BIG BROTHER AFRICA SEASON 8-The Chase: Will Nando And Selly Last?

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Sally and Nando

What’s the point of attempting a relationship when two people want different things? Are the attempts made merely to send a certain point across or are there genuine feelings that could possibly develop into something real? And if it’s real, is the hook up going to last? These are the questions any doubtful person pursuing a relationship would ask themselves.

First of all, we haven’t discovered whether Selly and Nando’s hook up is for real, let alone whether it will last. So the pair spent time before they slept talking about what they both expect from each other. Selly wasn’t entirely sure what she wanted from Nando as the lines were a bit blurry. Being the girl that she is, she was a tad unsure of where she stood with Nando, knowing fully well that the Tanzanian simply wanted to get laid and the rest would sort itself out. For any woman, this can get frustrating especially when you’ve put your game aside and gone all the way with a guy.

So now Selly decided she wanted to go back to the Ruby House, so she told Sulu this at the Channel O Party. Sulu was all nonchalant about her decision and thus told her that she should stay with the Diamonds. Poor Selly might have felt displaced there for a second. On the one hand, you have a guy who doesn’t really care whether you stay or go because he’s fulfilled his mission and on the other you have a friend who no longer cares about what you do. Talk about making your bed.

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