CONFIRMED: Akosua Puni & Michael Essien Are Married…!

Akosua Puni, Appiah & Essien

Akosua Puni, Appiah & Essien

When it comes to socialite-Akosua Puni and Michael Essien, it has been rumour upon rumour. When Essien sadly ditched Nadia Buari to be with her manager/publicist-Akosua Puni, many thought the two would not last but he now has two beautiful kids with her—the woman is fertile.

About a year ago, rumours ignited in the air that Akosua Puni had succeeded in making Essien her husband, something most people could not bring their heads to bear.

Absence of any evidence meant that we had to sweep it under the carpet.

However, at a cocktail party organised by Essien on last Friday in Accra, Akosua Puni was officially unveiled/referred to as ‘Akosua Puni Essien’ by the host of the event-Eddie Kadi who they flew in from London—-and to others, this is the evidence/confirmation they needed!

So it seems Michael Essien and Akosua Puni Essien have beaten us all to the game and have married somewhere in UK. They must have told Eddie Kadi to announce their marriage at the event.

A guest at the event tells GhanaCelebrities.Com ‘the place went dead when Akosua was mentioned as Akosua Puni Essien. Everyone was shocked and eyes begun to roll’

But why can’t they make it official? Where are the rings? Are they still being haunted by Nadia Buari or Dela?


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