OBS: S£X Tourism Booms In Ghana + Girls Are Sleeping With Dogs For Money

When a friend told me Ghanaian girls were advertising on Facebook (with their photos) for s£x, I took it with a pinch of salt. I thought it was not possible since they can easily be identified by ‘friends’ or relations. How wrong I was….

According to a painstaking investigation conducted by the Independent, Ghana is fast gaining notoriety in international circles as a popular destination for s£x tourism and its related activities. Some even use social media to advertise their ‘wares’. The very sad part of it is that girls as young as thirteen years are falling prey to this ‘boom’.

According to the report, Ghana seems to be catching up with the west, as the country is at a faster rate becoming a safe haven for this “new kind of tourism.”  Many expatriates are flocking into Ghana to release their libido on women living in the country in exchange for few dollars. These tourists, many of whom are suspected to have come from Netherlands, Germany and other Western countries, use money as a bait to lure the ladies.

Another worrying trend is the emergence of escort agencies whose chief purpose is to act as intermediaries in supplying the girls for the new tourism business. Some of these agencies, which openly advertise their services on the internet, charge as much as $250 an hour and an additional fee of $100 for any extra hour. For a 24-hour service, the agency can charge $1500 but leaves room for bargaining.

The Independent also discovered that some of the girls take the pain to publicise their services on blogs, websites, Facebook and other social media. Daring as they are, the girls post their phone numbers and places where they could be located for ‘service’.

S£x tourism is fast gaining root on the blind side of stakeholders’ in-charge of tourism in the country. With the fast growth of this business, Ghana is expected to rank among the ‘hotspots’ for this activity.

These foreigners start out by engaging the services of these girls to satisfy their libido as the report suggested. When they notice how greedy the girls are for more money, they’ll start paying peanuts for them to start sleeping with their dogs (as it happened in Kenya with a Swedish expatriate)

A girl of thirteen years practicing prostitution is a big cause of worry. First and foremost, she is a minor and the paying client is breaking the law by engaging in s*xual acts with her; with or without her consent. Sometimes it is too easy to blame their parents but it shouldn’t always be the case. Some do not even know what their children get up to when they’re out of sight.

One may ask what the leadership of the country is doing about it. Forget it; some of them are said to be also patrons (disclaimer signed). You don’t put your hopes there but as a country they have the duty to protect minors.

Prostitution is nothing new, but Ghana as a country should not be popular for prostitution, it should be well noted for something worthwhile. Foreigners are taking the minerals; the big companies and now the ladies are on offer…What at all will Ghana be left with?

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