NUMBER 4: He Said, She Said, They Said + All Off Topic Issues…Let’s Get Talking

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We are back with our column ‘He Said, She Said, They Said’ where you get to discuss all you have heard, read or seen about various Ghanaian Celebrities…

We have also added ‘All Off Topic Issues’ which means you can discuss any article or news you have come across-even if not celebrity related. You can share with other readers what you know, been reading, been watching or been up to…

Let the random talk begin! If you have done something great or bad, you can share it too…This is why it is called ‘Off Topic Issues’.

Any topic is allowed under this thread! 🙂

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I am a Ghanaian based in the United States, a blog enthusiast with fanatical interest in celebrity lifestyle, battle of the sexes and general lifestyle issues of black women. You can understand my personality more through my writings so take the ride with me as I pour out my sentiments... E-mail: [email protected]


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    1. @KA NE WU, My dear, so you expect him to come and tell you it is true before you know it is true?
      which normal man marries several women for documentary purposes? What’s the logic in that?
      how will that help to boost his clothing sales?
      and why havent any of the other so called wives he married said anything in his support?
      to th ebest of my knowledge, he is now rushing to film those marriages to counter what harina is saying.
      harina too is another case.she fell in love with a con man. i pity her.
      she is old enough and experienced enough to know why african men do such things.
      even the white ladies know this why is she forming love love?
      they are both silly and should go home and face their situation. we were not there when they got married and loviciated with each other. now they are crying for us to come and do what?

    2. @KA NE WU, you are just too much for me now lol i also came in here to ask about John’s reaction damn damn lol infact good one

  2. According to my sources John DUMELO and FAMILY are begging the woman in question to stop doing the interviews and the tapes with an exchange of endorsing the marriage again,

    So if everything goes well you won’t hear from the girl in question again lol

  3. me i want to know, is John going to issue a public apology or does he think he is above that?
    the public deserve that.
    also chris, you are a tabloid you should stop favouring jackie and tell us if she is really about to marry the nigerian man bobby.

    i already know she left her husband because he is broke now.
    another question. , what is juliet ibrahims marital status?
    divorced, separated or single? is she leaving her husbannd too because money has reduced or because she wants to be free to whore about?
    i also heard ama k and leila are lesbians please is this true?
    nobody should come and swallow me i beg I am only asking what I have heard. I even heard another top director is also a lesbian but i will not mention her name here.
    hehe, i like gossip papa.
    chris come and remove your mouth..
    ka ne wu, as for the incest in Ghana I have not heard about that.

    1. @sister girl, Would be very dissapointed if jackie tie’s the knot with that thuggish dude. We all know how agyeman loves this girl, when he was rich showered her with plenty of stuffs and now that is her turn to show love she’s running out of the marriage. Jackie for the sake of your handsome son go back to your husband and complete your marriage. Do you think a naija man can love you the way your husband cared for you? please exist your self from that crap before it becomes too late.

    2. @sister girl, eii this your mouth, just wait and see, a whale will come and swallow you. Hhahahahahhahahahah

    3. @sister girl,ROFL…”come and remove your mouth” paa. u kno u r a ghanaian when u use such exprexns. …Love that sister girl

    4. @sister girl, yh im very interested in de lesbo rumours…. by de way yh if you and i are on the same page abt the lesbo director diaaa den ma dear its true ooo… it has been so since University….  like u sed we wont mention lol

  4. Chris why isn’t john saying none about the recent audio? well at this point we all know he’s guilty so he should come out and apologize to us and harrinia. we tired of this fake documentary going on. what kind of documentary is that?

  5. 1. Why does wizkid really want a collaboration with Efya,

    2. Why can’t Yvonne Nelson stick to a Ghanaian Men now she has been linked with Nigerian pop star Dammy Krane?

    3. How did Dentaa get nominated for The AWE aims to recognize and honour African women in Europe, which is a top Award she is going against
    Priscilla Musonda, an activist against sexual abuse and Justina Mutale, Founder and CEO of Positive Runway. Which will take place on Saturday June 29, at Holiday Inn, London.

    4. Kwabena Kwabena’s album “Daakye” has been postponed again why us that?

    5. I heard there is a new reality show called “Bedroom Diaries of a Black Woman.” Could you get more info about it I heard its quite interesting

    6. Is it true that Bola ray is launching another Ghana Meets Naija” concert on May 22

    7. After all the noise and video’s and voice note Harrina sent out she finally went on her Facebook and wrote

    “ Hello everyone, I am just really tired of all the stuff that’s going on. I have tried to work with John. He is not ready for marriage. I have filed divorce papers. I am moving on with my life. I rather be happily married with someone who loves me the same way I love them. I want to apologize on my behalf for all this useless drama. So as far as everything goes me and John are no longer together. And I do not want to be contacted on this Matter again. I have moved on with my life. I have better things to focus on. Thank you all for understanding Sincerely Harrina Alexander”

    Is she backing off now? Or was she trying to bring JD down because she couldn’t get what she wanted?

    1. @Miyagi The Debater, hahahaha she said this 2weeks ago and yet sent out a video and the audio i doubt if she can let go anytime soon. John should have thought about all these before getting himself into the mess.. Why is he so into this naija women anyways? first was nneka okoncha his ex g/f, next ify, nneka, chiamaka and now harrinia john cant u stay within your community? anyway he know’s best he should settle his own wahala

  6. you can say Leila Djansi and Ama k who are NOT lesbians but you can’t say the name of shirley frimpong Manso who is a confirmed bisexual.
    Ama is not a lesbian. leila is not a lesbian either. u don’t know of leila djansi multi-millionaire sugar daddy? he is one of the richest men in toronto and he is also her producer.

    1. @petresss, Eh? is that so?
      thanks for answering I was jjust asking what I have heard not saying they are.
      but if you have mentioned shirley’s name and you are sure she is bi then I have heard . haha!
      so who is her female partner ? because we all know her male partner is mr attoh.

    2. and another one, is it true that frank rajah sleeps with all the five brides girls?
      because i hear he sleeps with all the girls he uses in his movies without hiding it.

    1. @hey, she will be a fool to date another nigerian. how much more another nigerian musician.
      no disrespect to nigerians but Yvonne needs to stop behaving like a whore.
      why these actresses will not find a good man and marry is beyond me.
      jumping from man to man only makes you look like a whore no matter how good you are.
      especially when you keep publicizing it.
      yvonne needs to cool off period.