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So I have a friend who has a friend, who has a cousin who has a best friend who usually comes by our house to just hang with the girls on the porch and pour drinks over a lot of chat topics.

I will call this lady Bianca for the purpose of my article.

Yesterday was another lovely evening and we were in the corner of the yard guzzling away our boredom on bottles and bottles of wine and chatting the evening away. Then Bianca shows up with her four year old daughter-Drew.

So Bianca joins our table made up of Janice, Pamela, Shirley, Bernice and me!

Drew plays away in the hall while we chat, Bernice asks Bianca about Drew’s dad and Bianca immediately slams. “the oaf will not even send me and Drew a dime for upkeep, and when Drew got sick the other day, I had to stay awake two nights straight in the hospital all by myself and you know the excuse he cooked up when I called him to bring us some supplies? He had the nerve to tell me he was at a family meeting and could not leave! The hell, like Drew and I aren’t family huh?”

Yea Bianca was mad. But that is to be expected from having a child with a man who already has a family right? You will never be his first family or priority.

This is the part Bianca never mentions when she slams her baby daddy, the fact that he is a married man and she knew he was married even before he got her pregnant.

Now to more the real purpose of this article; we were still doing drinks and on the issue of how single most of us are even though we are somewhat seeing somebody but each persons relationship seems to have its own special issues.

Bianca is the most single one of us because she cannot juggle work, her kid and nurturing a real relationship and according to her, the most painful part is that no single men seem to want a relationship with her. So now she tells us “Ladies, I am actually thinking of giving some married man who has been chasing me a chance”

I am like whaaat! You haven’t learnt your lesson?!!

Pamela, Janice and Bernice have their mouths hanging open.

Bernice is the married one among us so the announcement from Bianca got her super upset.

Bernice; “Are you telling me you are purposefully setting out to break another woman’s marriage?”

Bianca; “That is not my intention but ladies, check this, no single man wants me and I am a very lonely woman these days. I am just tired of being alone so I am going to give it a shot with one of these married men chasing me. At least I will have companionship and someone by my side.”

So let me get this straight Bianca, you will break up another womans home just because you are lonely? In fact your child is already from one married man and things didn’t work out but you will date another married man to have someone by your side? Is your past experience not bitter enough?

Bianca; “It was a bitter experience but look what I got from it, a gorgeous daughter and though I would rather not date a married man, those are the only ones who want me right now. And you never know, it may turn out better than my first experience. After all you ladies are dating single men and you are not exactly happy in your relationships so what is the difference?

Well she had a point there and I am still speechless that she has made this decision but who am I to judge?

Ladies, would you date a married man after years of waiting in vain for a good single man?

Would you advice your friend to do that or do you have a friend doing that?

Let’s get talking…

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