pole. How on earth would a beautiful woman like this be talking about God with all her boobies and ‘tiddays’ out. Is this a new way of catching the attention of the sinners? It surely worked since I listened to her throughout whiles enjoying the view…LOL

According to LaTascha Emanuel her “greatest ministry is being a wife and mother; both are extremely challenging however the rewards run deep.”

Anyway, check the video out below and let’s know what you think…What do you think is going on with all those boobies whiles she is seriously proclaiming the Gospel?

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LaTascha Emanuel1

LaTascha Emanuel2

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Eaglebabe says:

hahahahahahaaaaa lovely…. but even though i am a woman watching her, my attention wasnt on what she was saying but rather the way she is dressed….

27cдгibre(Ф_ф) says:

Amen !!!
Well i listen to it 5 times by watching the video whilst listening i did not get anything in my ears cos i was confused …

3 minutes later i.listen to her without watching the video and i realize the vital points of what she was saying ….

The lord is soo good and Satan the devii is a liar


Johjoh says:

@27cдгibre(Ф_ф), Hahahaa… The devil is in trouble 

Dr. Miyagi says:

The gospel from the strippers pole WTf?? I’m going to be judgemental but didn’t the camera man see that her nipples where out this looks more like a hoax to me

GADEL says:

Her case is a very interesting one. I get her point and strategy, though it is a 50-50 one. Men struggling from p*rn and stuff like that could not be helped looking or hearing her preach in such manner. On the other hand too, she is trying her best to relate to strippers and others in the s*x industry who are not being reached out by the Gospel. That is seen when you visit her official website at http://lataschaemanuel.wix.com/ministries

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