MUST WATCH VIDEO: And You Wonder Why Ghana Is What It Is Today? Just Watch How A Minister Of State Cannot Put A Simple Speech Together

Victoria Hammah

Like seriously? Did she not do presentation in college or university?

That is a whole deputy Minister of Communication of a sovereign nation-Ghana, struggling to put together a speech. Just look at how she even carries herself…

Yeap, the Deputy Minister of Communication-Victoria Hammah who cannot communicate—probably!

Are we serious as a nation?

The error can happen anywhere in the world but the way she handled it is so poor….

Check out the video below…

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B says:

You can say that again. I remember watching her on Auntie Gifty show ‘The Stand Point’ talking about how she lost her virginity. What a joke.

Abena says:

So from the time that she realized that her speech was incorrect till when she got over that shocking realization and decided to wing the speech took a total of 41 seconds: that seems like a pretty good record to me. 

B.B says:

geeeeez. smh

Kk says:

You should check what she wrote on her Facebook page the other day when talking about corruption. Ironically, of all things, is a Minister of Communucation. Oh, God help us!

KA NE WU says:


Sally says:

of course she is minister for communication… what else is missing? only M-A in front of her last name… same poeple and family

ato says:

what do you expect from these ndcs brats ?low brains and propaganda at work.

27cдгibre(Ф_ф) says:

What is the YAWN about what she said ???

Even many of the past presidents of Ghana and in Africa or in worldwide Edith speeches before they voice it it out ….

Why not compare Jerry JOHN Rawlings speeches to any of the NPPs members ???

tee says:

where else would you see such incompetence and stupidity  apart from NDC government??

Esi says:

Hahaahaaaaa lol i just can’t stop laughing, must she tell everybody there that her speech is missing? as least could excuse herself and call her secretary or the one responsible. haahahaaa lol

eno says:

mmmh…minister of communication??????!!!!!!…..speechless!!!!

salute says:

lol this is not the speech she edited lmao. maybe she took the big words out and replaced with what she can pronounce. once again this is not the speech she edited lol. damn

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