THE SCOOP: As Emelia Brobbey Leaves London To Ghana On Monday, Actress Eunice Akua Adjeiwaa Languishes In UK Detention Center & Gloria Agyemang Continues To Sign On Each Week At The Police Station

Emelia Brobbey

Emelia Brobbey

After her shoplifting incident and the media coverage it has received, Ghanaian actress Emelia Brobbey is scheduled to leave London tomorrow to Ghana—-a sort of a runway trip before her visa expires, GhanaCelebrities.Com has learned.

Now that Emelia Brobbey has paid her fine and has a police caution against her name, it is prudent she quickly runs away before her visa expires or else, her details will be passed on to the UK Border Agency for removal/deportation.

Under UK’s immigration law, it will be difficult for Emelia Brobbey to secure a visa and entry into the UK in the future as this will be recorded as a criminal offence against her name.  She must declare this anytime she makes any Visa application—including applications to most European countries and USA.

In fact, I think she will never be able to step foot in UK again considering the measures UK is taking to clamp-down on immigration. They certainly have no room for those who commit criminal offence while on a visit…

In law, such petty stealing has far-fetched consequences and it would have  been worse for her if she was an overstayer.

Though Emelia Brobbey will be running away to Ghana tomorrow, she will leave actress-Gloria Agyeman who hosted her at her Waltham Cross house in London with more than she bargained for…

After Emelia Brobbey’s shoplifting incident, she gave Gloria Agyeman’s address to the police as her place of residence. The house was later raided by the police…

The home raid by the police led to the establishment of Gloria’s immigration status. Unsatisfied with her status, the police requested she reports to the station each week until a clear picture of her immigration status is ascertained, GhanaCelebrities.Com has been told.

At least Gloria Agyeman who seems to have been saved by the immigration status of her husband and her newly born baby was not thrown into a detention centre like actress- Eunice Akua Adjeiwaa (an overstayer) who was arrested at the address by the police.

Even if we care about nothing at all, we should be worried that Emelia Brobbey’s absurd act (stealing of a bracelet at Pearsons ) has placed the above people in these bad situations.

Someone’s daughter-Eunice Akua Adjeiwaa is currently languishing in a UK Border Agency’s detention centre—waiting to be deported to Ghana because of Emelia’s thievery…

And Gloria Agyemang must also be having sleepless nights as she has to report herself to the police each week—-who knows what the police will decide?

All for what? For a common bracelet that a friend decided to steal!

Emelia Brobbey3_opt

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent is a Law Graduate, a Human Rights Advocate and a Professional Truth Sayer. He is a Film Critic, the author of the popular eBook 'Success Is A Right, Not A Privilege', a Freelance Blogger/Writer and the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com.

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  • Stacy

    OMG This girl is pure bad luck and evil . You see what stealing has brought on your friends? what kind of evil person is this Emelia? sake of small bracelet you have ruin the lives of others

    • Adjoa Nbaaso)

      @Stacy, its so hard to believe Emelia will actually do this.I wish we all could give her a chance to probably explain herself.And even if she took the bracelet, maybe it wasn’t on purpose.Lord,have Mercy. Lets forgive her do she can forgive herself.

  • Oheneba Miyagi

    “Now that Emelia Brobbey has paid her fine and has a police caution against her name, it is prudent she quickly runs away before her visa expires or else, her details will be passed on to the UK Border Agency for removal/deportation.”

    Why do I get the feeling that someone close. To Emilia is feeding you all the info or someone that wants her downfall for whatever she has done to the person that is feeding you all the info?

    2. Common braclet but get your crucifying her like she robbed a bank

    3 we are still waiting for the evidence that she really stole the bracelet

    4 why don’t you audio/ video tape the person who is feeding you all the info so you can post it for us too see so far we are only hearing one side of the story.

    • Lin



      • Oheneba Miyagi

        @Lin, read carefully voice it out but don’t ever try to insult me are you that dumb? your cousin was deported so what, do I give a damn about what your cousin did and why don’t I have the right to ask him question isn’t he the one posting it? Little advice somewhere in Abeokuta, You will find the Olumo rock. That is the only thing in the world that can crack your forehead cause you sound very dumb

        • LAILA

          @Oheneba Miyagi, U are pathetic and sad! u don’t even know the meaning of dumb cos if u did, u’d know the duMb one is u! SHE IS A THIEF N IT’S FINALLY OUT 4 ALL TO SEE COZ CHARACTER IS JUST ;LIKE PREGNANCY NO MATTER HOW U HIDE IT, IT’S SURELY GON SHOW!

          • Oheneba Miyagi

            @LAILA, hw3 ne kwasia tantanbi aboa taa aboa beast! your calling me dumb for something you don’t have evidence on it something that just started as a open gossip? I can see how smart you are there is no need to argue with people like you aboafunu clear off

        • freddy spirit

          @Oheneba Miyagi, i feel you bro

      • LAILA

        @Lin, tell tha fool called oheneba the truth. Emelia is a thief n has put some in a hot condition. if that bracelt was common , would she ever try to steal it? Kronfour!

        • Oheneba Miyagi

          @LAILA, I guess it takes a thief to recognise one ofui

    • Mary

      @Oheneba Miyagi, from all your comment about this issue, it’s like what Emilia did to these ladies are ok with you, I’m not saying I’ve not stolen before, (of course countless fish and meat from my mum’s soup and some of her coins but that was when i was a kid). she is a role model to our children, (i don’t know if you have any children or not) but i have and they really love these Ghanaian celebrities, so what kind of examples are they setting to our children who look up to them? you keep defending her like what she did IS alright and it’s not. have you thought about the one who will be deported back to Ghana because of what Emilia did? have you also thought about Gloria who took Emilia into her home and now she’s in trouble because of this same Emilia? i know  the story is 1000% TRUE, i already knew before it even came out.

      • Miyagi The Debater

        Sweetie I’m not saying that its okay what she did but why insult the girl with their is no evidence so far the story has been one sided, or are u trying to tell me that u believe everything u read or hear from people don’t u think putting evidence on table would make things easier. So far its all about “he say she say” since u know that the story is 1000%@Mary, true tell us what exactly happen and who gave the info to GC?

    • @Oheneba Miyagi, Boss, one thing my parents has been telling my sisters and i always is that we females are our own enemies so we should be careful with our female friends. Her close pal is the one revealing all this to Chris, women cant be trusted in any situation. I just thank God, due to my 12hours shift daily i barely hang out with friends and for the past few months am never in a situation like she said this you said this or whatsoever. I hope all the ladies will learn something from this… the source seems to be very accurate enough at this point.

      • Oheneba Miyagi

        @Jeanie, thumps up my sister. I totally agree with you all these people bashing at her saying she is illegal and all my question to them is when they came here before they where legally allowed to stay wherever they are did anybody make fun out if them now that some of them have got document they think they can just bash people anyhow they Won’t

        • mother

          @Oheneba Miyagi, well said miyagi at ur first comment , am sure someone is behind this and wants her downfall ..smh lol

          • Oheneba Miyagi

            @mother, true

        • Cranny Havanna

          @Oheneba Miyagi, Man you want someone to come hold your hand an testify the truth,Have you even seen God or Jesus but is written in the Bible that he lives.Is up to you to believe or Not .If you know this Girl is not a thief you just maintain it up,Because i do think you need a clear evidence from the Panaroma and i think that can be possible from the security Agency giving it out to the Journalist or Editors..So all i can say is that we pray for Gloria that She stays and live her happy life and let bygones be bygones

          • Oheneba Miyagi

            @Cranny Havanna, your kidding me right, tell your Gloria that its good her to be I’m that situation immigration thief

            • Cranny Havanna

              @Oheneba Miyagi, Man was not able to get you sentence well hope you refabricate it to me again.All the same Man everything is this world is not perfect we all sin and sometimes hit up on many tunes to create and make up a better living ,Gloria has a family and despite she leaving above expectation she send out to her family out here in Ghana maybe a poor mum or poor dad ,She maybe strived to get there and you need to know is not that easy even if you were there and you wouldn’t have come here ,man here be Ghana ..So she has Emelia has caused alot and she needs to admit that concept

              • Oheneba Miyagi

                @Cranny Havanna, why do I got the feeling that you know that Gloria in person. And incase you live in the UK either way she would have been deported cause she has overstayed her welcome plus the government has started deporting most of the illegals living in the United Kingdom. Especially in places like south east London, north London and south London

                • Cranny Havanna

                  @Oheneba Miyagi, If so then,,,,,,,,,,,, Ghana embrace this Embrassment

                  • Miyagi The Debater

                    Google it and you will that this gloria or anybody else wasa not safe anyway nowadays if you want to rent a house you need to show your I’d even if you go to the hospital etc@Cranny Havanna,

    • Adjoa Nbaaso)

      @Oheneba Miyagi, U making sense and Ofcourse some people will never agree with U.People r too quick to judge when they probably ve no idea what exactly went wrong.God will def see Emelia & her friends through this disgrace.

  • Sister girl

    miyagi, if he brings evidence, the witch telling him wil be exposed. but whoever it is has paid you handsomely for this. damn!

    • Oheneba Miyagi

      @Sister girl, I co-sign,

  • Lin

    Emelia is stupid and I am so pissed right now. Those saying nonsense can go and burn the see. If Chris is lying, now he has mentioned all the names, why can’t they sue him or something?

    An innocent girl is in jail now and you foolish stupid Ghanaians are sititing down saying a mere bracelet. WTF is wrong with some of you?

    If it was your sister in jail because of Emelia’s stealing would you be here talking this rubbish?


    • honey

      @Lin, right behind u boo…..people are really getting on my nerves now with some of the silly comments they’re making.

    • Mandy

      Wot do u mean by an innocent girl,first of all isn’t she living in uk illegally?why do africans force demselves to live in europe if u don’t hv ur papers?is it by force @Lin,u sound like ur da bitter one feeding dat bitter chris wit all these gossips.chris beema konkonsani p3 ajuma bi y3 wai cos we can see how uk living has frustrated u to dis level of pulling ppl down,if is not going well for u here,move back to ghana bcos ur not obroni,ur bibini from africa n leave emelia n her bunch of illegal immigrants friends alone,who send dem?abrokyire ny3 byforce to live if u don’t hv papers

      • @Mandy, hahahahahaha exactly my point if you think you don’t have papers you can visit, work for 5months and go back safely without any immigration issue. Wonder why some Ghanaian’s make it sound like life is all about being in overseas? My parents traveled around 1980 with an F1 visa for school. They schooled alright had all of us here and just when we were all about to return to Ghana my dad’s job offered him a staying permit and this is what i call opportunity he stayed without any forms of immigration issues. So we kids had to go to Ghana to stay with granny so they can work hard. Sometimes you don’t have to overstay, this is an issue Ghanaians are facing 5 months side job could give you extra $$$ and trust me that could be invested into some forms of business in your country. You can come back anytime when the visa is renewed to make more money and go. I have uncles who does that and they are making it. Traveling illegally doesn’t make you rich but always gets you into trouble she should go back to Ghana and try elsewhere maybe apply for u.s visa or Canadian visa.

    • naija-bros

      @Lin, point of correction. Who ever is in jail (if any) is not there because of Emelia’s stealing but because she has committed offences against the law too. Same for the person asked to report to the Police weekly. Learn to separate different things. Are you saying that if the Police went to Agyeman’s place while following up on the Emelia’s (“alleged”) stealing and chance on Eunice who has just murdered Agyeman and about to escape, you will be cursing Emelia for causing her arrest? Come on people!!!!! Of course, I do not think anything excuses Emelia shop-lifting if it is indeed true, but to start cursing her because other people who may also have committed a crime were apprehended in the course of investigating her misdemeanor is a bit stupid if I may say. If Agyeman and Eunice’s immigration statuses are okay, then they obviously will have no problem or do you support people staying in other people’s country illegally?

      • honey

        @naija-bros, ur from naija?? oooh ok good,cos this assignment will be easy for u…..oya run to Abeokuta,there,u’ll find the oluma rock,hit it soo hard to ur head and trust me,then u’ll get me…..go back to the article,read caaaarefully,and u’ll find out that somewhere in that article,these women are in trouble cos they don’t have good immigration status…..Gloria and the other lady im sure are both overstayers(in other words I-LLE-GAL immigrants),that’s their only crime and if that’s sooo bad then half of Africans in Europe or America should be sent back home,they havnt done anything wrong but be illegal in the uk …..and lemme tell u something about being illegal in places as America and Europe,YOU LAY DOWN LOW,YOU DONT GET YOURSELF IN TROUBLE,DONT EVEN GET STOPPED BY THE COPS ON THE STREETS….GO ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS AND COME HOME QUIETLY because when u go about playin the fool,ur ass gets sent back home.And what emelia did,definately put these women’s statuses at stake! and that’s why one is in detention and the other have to report to the cops every week….. Now CAPISCE??

        • Miyagi The Debater

          Hahahahahhaah trouble maker@honey,

          • honey

            @Miyagi The Debater, hahahahahahahhahahhahahhahahhaaaaa u thought me….I was like lemme steal this miyagi quote for a second,even tho I kicked him out from our matrimonial home in a Ghana must go.lmaaaaaaaaaaooooooooo

            • Miyagi The Debater

              Loooool you couldn’t even put me in a walmart bag u choose to use GMG no vex waii I will get you back@honey,

              • honey

                @Miyagi The Debater, u see the trouble u just put me into??now naija bros thinks I insulted him,only cos I stole that Abeokuta quote from u lmaaaaaoooooooooo anyway u always get me,so lemme get away with this one. hahahahahahahahaaaa

                • Oheneba Miyagi

                  @honey, looooool hahaha you served him right must be paining his najja ass

        • naija-bros

          @honey, No need for insults my dear, I thought you were far better than that. Commenting on social websites does is not a license for people to get over excited and throw their manners and good home upbringing over board. I am very sorry, I mistakenly thought I was in conversation with a well brought up lady. A good afternoon to you.

          • honey

            @naija-bros, oh my brother,where in my comment did I throw insult at u??….the Abeokuta thing is a quote I stole from my hubby a la miyagi the debator…..u didn’t insult me so I wouldn’t think of doing soo,and pleeeaaase next time don’t assume im far better than being insulting lmaaao(just kidding)…..besides,my hubby told me to say it. anyway I didn’t insult u so lets move on and matter of fact,i think I deserve an apology here for those hot indirect insults u just gave me.

            • @honey, hahahaha my dear never argue with a naija when it comes to immigration issue. Have you ever seen any illegal naija before? NOP lol they come really prepared, fully with green card and the hustlers comes work and go to invest in their 419 business. unlike Ghanaians thats why naija-bros is not getting it. Ghanaians are the only ones with immigration issues but when it comes to fraudulent activity like credit card’s thats when our sister country nigeria comes in.

              • honey

                @Jeanie, lmaaaaaaaoooooooooo my sister this should be inside talk ooooh,we not suppose to be having this conversation here,else,u know now….they’ll send boko haram to come and haram all of us here eh lol but its true oooh,all my time ive lived here in the Bronx,im yet to meet a Nigerian without papers ooh,but shey u know dem now….hustlers(I-lle-gal hawsolers) lmaaooo

                • Oheneba Miyagi

                  @honey, you and jeanie better be careful cause if those “Boko beeeee Goats” get you they will go “aponkye Dougie” on you two

                  • @Oheneba Miyagi, hahahahaha true we will stay off them.

        • LAILA

          @honey, Listen, u r a fool and enemies of pregress. u think i don’t know u? u r the one who has been bounce visa countless time n has never gotten the oporty to travel so envy others who travel has become ur daily ritual. Go n burn the see coz never will u ever travel. u will be in Ghana for the rest of ur life.  walayi!

  • honey

    You guys don’t seem to get the point!! and I think y’all need Jesus to wake y’all up from the slumber… u guys not read or simply understand ENGLISH??? They’re saying some people’s lives are at stake here because of this F.U.C.K.E.R.Y, wether true or not…..some people face the chance of being deported guys,whats soo confusing or hard for u people to get?? What happens to these women who might end up deported??? huh?? Geeeeeeeeeeeeez!!! I don’t care much about emelia,if truly she stole this bracelet or not,who im more concerned about is Gloria and the other lady……… I definitely believe there’s truth to this story,but just too hard for u people to get cos emelia has displayed a picture of a ‘good girl’ in y’all eyes.

    • Mary

      @honey, thank you odo, that’s what i’m tying to say, if it was any other celebrity she/he would have received all sort of insults from these same people who are here defending this Emilia girl/lady or what ever she is, while some others are in trouble because of what she did, and they are not thinking about them but are busy thinking about Emilia who has done the wrong thing to innocent people. i don’t know what’s wrong with some people and how they think, but this is unacceptable PERIOD. 

    • naija-bros

      @honey, Exactly what point do you want us to get? Lin above just said “An innocent girl is in jail now”. An innocent girl? And you are telling us about people whose “lives are at stake here” and who might these people be? Because from the story, I am yet to see who’s life is at stake. I think many of us need refresher courses in reading comprehension. If Emelia stole something then she should be blamed for that but this other aspect really has me puzzled unless I am daft. You are saying that if I am getting on a plane and I am searched and found with drugs and the authorities decided to disembark all those who had already been searched and boarded for a more thorough search in the course of which they now find five others with drugs, I should also be blamed for their being caught in addition to my blame for my own crime? Hmmmmmmm, Me I no sabi for you peopleoooooooo. The way wey una dey reason pass us for Naijaoooooo

      • honey

        @naija-bros, so ur from naija eh?? oooh ok good,cos this ****ignment will be easy for u…..oya run to Abeokuta,there,u’ll find the oluma rock,hit it soo hard to ur head and trust me,then u’ll get me…..go back to the article,read caaaarefully,and u’ll find out that somewhere in that article,these women are in trouble cos they don’t have good immigration status…..Gloria and the other lady im sure are both overstayers(in other words I-LLE-GAL immigrants),that’s their only crime and if that’s sooo bad then half of Africans in Europe or America should be sent back home,they havnt done anything wrong but be illegal in the uk …..and lemme tell u something about being illegal in places as America and Europe,YOU LAY DOWN LOW,YOU DONT GET YOURSELF IN TROUBLE,DONT EVEN GET STOPPED BY THE COPS ON THE STREETS….GO ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS AND COME HOME QUIETLY because when u go about playin the fool,ur **** gets sent back home.And what emelia did,definately put these women’s statuses at stake! they know they don’t have good immigration statuses and that’s why they don’t go out looking for trouble like shoplifting,and that’s why one is in detention and the other have to report to the cops every week….. Now CAPISCE??

      • LAILA

        @naija-bros, U r naigerian, why r u commenting on Ghanaian blog? Hv u not nootice yet that Nigerian r not human beings. they kill their children, parents, fraud ple,plane suicied, bombing london, boko haram themselves for blood money n what hv u? more than half of the rich in nigeria is evil money? We reason with ur heart like any rational being. Nigeria is most annoying country the world has, n i’m sad is in Africa. It’s high time the president sacked all of u criminals frm ghana Jeopadizing our country using our names in ur fake Id for frauds. God will punish nigeria more than Boko haram. stupid!

  • akosuaghana

    It is pure nonsense for anyone to insult Chris for exposing Emelia. If anyone has any attack, they should send it to Emelia for the following reasons;

    1. She is the one who stole…THIEF
    2. Out of her actions, Gloria has to report to the police daily or weekly
    3. Out of her actions which brought the police, Eunice is in detention ready to be deported

    If anyone thinks this is a lie, let Emelia come out to deny and I swear Chris will get the police report. And if she says it is a lie, she should sue Chris for this big lie which is all over the world now. On tv in Ghana and on radios

    The girl is a thief. Even if she stole a chewing gum from a shop it still means she is a thief.

    • LA

      @akosuaghana, Sensible comment on here, am really disgusted by her behavior, shes put these women in trouble for her poor actions.

  • Yaa Gyaduaa Essel

    Its very true

  • Akos

    Smh that’s a dam shame payback is surely a………its like you can’t do any good thing for people nowadays cuz it always comes back and bites you.. Hmm goes around comes around

  • Nana

    So you this Emelia cheap cheap celebs my ass have you seen what your stealing have cost?? This is a warning to people that go on hosting all these cheap celebs that want to come to abroad.

  • jsexy

    Public disgrace ooo!!!!!!haba!! Bracelet?? Oh I pity d good Samaritan dat accomodated her. Let her come and face ghanaians,,,jul),,ole,,,kromfo)!!!


    • lady gaga

      @STEPHEN YEBOAH, is ur mother and father who is a fool and a villiager aboa wai…do u know christ…dont even start…what are u ev3n doing on his blog hahahaha wo y3 waaseei paaa wai..go home and take ur tablets ok

      • @lady gaga, Lady my dear stephen is entitled to his own opinion so don’t see why you should disrespect his mom and dad they adults for Christ sake. You could have attacked him without including both parents in the comments.

    • NYC

      @STEPHEN YEBOAH, He is not a journalist but a blogger and a paralegal who thinks he knows much about US immigration to the extend that Emelia will be denied American visa because of ‘shoplifting’. Definitely do not the fundamentals of America as the land of second chances, if you need one.

      • Susie

        @NYC, um, Emelia is in the UK and not US so American laws & constitution etc doesn’t come into play at all. Just thought I should point it out to you.

        • NYC

          @Susie, Thanks but I do know what UK stands for and where on the map it is situated and have actually been there for weekends. I was responding to Stephen Yeboah’s comment and the posting from GC that indicated that “She must declare this anytime she makes any Visa application—including applications to most European countries and USA”

          So um…. now go back to my comment and read again.

          • Susie

            @NYC, ah but that is where you’re wrong! I am currently working at an immigration law firm (graduated law school in May & sitting for bar exam this month) & I’m telling you that although the US appears to be a land of 2nd chances, you are likely to be denied a visa if you have a criminal conviction record (unless you lie when applying for the visa about your criminal status & that can also get you convicted for perjury later on). Section 212 (a) of the Immigration and Nationality Act says that aliens are ineligible to receive US visas if they have been convicted of a ‘crime involving moral turpitude’. Shoplifting, stealing & similar offences fall under this category. Please google the Act!

            • NYC

              @Susie, Ok. Thanks for the insight, I will research it further at the Columbia U. Law School Library.

              • Susie

                @NYC, u welcome my dear 🙂 say hi to all the Ghanaians at Columbia U for me lol

  • All this so called ghanian celebrities are cheap n they r all a disgrace to us . I wonder what they come here to do ? Big n well educated celebrities in different countries travell overseas to promote their business , movies, albums, clothing line n etc. so what do they come here to do? I guess to promote stealing n other stupid things. I don’t respect at all.

  • boss

    As jesus asked the gentals who will throw the first stone…….all have sinned and lost the glory of God.Dr Bawumia said quote….you and i were not there, unquote leave EB alone.

  • sara

    Hmm 3y3 as3m o! Ghanafuo b3kuny3n!

  • KOK

    oh very bad

  • AyyElayy

    I think it’s very unintelligent for anyone to blame Emelia for the two other’s possible deportation. It’s not her fault they’re illegal immigrants. She’s a thief (allegedly) and that’s what she’s supposed to be bashed for. Not for the crimes of those two. The fact that there are “many” Ghanaians illegally staying in the UK don’t make it ok. N to blame Emelia for their crimes being found out is just unfair. But i kinda feel for the one who accommodated Emelia during her stay.


    Emelia, Ghana dawase ooooooooooooooooooooooo! Animguasi akwaaaaba! Kumasi star, keep disgracing our country, calling urselves stars in the name of some local juju concert u call movies, n ending up stealing abroad. Dubai nyama na wo kotor nu ansu wehu? 

    she missed the missed the area thinkin she was still in that kumasi. 

    Hoping well for Gloria n Eunice.  The thief-witch  has caused the commotion.

  • Matt

    Emelia—the so called STAR who brought shame to Ghanaians in London.

  • shadoe

    Dnt know why ya’ll stressn ya selves tryna fight eachother like u in a ring ….it’s just a short message in disguise …the wrong friend can ruin errfin u worked for all ya life ….and how can u know da wrong friend??? It’s jux by remembering each morning to pray to God to protect u frm misfortunes//// I guess emelia deserves her punishment buh the others were jux unlucky … cud be u staying wiv a friend in a foreign land and someone’s mistake leading to all dis bullshit buh hey life goes on they shud jux thank God they still alive…life goes on //// it hurts tho