WHY IS IT THAT: Men Find It So Hard To Help Their Women Around The House?

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Confused Black Woman

Please someone explain to me why men find it so hard to help their women around the house. I have been married two years now and we have twin boys. I also work full time but lucky for me, my Aunt and sister help out with the boys.

My husband just looks at me like some kind of cheap maid. I do everything and no how I shout, ask and pester this man he just leaves me to do all in the house. It is worse as I did not grow up in such a household.

His solution is for me to work part-time as we could afford it but all I see is doing more damn chores. It’s too sad as I know I did not go through University and obtain a Masters degree to wash damn dishes.

I surely know many women go through this issue and just accept it as it is but I don’t understand how your man will say he loves you but happy to watch you run yourself ragged to the point of exhaustion.

I always try to do what I can to ease his load and remove any stress where I can but nowadays I just have started to ensure me and my kids are ok until he can figure it out as I am tired of talking.

Just want to know why and what to do about it, tired of hearing….that’s just the way it is.


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