WEEKLY DISCUSSION: What Matters To You? Brand Names Or How You Look In An Outfit?

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I am not one of the many who use price or brand names as an indicator of quality. Even if I have not had horrible experiences with expensive brands making me look like a clown, I learned from Economics that, price should never be confused for quality.

Celebrities all over the world including our emerging African stars seem to have high taste for expensive brands, thereby forgetting how they actually look in these brands.

I attended an event recently where a popular Ghanaian actress’ style was beyond tacky but from her friends, that was the all expensive Valentino and I dare say anything bad about it.

Either it was a Valentino or not, I do not think that really matters. What I saw and cared about was how dysfunctional and tacky the dress presented her.

But I guess to some of us, even if we will wear Gucci and not look our best, we will opt for that.

When it comes to style, the first thing I pay attention to is how I look or how an attire will present me in front of others and the mirror.  Price tags and brand names do not guarantee glam or adorable style—I have learned.

So let’s get talking…When it comes to you, what really matters? Is it the brand name or the way an outfit will complement you?

Whiles at it, can I know your favourite brand names?


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