PHOTOS: Agya Koo & Others Attend Asamoah Gyan’s Mother Funeral

Asamoah mother funeral1

Yesterday, the funeral of the mother of Black Star captain-Asamoah (BabyJet) Gyan who met her untimely death last year in a car crash was held.

The funeral ceremony for Cecelia Amoako (Asamoah Gyan’s deceased mother) was attended by several high political, showbiz and religious personalities.Notably among them were Agya Koo and Coach Akwesi Appiah.

Madam Amoako who died before her 61st birthday was succeeded by a husband and four children, two of these children have represented Ghana at international level.

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May Her Soul Rest In Peace!


Asamoah mother funeral1

Asamoah mother funeral2

Asamoah mother funeral3

Asamoah mother funeral4

Asamoah mother funeral5

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Lol, and wat on earth is the nickname ”babyjet” suppose to mean? That he is as fast as a jet on the pitch or wat?? Gyan never ceases to amuse me. My condolences asamoah

@ marvelous thank u very much, i really didn’t understand because we leave in different countries, therefore different cultures are applied and we have to know each others culture’s im based in S.A and here a deceased can only be kept for a week or two, and I know what mortuaries are for hence they are used everywhere I really apologize for being shocked and to ask this question from Ghana people because I really couldn’t ask Nigerians or Zulu’s when Gyan is from Ghana. my apologies!!

@BABYGIRL, i don’t get you well explain it well why you are saying it Ghanaian culture.

@BABYGIRL, the family members choose when to have de funeral. thats what mortuaries are for. i guess dey decided to wait a little longer. May her soul Rest In Perfect Peace. bro. Asamoah hy3den 

Why are the two coaches standing in that posture, this is not a penalty shoot out, goddammit!!! its a funeral show some remorseful respect to the old G..LOL

This is what I call love, but where are all the other pictures with ex president Kuffour etc