Hard Work & Passion Equal To Great Achievements And Shirley Frimpong Manso Is A Living Testimony

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I wrote an article some time ago about how and what award-winning writer, producer, director and CEO of Sparrow Productions, Shirley Frimpong-Manso is doing right to churn out good movies. A movie critic (who reviews African movies) also asked the same question when she reviewed the last chapter of Adams Apples. What will make people request for more of something if it is nothing to write home about? A good work always speaks for itself.

I’m a big fan of Shirley and I admire women who’re achievers even in the face of criticism and less available resources. In a male domineering industry, a woman must always be thick skinned to sail through smoothly. I think my questions are gradually being answered. In an interview on Viasat 1, she talked about her works among others. She disclosed that she hardly sleeps at ease because she’s always thinking about work and how to churn out quality productions.

“I hardly sleep. At times I get scared to because if I sleep knowing something should be done and hasn’t been done I don’t sleep well. At times, I call my editor at 2am asking whether a scene has been edited or not.”

Shirley disclosed that life, for a Ghanaian woman is a difficult one. “If you want to be an achiever in our part of the world, you have to do double what other women do elsewhere just to make it. The structures are not in place for things to run smoothly for those of us who are bent on producing quality.”

We have to celebrate and motivate the achievement of others and in the same vein encourage other people to achieve a mark of excellence. The movie industry is small; it is quality we’ve got to achieve not quantity.

If you’re not in Ghana or in Europe, check out her Peep series on YouTube, Sparrow productions have uploaded all the episodes there.

Episode 1 of Peep


CLICK HERE to watch the rest of the other episodes

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