Ghana, A Country With Its Own Currency Which Is Not Accepted At Certain Corners…

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The sovereignty of a nation does not only lie in its Military Might and well demarcated borders. It goes beyond having a national flag, a national anthem and an elected president.

Apart from the economic importance of having a national currency, it is a vivid way to parade nationalism and sovereignty.

Has Ghana gotten a national currency? Yes we do! However, I get confused as to what the national currency is…Is it the Dollar or the new Ghana Cedi?

A national currency is a legal tender which primarily serves as a medium of payment, recognised by law within a country. Though other currencies may be freely accepted within a country, on no occasion should supremacy be given to a foreign currency in relation to the national currency.

The legal recognition given to national currencies simply means that, they must be accepted at all times as means of payment within their operating jurisdictions-either bank notes or coins.

If the above is a clear non-avoidable status of all national currencies, then how come certain schools and hotels in Ghana are openly failing to accept the national legal tender (New Ghana Cedi) in broad day light without anyone taking them on?

Increasingly, several top hotels and private schools in Ghana are failing to recognise or accept the Cedi and yet, those in power see nothing wrong with it. The US Dollar has somehow become the operating currency in Ghana.

How are these hotels and schools getting away with this in Ghana?  It wouldn’t even be that bad if they were accepting the Ghanaian Cedi alongside the US Dollar…It is either you pay the fees of your ward in US Dollars or you do not belong there.

I thought we are a proud independent nation with unadulterated sovereignty and national pride. Where in the United States can anyone refuse to accept the Dollar and insist that, he/she will only accept a foreign currency like the Ghanaian Cedi?

If we do not fully recognise and trade in our own national currency, what value do we expect foreigners to give to it? Soon, the tomatoes seller at Makola will also refuse to accept the Ghanaian Cedi, after all, she is also selling some of the new improved exotic tomatoes.

It is absurd that this unlawful practice is being allowed in Ghana.

Last year, I visited Copenhagen (Denmark). During my stay, I decided to visit Malmo (Sweden) which is just 15 minutes on the train from Copenhagen.

When I got to Malmo, I tried to purchase a drink with a note from Denmark (Danish Krone) and I was told, “this is Sweden so you cannot use Denmark’s currency here”, even though these two countries are just 15 minutes away from each other…

I am sure even if the Danish Krone was accepted in Sweden; there was no way the national currency (Swedish Krona) would be refused in favour of the Danish Krone.

Are the authorities in Ghana trying to say they are unaware that the Cedi is not being accepted as a legal tender in certain corners of Ghana (in top class hotels and private schools)?

Enough of this hogwash…The Government of Ghana MUST descend on these hotels and elite schools in order to restore the pride and sovereignty of the national currency-CEDI!

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