READERS’ MAIL: Nigerians Bleach & So What?

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Yvonne Nelson

I will not argue that some Nigerians do not bleach and so can no one argue that  some Ghanaians, Congolese, Indians and other nationals do not bleach.

It is not only one cut out country that has its people bleaching, after sadly having bought into the concept of light skin being beautiful.

I am a Nigerian and I do not bleach so at least if you think all Nigerians bleach, I am a proof that your assumption is wrong.

As Chris mentioned, it is staggering that World Health Organisation statistics indicate that 8 out 10 Nigerian women bleach their skin. In my heart, I am refusing to accept the stat but when there is absence of contrary evidence, how can I make any strong argument?

Even if the stat is correct as most of you have already accepted on this Ghanaian blog-GhanaCelebrities.Com without any room for error, it does not mean that Nigerians are the only people in this world who are making bleaching product manufactures huge money.

Equally, Ghanaians bleach and I wish we do not turn this into Ghana Vrs Nigeria affair. I pray that we all look beyond nationality and tackle bleaching as an epidemic which has spread throughout the world (catching the nations with high population most).

Take a trip to India or Pakistan and you will be shocked to see how many of these people bleach.

Bleaching goes beyond national borders, it is a mindset which we can jointly fight to uproot.

It comes with countless health risks but our fellow human beings are refusing to see the sense in their own colour. Instead of blaming them for failing to love their colour which has not worked all these years, why don’t we blame those who make them HATE their colour?

I have read on several platforms that Ghanaian stars like Yvonne Nelson and others bleach. So have I read that Tonto Dikeh from Nigeria and others also bleach.

My point is; bleaching is not national pride where only Nigerians carry the mark.

Anytime an issue comes up, especially if it affects every one, we must fight to solve it together instead of alienating the problem to just one group of people.

There is a thief in every country, so is there someone who bleaches in every corner of the world.

You cannot kill a disease by stigmatization, you can do so through education and making the carriers see the need to let the disease go.

From Olusegun N/ USA


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