Okomfour Kwadee’s Mother Says He Should Quit Music As His State of Mind Is Still In Crisis!

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After a video leaked online in which Kwadee was pretty upset, asking his mother to leave his 35 years old backside alone for him to do what he sees fit—-we knew his mother will soon hit back…

This afternoon  on PeaceFm, Kwadee’s mother-Cecilia Saki who calls her son by his sweetname-Jerry, did not take the hard route—rather she sounded calm and asked that his son’s mental state be given priority over any other thing, including music.

Still worried about the musical career of his son, Kwadee’s mother mentioned that; despite the constant hullabaloo, she is always told Kwadee is broke—even after making music and therefore she sees no reason why he should continue getting himself into debt.

If you are not making any money from an enterprise which constantly puts your state of mind into crisis whenever you go near it—-the wise thing to do is to QUIT!

And that is exactly what Kwadee’s mother wants her son to do….

Listen to Kwadee’s mother below…


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