SELLERS IN GHANA: Why Do They Tend To Frustrate You?

sellers in Ghana

So I just returned from a trip to Ghana, and I must say it was an interesting one.  The trip was not to go and have fun, but instead to bury my mother.  But of course after the burial, we took some time to drive around town to see how far our country has developed or should I say undeveloped!

The ordinary Ghanaian struggles on a daily basis to make ends meet, and you do not dare to ask for a price of an item from a trader at the market or by the road side, and not buy. Those who sell by the roadside will run and follow your vehicle even after you have told them you wouldn’t buy the product.

They don’t understand that it is allowed to ask for a price of an item, and not buy it.  And those who sell on the market will stand in front of you for minutes pleading that you buy something from them. Geez, must I buy something or anything just because I asked for the price?.

As much as I feel bad for them for having to make ends meet by either walking or standing all day in the hot sun, I think their behavior can sometimes be a bit overwhelming and stressful. 

At one point, I was actually irritated with a seller that I had to yell for him to stop chasing us. It is not my habit to be rude or mean to others, but in this case I just had to do that. And believe me when I say I felt really bad afterwards.

When you inquire and buy one item from a particular seller, then it’s either that seller wants you to buy more of his/her products or all the other sellers will call on you to buy something from them.  That is no fun way to make a living, but certainly that doesn’t mean that you should stress or frustrate those who patronize or inquire about your products either.

Also, some of these sellers have a habit of insulting you when you politely make it clear that you wouldn’t buy the product.

I am not sure why they do that, but I think that is really uncivilized.  Most Ghanaians just thrive on pouring insults on others.  I love Ghana, but I believe we have a long way to go—in everything.

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