Leila Djansi Takes A Huge Swipe At Frank Artus-Calls Him A Horrible Actor

Leila Djansi

Leila Djansi

The Ghanaian movie industry is very lenient on acting prowess of its members. Most never openly bash each other concerning their skill in acting. But as we have come to learn, Director Leila Djansi has earned herself a reputation for being ‘loud mouth’…

After making headlines a few weeks ago for bashing Ghanaian actors and actresses who live flamboyantly beyond their means and constantly take several unnecessary trips abroad just to show off, Miss Djansi went in strong earlier today on the bad acting of Frank Artus after which she went ahead to list her ten best local actors.

“There are some Ghana actors who should not be acting. Tomorrow, I MIGHT name some. but seriously, anyone who loves the actor Frank Astus should tell him to get another job. This is not fair. Some people try way tpo hard and it ends in a terrible disaster. Quit or go to school. Don’t be fooled by the mediocre fame. Someone will take your place” she wrote…

Leila Djansi continued; “My top ten amazing Ghanaian actors:

1. Doris Sackitey

2. Brew Riverson jnr

3. Oscar Provenscal (sp)

4. Nadia Buhari (if she stops the americanizations)

5. Luckie Lawson (needs to fix accent)

6. Kofi Middleton-Mends

7. Ama K Abebrese (if director is firm)

8. Akosua Abdallah

9. Ekow Smith Asante

10. Jot Agyeman (needs a cinema hand)

That someone is not on this list doesn’t mean the person is not good. I’m counting only MY top ten. Now if I can throw in two more.

11. Akofa Asiedu (needs some major voice training)

12. Dela Djebu (she needs a come back!)

My criteria for the list is people who have depth. People who can really go into that dark and fearful place and be laid bare. Feel free to disagree with me. I’m going to bed now”.

She further explained that Ghanaians usually will not tell you the truth especially in the industry but they will side-line you and laugh at you behind you.

Miss Djansi promises to name some more horrible actors soon. Haha! I am loving this…

Well Frank Artus, the message is out! If you wish to reply, GhanaCelebrities.Com is here for everyone! :D.

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