My Thoughts: Why Praye Tietia Has Been All Quiet About Selly’s Seks & STD Scandal

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Selorm and Praye Tietia
Selly and Praye Tietia

In the face of all the shame and emerging evidence that Selorm ‘Selly’ Galley, Ghana’s Rep to the on-going Big Brother Africa reality TV show has let down her boyfriend—soiling herself and dignity with infidelity, her boyfriend has remained shockingly MUTE.

Few weeks ago when Selly cheated on her boyfriend-Praye Tietia on Live TV, it was expected of Praye to come out and display his bad temper by calling it a quit…

Even after several push by the Ghanaian media, Praye managed to keep things calm with his only comment on the issue being-NO COMMENT.

Unfortunately, there have been a revisit to the scandal in a form of Selly having ‘gifted’ the man she cheated with (Nando) an STD, and this time, Praye Tietia himself has questions to answer…

The primary question on the lips of many is; where did Selly get the STD from?

Getting the STD from Praye Tietia cannot be totally ruled out—-after all, that is the man she has been living in the same room with for 4 good years as unmarried partners.

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Would Praye Tietia at this stage break his silence and say something?

I doubt he will and the reason is not what it seems; he is NOT being a gentleman. He is just playing the ‘time card’, evaluating the harm caused and the potential gains in order to establish where the balance of convenience should be placed.

Selly has already cheated and has made a big fool out of Praye. She has proceeded to make a mockery out of their relationship and has managed to somehow throw Praye Tietia’s name in the air as a possible STD/STI carrier—-huge dirt on his personality.

Since the harm has already been caused, the only unascertainable ‘fact’ is; would Selly get the $300,000 cash?

This is what Praye Tietia is doing… As a man, he is as hurt as hell and our sources close to him have confirmed this.

However, what is lost is lost and he is not ready to lose another by making any pronouncement at this stage should Selly miraculously win the BIG cash.

Until Selly has been evicted and Praye Tietia is absolutely certain that the cash has been lost, he will continue to take the embarrassment like a fool and endure the pain.

No sane man will remain silent on this, especially when there is a video footage clearly showing your girlfriend enthusiastically banging another man.

The only time a man will make such a fool out of himself by swallowing the silent pill is when there is a little probability that some CASH can be made.

So Praye Tietia is not being a gentleman and has not developed an instantaneous cure for his bad temper, he is just being a cunning man—-waiting for the outcome before making any pronouncement.

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I see an end to Selly and Praye Tietia’s 4-year torture and treachery called relationship! The moment Selly is kicked out, the silence will be broken…

Whatever it is, we will certainly be here to hear it! 🙂

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