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’I Like You But I’m Not Looking For A Relationship Right Now’…This is actually what he/she is saying:  ’I want to ´hang´with you till I find someone better’.

I’ve got a secret I would like to share, but don’t take it personal. You know you’ve got good friends, especially male friends when they are willing to tell you the secret behind how men (well some men) think…Ladies, fasten your seat belt…You know how we all love the truth, even though it hurts. But guess what, it does heal eventually.

Well the truth is, my girls and I like to discuss. We think therefore we exist. (Rene Decartes).  We practically  have the tendency of talking about anything from clothes, to shoes, to makeup and all of those girly talks. We also like to talk about men and women, you know the boy/girl relationship?

That thing that makes us all trip once in a while. Of course we keep our personal issues to ourselves. More than you can imagine. We like to keep the ”special” details to ourselves. Now let me clarify this before I move onto my point. None of us have any ”man issues”. We just love to prove our existence. Besides, what is the point of ”girl talk” when we can’t sneak in the talk on boy/girl relationships.

The truth is some of us are our own enemies if you ask me. It’s like we are afraid of progress, especially when it comes to dealing with other people. We might not be aware of this but I would love to share this with you. One of my girls is very much convinced that if someone tells you the statement above, It means they just want to have fun with you until they find what they are looking for. I don’t understand why we can’t tell the whole truth as it is.

It doesn’t have to be that complicated all the time. My friend and I have had our differences on this statement and therefore decided  to get  the male perspective on this. The statement has now been decoded. Coming from the male point of view, this is like an ”epiphany” (of course i’m being sarcastic)….

Literally not ready for a relationship

Some of us have gone through personal issues where we all need a break from relationships. Now this is not coming from me, but from my male friend. There is a chance that this fellow is actually not ready for a relationship. For all we know, we are all different and have our own way of dealing with matters in our lives. Taking a break from relationships does not make you inhumane. Since you can’t read his or her mind, the best thing will be living things the way it is and give this person some space. If it’s really meant to be you will find your way back.

In a relationship

I did mentioned earlier on that some of us are not mind readers. Whether you are being told the truth or not, you wouldn’t really know. The truth is, there is no nice way of rejecting someone, especially when you let them know you are seeing somebody else. Truth be told, it’s awkward and I know you agree with me on this…


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