BIG BROTHER AFRICA SEASON 8: The Chase-Nando Sets the Record Straight; I Told Selly ‘I Only Wanted to Smash it!’

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Selly and Nando
Selly and Nando

While Selly is in Ghana insisting on suing Nando, Nando on the other hand is still playing the flippant lover in the Big Brother House.

I am still trying to come to terms with why Selly isn’t talking about suing him for saying they had seks because she denied that even before she left the Big Brother house. Instead, she is more concerned about suing him for the STD rumour?

Do people catch STD’s by breathing the same air as an infected person?

Nando was put on the spot and questioned about breaking Selly’s heart. The Tanzanian said No! He is not the bad boy in this situation, he only did what he always does; speak the truth.

He said he never lied to Selly neither did he lead her on. He insisted he told Selly plainly that he wanted to smash it! ‘I told her “I wanna smash it!”.’

Nothing more. He said he does not understand what love any woman outside his family will even have to offer him. And to make matters worse, he said Selly did not tell him about Sullu.

Sophie asked him if he is usually so direct with all ladies and how the women take such talk from him. He said they appreciate his honesty because he does not lie like other men!

Sophie was not at all amused by Nando but the guy simply stood his ground and made his points.

Quick question ladies, will you still get with a man who tells you in the face he only wants to ‘smash it’?

I wish he had said that to me instead, I would so trash his impudent jaw irreplaceably.

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