Big Brother The Chase Update-Selly Says “Seks” With Nando Was Part Of Her Game12 Comments

GC Staff
Posted on 05 Jul 2013 at 12:13pm

Selly Bonks Nando

Poor Selly is probably regretting her scandalous intimacy with Nando because since the two lovers decided to ‘tango’, Nando has grown cold towards her and hardly minds her.

The rest of the housemates have tiptoed around the issue for a while but seized a jovial moment to throw questions at Selly over her romance with Nando.

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The housemates asked her why she chose Nando over Sullu who had also been interested in her for a while. Selly responded by saying it was all part of her game plan, she said what went on between the two of them was nothing serious and that she is doing all that so as to be the first person to bring the prize money to Ghana since that has not happened before. She said it is all just her strategy. Really Selly? Having seks with Nando on live Tv is merely part of your game plan? I think this is a rather drastic and desperate plan.

So my question is, is Selly simply rubbishing the encounter so that she can look tough before the other housemates in the gloom of Nando’s withdrawn and snobbish attitude after their time together or is she just trying to justify an act that everyone has condemned?

Nando on the other hand has gone on with his life in the house as if he never even got in bed with Selly, totally ignoring her as much as possible. He told the other housemates that he does not believe in falling in love, he is a playboy and does not have conventional ideas where love is concerned. He said the only real love he has seen is that between his mom and dad and though one day he may get there, he is not in that frame of mind yet and not in any hurry for that.

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  1. Vote -1 Vote +1tina

    74 Total Comments

    smh, stop lying she didn’t say it was the “seks”, she was asked why she chose nando over sulu and she said “it’s part of my game”, of course she regrets the “seks”…its amazing to me how harsh you are on a your own country housemate, i dont even blame other countries for calling her all sort of names and hating on her because her own country is doing it,smh…to me selly can really win this whole thing if she if she really gets the support that she needs, you will never catch nigerian blogs staying negative things about their own contestants and thats why they always win and they will this year tooo…well thats how you people feel so hey, so be it


    +1 Vote -1 Vote +1Sister girl Reply:

    @tina, selly must be v your goid friend for you to comes bfool yourself for her. I also watched it my dear and everybody has been gossiping about her sleeping wroth mandi. Some f the house people even hate her because first she acted like she wanted Sullu and Sullu even likes her more than Nando does. She made a mistake and you are suppotting her? They asked because of that ****ual encounter with nando
    Nando already bragged that he wanted to have **** with her even before he did it. selly is a cheap slut. If people are insulting her, then she caused it.
    When Goldie was misbehaving in BBA house, nigerians insulted ger . If you are a nigerian and u go and have v **** on live tv, they will not spare you at all. They will insult you till you fire. Selly has decided to fool herself, let her face the results. Rubbish.


    Vote -1 Vote +1tina Reply:

    @Sister girl, hahahhaha are you crying,lol…abeg go to sleep plus i dont even know selly from anywhere, is this how people treat you if you make a mistake, abeg, go somewhere with your hating self, tww


    Vote -1 Vote +1honey Reply:

    @tina, after koby im next,i side with u too…

    Vote -1 Vote +1koby Reply:

    @tina, i side with you 100 percent…… they just want her downfall….. this is africa for you..


  2. Vote -1 Vote +1Eaglebabe

    487 Total Comments

    i thought her mother said she didnt have seks?


  3. Vote -1 Vote +1koby

    130 Total Comments

    The writer who posted this story , i dont think he or she follows the program … this story is not true. stop posting wrong information.. do you know the number of people who come to this site for information…. ? stop deceiving the readers.mtcheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew………


  4. Vote -1 Vote +1Pershia

    80 Total Comments

    just support d gal n let her come home with d money….simple. seks seks seks…wat is d faaken big deal???


  5. Vote -1 Vote +1maama

    102 Total Comments

    GC just leave the girl alone, most of the other house mates had seks too, yes she has regretted her actions so lets move on and support our girl so she can bring the money home. we all make mistakes and even worse ones, just because her was on international TV means she should be killed so let the girl be.


  6. Vote -1 Vote +1AJ

    10 Total Comments

    Whats the whole fuzz abt? Someone(maybe more) has to fall cheaply & shamefully for ****, dis is BBA. It just happens to be Selly & Betty(4 nw) so y’all let it go


  7. Vote -1 Vote +1ComMo GH

    37 Total Comments

    Fine, let’s say she didn’t have **** with nando,STILL its pretty stupid of her to reveal such plans, evry1 in the house has a game plan,but by revealing urs out in the open makes ur intention known.. Learn how to talk..


  8. Vote -1 Vote +1nanaYaw

    1 Total Comments



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