Luckie Lawson Wins Spirited Actor Reality Show

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Luckie Lawson

We almost forgot about the Spirited Actor reality show…Amidst the selection of participants controversy and Luckie Lawson’s participation, she has been declared a WINNER…

MyJoyOnline Reports;

Ghanaian actress, Luckie Lawson has made Ghana proud by winning this year’s edition of the Spirited Actor reality show. The last episode of the programme was aired on Sunday 21st April, and saw Luckie Lawson declared winner.

The Spirited Actor reality show is designed to transform raw talents into Hollywood stars under the supervision and tutelage of Tracey Moore, the renowned professional acting coach.

10 contestants, five from Ghana and five from Nigeria, after auditions, were shortlisted and flown to New York in the United States with all expenses paid.

The reality show was designed to take all 10 contestants through training to equip them with quality acting basics. They also got the opportunity to be trained by Hollywood stars such as Chris Rock, Anthony Anderson, Laz Alonso, and more.

Luckie Lawson, who started life as a businesswoman and owner of a restaurant, became an actress due to her passion for the big screens.

Later, she became a producer with two movies to her credits under her 7th Act Production.

Spirited Actor is organised by Davies Media Group and was shown on Viasat 1 Television channel.


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  1. Well done Ghana has done it again beating nenechuukwa Sunday Monday Tuesday and October to win the award …proud of you Luckie even though you have the experience in acting already

    1. @27cдгibre(Ф_ф),
      i am a Ghanaian but i don support this; that luckie came from nowhere and suddenly won; total fake prog; they just took advantage of desperate innocent people hu wan to be on tv; and collected huge sum from them

      1. @Adu Amani, hwe ono nso ni kwasia be massa clear off are you making sense with your comments how many people come from nowhere and still win something don’t let me insult you here ofui

      2. @Adu Amani,do you think they organize fake programs like the way Africans do??? He’ll NOO this
        Genuine program dude …

        And is better winning this than doing 419 or child trafficking 

    2. @27cдгibre(Ф_ф), I’m sure from Olu to Sunday and instead of Wilshere they pronounce wheelchair and those Oluwamajekodunmi must be piss even their names are underlined red in microsoft word they must be scratching their head off cause a Ghanaian won bunch of albino’s i dont know if they use garri and sugar to bleach cause they not even quartercas most of them fell in bleach at birth

      1. @Miyagi The Debater,ahahahahahahaha 
        Microsoft has banned their names on their product 



  2. @27cдгibre(Ф_ф),
    i am a Ghanaian but i dont support this fake win; did u follow the whole program , she was came from no where and joined; they only took advantage of innocent people

    1. @Adu Amani, hwe ono nso ni kwasiaaaaa be m****a clear off are you making sense with your comments don’t let me insult you here

    2. @Adu Amani,do you watch it on tv, can i view it on youtube cause i dont live in gh. but you are right lucki is an experienced actress

    3. @Adu Amani,which kind of people are you calling innocent dude ,get over it she deserves it …

  3. She deserves it….i watched the entire program..the last episode made me cry besides she is down to earth……..cant u just be happy ur fellow human being….the monologue that made her win was her own story

  4. I havent watched a single episode of the show so I cant tell if Luckie winning is genuine or not but I can at least congratulate her.
    So congrats Luckie Lawson 😀

  5. have always love her gentle ego! ride on girl you deserve it! BRAVO!!!
    This is International! can’t wait to see what awaits you in hollywood baby!

  6. :@Chris,aren’t you tired of using ur alias’s @Miyagi and @27cдгibre(Ф_ф) to stirr up anti-Naija sentiments in order to generate more comments on your site? (see first two comments) Geeez, this is getting lame. Most Nigerians dont even know that this reality show existed,no one watched or voted,so how did this winner emerge? Anyways,she’ll still end up making most of her movies in Nigeria.

    1. @Naija power, hey i watched every episode, there was nothing like voting and are you in every home in Naija? The fact that your fellow 419 colleague couldn’t win and you didn’t watch that doesn’t turn back the hands of time, just a simple congrats to Luckie doesn’t cost much . For your info, she will NEVER act in that 419 country, we are talking about HALLYWOOD NOT NOLLYWOOD. You should be thanking God that your ppl behaved well and nothing bad was heard or told about them AS USUAL. It is even depressing replying you, i even have to check after replying whether my money is still in my bag coz i know 419 has been upgraded to spirit status. Anyway CONGRATS LUCKIE, U MADE ME PROUD.

      1. @2pm, I dont know you Niggar…Ghanaians are just some serious petty mofos…U guys celebrate insignificant nonsense while Nigerians constantly aim at the bigger pie. That’s why Naija is way ahead of ur kenke eating A.sses.

        I’ll holla you as soon as I bump into LUCKIE in another Lagos Hotel doing what Yvonne Nelson and Juliet Ibrahim know how to do best.

        PS:It was mega depressing replying your inferior Ghanaian self.

        1. @Naija power,dude why you dey yawn ???
          You not seen anything self …
          I have a breaking news for you….

          Your face is like Amala

        2. @Naija power, yes because we appreciate the little we have and get but don’t go from one country to the other stealing from ppl. Look here don’t tell me anything, i am not a cheap gossip as you are, if for nothing i have a life and don’t envy others as you do, L.O.S.E.R You ppl are beginning to be on every countries NO FLY LIST. I petty your 419 souls,you low life, you guys aim high through DUPING ppl, thumbs up for that i can see that as your talent. Look here you 419 eba boy, go find a life and stop picking on successful Ghanaians.,*wink*

          B.I.T.C.H, ooooops! it is a real description of you not an insult, F.R.E.A.K!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I am happy and proud that Lucky won. she was the best amonsgt all 10 contestants.

    But for a show that is designed to transform ‘raw talents’, I think she doesnt qualify. Luckie is a pro in acting, is a movie producer with 2 good movies to her credit, so she wasnt a raw talent.

    I am just happy that she will now have the chance and opportunity to enter HOLLYWOOD,(and leave the Nollywood that u ghanaian actors aim at), that is the ‘it’ thing for me.

    Gurl, we are proud of you, go make Ghana proud in Hollywood!!!!